Political Markaz - The Ulama of India should follow Muskan Khan

The Ulama of India should follow Muskan Khan

The Ulama of India should follow Muskan Khan

Feb 18,2022 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

In India the aggression against Islam is increasing rapidly. To kill Muslims and to insult the Islamic sanctities is going on aggressively. To bring down mosques, restriction on prayers, killing people for cows are all ongoing atrocities. In this sequence one filthy thing they did was to impose sanctions on Hijab in state of Karnataka and this has been officially done in schools, colleges. The Muslims have demonstrated severe reaction this time in various places and have protested against the education institutes boycotting them. In this one lady played a very foundation role such that everyone in the world saluted the courage of this lady student. She was in college where she was harassed by extremist wearing Saffron shawls and were raising slogans of Jai Shree Ram. That lady was alone in that crowd and there she courageously raised the slogan of Allahu Akbar which got published on media and she became a model. Many big personalities appreciated her, supported her and she became a personality. Her name was Muskan and the courage which she has shown to everyone, they should all follow this lady specifically the Ulama of India. She is standing alone amongst these beasts and that picture was praised by everyone. Where on one side the face of women is getting adulterated in Pakistan, they are bringing filthy women to make our women naked. On other hand, in non-Muslim country a women comes out in field to defend the religion. The Takbir of this women which she raised is historic. This Allahu Akbar Takbir was bigger then many Takbir in many battles. This Takbir will Inshallah awaken the Muslims of the India. Even non-Muslims, international personalities and film actors who are corrupt have also praised the courage of this girl. There was no police as well there, they could have done a lot, but she stood alone and gave a message to the Indian Muslims and inshallah the same Gairat will arouse in the Ulama and Muslims of India as well.

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