Political Markaz - The root of corrupt Pakistan leaders

The root of corrupt Pakistan leaders

The root of corrupt Pakistan leaders

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In national issues the revenge politics is increasing hour by hour and drawing the nation towards extremism continuously. Generally the newly born government try to establish peace, so that they can get control over problem, resolve issues and affirm group. This is a unique form of government and they were unique also in their formation. Their opposition has slowed down. Generally the opposition creates problems, keep the situation warm, does protests etc like in the past government the opposition was continuously protesting for 5 years. But from the time this new government has been formed the opposition has gone quiet. And what opposition was doing, this government has started to do the same in disturbing the situation. It looks like there is a competition amongst the cabinet ministers that they get up every morning and give provoking statements, so that the opposition should come out on street.

At present the ex-Prime Minister has been formally sentenced for seven years imprisonment, his assets has been seized and several billion dollars fine has been imposed on Mr. Nawaz Sharif for the corruption he has done in his tenure. The atmosphere has been created for the arrest for Zardari and some other members of his party. The PM has said that I desire to put everyone in prison and his prophecies are being fulfilled. When a party leadership in ruling government does this, then it is natural that the opposition get aroused; they come out with processions and protest and this government is doing everything for them to do this, but the opposition is not shaking at all. Certain leaders are giving some blunt statement from People’s Party but when they get arrested then this will also change. We don’t know if this is their policy or thinking to not respond to the steps of government and we want to live in prisons. But on the outward it looks like that the opposition alliances are silent and the ruling government is moving forwards day by day. We don’t know if there is some time to be given to the ruling government as some media says. But the government is not willing to take time and opportunity. It looks like the government desires more chaos, panic and crisis to happen. They might be having some wisdom behind this strategy. They have to take a lot of pains and efforts also to disturb the situation and government is delivering its rights to do this but opposition is not in a mood to do this.

For the people of Pakistan it is a good opportunity but we are only interested in those topics which media highlights as an issue. Like if Mr. Nawaz Sharif was arrested then he becomes a topic and when Shahbaz Sharif gets arrested he becomes the topic; when direction changes to Asif Zardari, Yusuf Gilani they become the subject of discussion. Wherever people sit they talk about what media is presenting. The role of media is to make the mind of people and people discuss the same which media wants.

The actual topics which are more relevant for the people are ignored. Like whether Nawaz Sharif is a criminal or not is not related to people. The issue related to the people is that the issue is not that in Pakistan it is not that just people are corrupt but the system is corrupt. But no one goes towards this subject; neither the media, newspaper, social media, columnists, scholars and no one goes towards this topic. In your era, the current generation which is there in Pakistan and the governments which were made and they ended were all corrupt. If the current generation and if you see they remember the era of General Parvez Musharraf who ruled for 8 yrs, then before that Muslim League and People’s party government spend one or two tenure. They remember these three. Tahreek e Insaaf is a new party and those who have formed this party are from the old parties only except the leader of the party. They have all come from Muslim League and People’s Party. Parvez Musharraf was an army ruler and he is a civilian ruler. The leaders of all these parties are formally prosecuted by the Pakistan court and current government has termed them all as corrupt. Parvez Musharraf is also corrupt and he has a case in court and he does not comes back to the country.

Thus in these last 25yrs and 30 yrs you can see and even before that it was same but many of the generation today have not seen before that. I have started from those government which are before you and you remember. It has become established fact that these governments and rulers were corrupt. The Pakistan court without any exceptions have declared all the Prime Ministers and Presidents as corrupt and punished them. Who were they who were declared as corrupt? They were all who were elected by the People under the system of democracy. In the last years, thus it is proven that whomsoever people have elected were corrupt. The cases for which judgments are being made by court about the ex PM, President, from where have they come. India has not sent them, America, Russia has not sent them. They were from political parties, they contested election and with people’s vote they come to rulership and after coming into power with the votes of people now it is proven that they are corrupt. Thus who is making corrupt people reach the government? It is the people. This proves that our people continuously have become part of corruption. We are not saying what the court has said is correct or not? We are not going into that discussion. What I am saying is that no one is paying attention to this fact, neither the media, people nor no one. Court is declaring them as criminal, whether they are or not people knows and we don’t get into that discussion. When the current government is saying that all are corrupt, then from where they have come. The country which is full of corrupt politicians from where they have come?? They have come from votes of people. Thus think that do the people of Pakistan not have sense that they always select wrong, corrupt people. They selected Army general, People’s party, Muslim League all turned out to be corrupt and treacherous. This is what is being repeated in the country; that one corrupt after another is coming. Why can’t you pay attention towards its roots? Do the people consider themselves responsible for the corruption? Will you put all of them into jail then people will think. When this government ends, then they will also go in jail. These corrupt who have come in this new party have they ended their corruption with their previous parties and are no more corrupt?

In this entire puzzle, the point that is important to be attentive for everyone in Pakistan is this. The issue of Pakistan is not that the rulers are corrupt, the system is corrupt and if anyone comes into this system, he will also become corrupt. Even when a religious person comes inside this, he will also become a corrupt. In this corruption people are directly involved, all this corruption is the outcome of people’s vote. Now you say that PM has done corruption.  But who has made the PM? Then they are also all corrupt. They are part of this corruption. With cases, accountability you will end corruption? When corrupt does accountability of corrupt in a corrupt system? Are the judges, doctors, capitalists, and police not corrupt? Who is not corrupt? When something has become a culture, it has transformed into your daily culture, trend. Till now the accountability is only on targeted parties. When the actual accountability starts on everyone, as to what role who all has played in every corruption; then who will be left in Pakistan? Then how many will be left behind and have not participated in his corruption from any context. They sing a lot of song on vision but there is no vision. If we cannot understand the issue using theory and studies, then you should learn from experience. You have 70 yrs of experience, take the history and 70 yrs have been spent in corruption. In these years, corrupt rulers, bureaucrats and you have been changing faces but no correction has been done. Is this not the time to think?

If there is a sick person whom 70 yrs corrupt doctor has treated, is it not his rights to take him to the right doctor. This generation has the rights, the community has the rights, to get them delivered out from corruption. They should not become victim of corrupted forever. For this they should acknowledge that for 70 yrs, we have been seeing corrupt people, and then in the jail they are. Has the time not come, that for another 70 yrs if this continues there will be bigger corruption? What more evidence is required by the people of Pakistan that with this system you cannot accept anything other than corruption. But the power hungry, who want to go to power through corruption and the people are also same. Someone has looted the country, the effect will be on people, you have robbed tax, usurped land, and done money laundering the effect will be on the people. You are all victim of this corruption but not frustrated, dejected with this corruption and again in love of this corruption. Certain percentages with such party, such party and now they have targeted corruption. If the accountably is done for all groups, like judges, police, bureaucrats, religious category then you will see how many will come out who were not corrupt. But the accountability should be done by who himself is not corrupt. One who is drowned in corruption should not judge others.

If you do the accountability of all groups in a fair manner you will not see anything other than corruption in last 70 yrs. Has the time not come for the people to realize that the journey of corruption which we have done we are also part of it. The corruption on which we are shedding tears now has been made by our own votes, election and created by our own hands. We have made this corruption ourselves. Don’t we get this much sense to ponder over the words of Allama Iqbal on some day. That Iqbal who has given the thought of this nation and under whose vision this nation was made, should we not listen to him for even a day about the system which he presented.  That this is a corrupt system and only corruption will come out of this.

The ideal system is one made by Allah, Quran, religion why don’t you come towards it. As Iqbal says, that one who is gripped in disputes about Ali and Abu Bakr be alert. Shia is dancing with Ali Ali, and Sunni is discussing about Khalifa e Rashida. If you are Sunni then your ideal system is Caliphate and if you are Shia then the ideal system is Imamat. In corrupt system you take the name of Khilafat and Imamat; you give their references so are these systems of Caliphate and Imamat only for discussion. If the Ahle Sunnah have faith on Caliphate of Rashida then why you are part of this corrupt system. If you are Shia and have faith on Imamat, then why you are drowned in this corruption, or are all those talks lies. If you are listening to Khilafat or Imamat and drowned in corruption, then this is a lie, as you have no faith on it.

Is the system of Caliphate for Ahle Sunnah and Imamat for Shias not the system to come out of this corruption? Who has pursued both of them that since 70 yrs you have become part of this corruption? Now Pakistani people have divided; to select corrupt people is their duty; to usurp the wealth of corrupt people is their duty. Then the role of judges is to prosecute these corrupt people and put them behind bars. The community has been divided into three parts. One part selects corrupt people and makes them reach power; then other part loots with corruption and the courts then prosecute them and get them out of power. This is what is going on. The people should select corrupt people, then the courts will bring them down and select new corrupt persons. The old corrupt persons are imprisoned in Jails and people should chose fresh corrupt persons. Then these fresh corrupt persons will loot the country; then judges will come and put these corrupt beings into prison and then again people will elect new corrupt ones. What kind of wisdom is this? Where have you studied this donkey religion? Who has taught you this? You remember the story of Sufi and his donkey. One Sufi went on donkey to meet other Sufi friends. They slaughtered his donkey as they were hungry and ate it. Then after that they started to dance, and were singing, Donkey has gone, Donkey has gone. This dance is going on in Pakistan, where people, court, rulers and all groups, categories are part of this dance. Every Pakistani is singing donkey is gone, donkey is gone. The people are dancing that one whom we selected he went to jail, so we will now select new one for jail. Why don’t you use Aql for once? Why don’t you come out of this corrupt dancing for once? Why can’t you leave this dancing of corruption? Why don’t you accept the bondsmenship of someone firm? As Iqbal says that avoid the slavery of these salve and serve one who is connected to god. Today you can see in the world, those who have been selected by Allah and those who have been selected by people.

We have since 40 yrs seen our neighbor with an Islamic revolution and are under clutches of America, the sanctions are so tight, but still they are living with dignity. This is the difference between a firm leader and 200 donkeys. These examples of the world are present today. All this catching around of media that is happening, the people should pay attention towards the system, and it is important that you will not see any system where people selected a leader and the one selected was best. This miracle has not been seen in the world till date. But whomsoever Allah has selected has turned out to be idle. Anyone whom Allah selected for guidance, rulership has turned to be best. He has looted the country, done corruption and nothing. Pay attention to this fact that it is not people but the system that is corrupt. Any replacement you bring will be like others only. If you take accounts of the one doing accountability you will find more mockery then.

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