Political Markaz - The resistance politics of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s)

The resistance politics of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s)

The resistance politics of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s)

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Amongst the events the one that passed yesterday was the Martyrdom of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s) which falls on 25th Rajab. We express our condolence to the entire Muslim Ummah and all the followers of Wilayat. Since we are cultural, we just deliver customary acts on those events. We do some customs and give tranquility to our self that we have done something. The philosophy of customary rituals is only to get tranquility irrespective of whether they are ancestral customs, regional, cultural or religious.  We have made customary acts for Wiladat and martyrdom days. Centuries have passed like this for these days when they come. The outcome of these customary acts is that the actual reality behind these events gets forsaken. Those who are elders have passed many such days and those who are young have done less. Despite of these events which come and go it has got no changes in us and neither do we deliver the rights of these days. These days do not make us reach anywhere.

For every Infallible Imam the believers have made a personality by their own imaginations and the moment the name comes of that personality that self-carved personality image which we have made comes up in our mind. The actual personality remains hidden behind the imaginations. It is not the real personality of them. Some have even made pictures of Imams and whatever anyone thought he made the picture his way. Whenever the name of Imam Musa Kazim comes the picture of prison comes in our mind. I stopped yesterday also the organizers who were making a prison on the stage. The believers get tranquilized only with the prison of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s). It is present in our minds that Imam Musa Kazim (a.s) stayed in prison for 14 years then what would he have done or what could he do.

If you see the books of history then we can see that the writers are so poor that they cannot write the history of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s) for more than two pages, they cannot talk for more than ten minutes. Some customary elderly writers have started a way of writing biographies of Imams which I don’t know from where it started but it has become a principle of writing biographies of Imams. They will first write the date of birth, then his lineage, then they will write his wives, then his children, then who were the rulers and he got martyred with poison or prison. Then they might add some miracles of Imams also. Like there was one person who had no money, Imam gave him chicken and in the belly of chicken there was a diamond which he found and his problems got solved. This is the total life and biography of Imam. For the current generation they have got this character in their minds that Imams are like this only. That they are born, then they are pampered in their childhood and to this extent that they are not able to even do their own work. This is the character which the Zakireen have taught us. Like they say for Imam Ali (a.s) that he would tell his daughters that they should walk a little so that they learn how to walk. They are making a sentence for eulogy but they are giving this impression that the daughters of Ali did not used to even walk in home. They are presenting this as a virtue that the daughters of Ali did not know how to walk in the verandah also as how they were nurtured. For someone not knowing to walk is it a virtue? These are sell-carved virtues they present and then for other Imams also the same picture comes up in our minds and the reality remains hidden.

In the life of Musa Kazim (a.s) there is a specific era in which he has to guide the Ummah, he has to do guardianship of the religion and then there are those tyrant governments he has to confront. He has to confront innovations in religions. This is the practical life of Imam Musa e Kazim. There were three important fronts on which Imam confronted. There was no governance with Imam and that was with Taghoot. He had to confront Taghootiyat and that too the Taghootiyat which people had accepted them as rulers and no one was willing to accept the governance of Imam. Like the Pakistani’s today who are not ready to bring Imams near Imamat. They want to seek blessings from Imam, ask them to do supplications, fulfill their desires and the way the Taghoot did not allow Imams to take Imamat our Pakistani Shias also have pledged that we will not accept you as Imam and since the Taghoot did not allow you to govern we will also not allow you to do governance. You are a spiritual personality and we will do your Majlis, mourn for you and present offerings but we are not willing to accept yourgovernance. This has been in history, For Imam Musa Kazim (a.s) whom Allah has granted the rulership, governance Imamat but people are not willing to accept him on this political position instead they only believe in the spiritualty.

Imam (a.s) had a big front of Taghoot rulers. The life which Imam (a.s) lived in front of Taghoots was a life of resistance (Mubariza) against Taghoot. Imam Musa Kazim (a.s) is a role model for the followers of Imam on how to live a life under Systems of Taghoot. That Taghootiyat was different from what is today. The era today is not like that of that era. The follower of Imamat are free today to do whatever they can but in that era they were under strict torture and control. Today the followers of Imamat can do whatever they want to do. They are living in many governments and they still do many things against law. Like in Arab states, Majlis are not allowed but still they do in secret. In many countries blood flagellation is not allowed but still they do it. This freedom is there but in the era of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s) the Taghootiyat was not like this. Those taghoots were such that they were not willing to accept the presence of Imam and his followers. Such kind of Taghootiyat, which was tyrant, cruel and Imam passed his era against them.

Imam in this period did not accept the pressure of Taghootiyat. In Imam’s time there were 6 rulers which passed, one Umawi and five Abbasi and then finally Haroon got him martyred. In all these rulers period Imam did not come under pressure of anyone. Staying in prison does not mean accepting pressure; these two are different. In fact those who do not accept pressure they go to prison. This is the way of Imamat that in Taghooti rulers do not live under pressure. Imam instead kept the government under pressure and the entire six governments were under severe pressure from Imam Musa Kazim (a.s) for the 35 to 40 political years.

Today we have an opposite trend, way of living in the Taghooti era that is if you do not have a government or you cannot change it; then do not live under pressure. This means you keep on leaving one by one everything which the rulers do not like and tell you openly or give signals to us. Whatever the government does not like we should leave that.

One religious doctor in Lahore told us that in one Madrassah next to their home the Adhan stopped coming. As we were following our acts based on the Adhan from Madrassah like Salaat, Fasting times etc but since one week in the month of Ramadan the Adhan was not heard. Though Shias only say Adhan for 3 times, though it should be 5. But the 3 were was also not coming. We asked the watchmen if there is some problem in speaker. The watchmen said that one ruler’s son have moved in this area and he has complained and sent a message to us that the sound of this Adhan comes to my home and I don’t like this because there is Aliyun Waliyullah in this. From that day they stopped doing Adhan on the speaker. This doctor became annoyed and ask them to restart Adhan else I will bring the community and protest.

This is what means to come under pressure, that if government does not likes Adhan then we should leave it. The governments do not like many things; but to be under pressure means whatever is part of your religion, your teachings, the order of Quran, Allah, Seerah of Prophet, Imams, amongst our duties we will stop that because they don’t like this hence we will conceal it.

A clear example of living under pressure are the Indian Muslims. At present most of the Muslims in India are under pressure of Indian government. Though there are some who do not come under pressure even though they follow the law of India. As such Muslims in India are more abided to Indian laws then the Hindus since the Muslims are in minority. They don’t violate laws that much but still they are living under dominance, afraid, scared and subdued. Some are under so much severe pressure that they do not even deliver their obligations. Like some minister said that Adhan should not be said, they nodded their head that Adhan should not happen. Some are such that they visit their temples and do idol worships with them, they prostrate. Just recently one name sake Shia went to their temple, he served milk to the idols, worshipped it, recited hymns also just to deliver a message that we are with our Hindu brothers. You can live with Hindus in peace, casual relationship in a good manner but do not come under pressure and you should not leave your religious practices. One has made a poem, recited Nauha in love of country that when I die do not put white shroud on me, but instead put the tri-color flag on me. They do Majlis, Matam, Ziarat of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s) but his wish is this. To live under this much pressure is not the Seerah of Imams. One big reason for calamities on Imams was that they were not succumbing to pressure. To succumb to pressure means on the desire, instructions of someone leave your religion, identity, personality and try to get in the same color as them doing what they want or desire from you to do. This means to live under pressure.

In Pakistan also some have this thinking only; the Shias have been always fed this only that if you do not come under pressure you will become conspicous for government. We should remain under pressure always. We shuld respect Pakistan, abide by the laws of the country, you should remain as Pakistani and you have all the rights like other.  You should not get involved in any form of enmity of Pakistan. You are not into terrorism then what is the need for being under pressure. You should live your life with dignity, religion, identity and personality

Imam Musa Kazim (a.s) has kept the government under pressure and this was very open hence they would keep him in different prisons. This was because government was under pressure from Imam. This was an important political step and strategy of Imam (a.s) in that period which Imam made it practical.

One another big front of opponents which was in front of Imam was of other sects who were supported by government, they had means, they had positions and since they had visionary differences with Shiite and was a front. Imam confronted that front as well despite of being under a tyrant government did not come under pressure and neither under pressure of these sects. But did not confront it with sectarianism. He would do it with proper arguments by training his selected students to answer their doubts and conjectures. They would go to the gatherings of opponents and try to change the vision of opponents. One of his student was Hisham. There is a philosophical lecture of Imam (a.s) which is present as a tradition in Usool e Kaafi. In this Hadith Imam (a.s) has presented the status of Aql in the vison of Quran. Imam trained Hisham on every verse on this. Imam would send students to various towns so that they can present the realities to people.

The more dangerous storm than these two which came in front of Imam (a.s) where he defended the school of Shiite was the Fitnah that started from within Shias. It was due to government and some power hungry elements which were present within Shias. There were such persons and it was the same politics which is happening today. That was Tahazzub (parties). Despite of Imam Kazim being present Shias started to make parties, organizations, they started to make their constitutions, they selected their leaders with Infallible Imams being present. They even used the family of Imam as well and this was a big crisis that came in front of imam. In this a big group which adopted the state of sect later was Ismaili. When Imam Sadiq got martyred, they did not accept Imam Musa Kazim (a.s) as Imam and considered Ismael the late son of Imam Sadiq (a.s) as their Imam. Though Imam Sadiq (a.s) had buried Ismael in Baqee in front of everyone and made everyone as witness. But they believed that Ismael did not die and has gone into occultation. They became believers of an Imam in occultation. They made a group, sect, and party in front of Imam Kazim (a.s) and denied his Imamat.

This crisis was more dangerous than the Taghoots and those opponents who had big doubts about Ahlulbayt (a.s) who were fed by the Mullahs of that time. There would be strange things spread about Ahlulbayt (a.s). Banu Umayyah during the time of Ameerul Momineen (a.s) Caliphate would attack the nomads and steal their sheep. They would spread rumors that Ali’s forces have done this. Then after some days they would return some or half of them, rest they would have eaten and would say that we have fought with the forces of Ali and got these sheep back. The people will then praise Bani Umayyah and the same tactics are being done now also with Shias. Like in Quetta they tell the Shias and have been made like Bedouins. Then tell them that Iran is Shia government, they have Wilayat e Faqeeh but they do not do anythingfor you, they do not give Visa’s but theses NGO’s, America, Britain are doing so much for us. The same work of Banu Umayyah has been done now in Quetta to mislead Shias and they use this tactic against Wilayat to misguide the followers of Wilayat.

Imam (a.s) also managed this crisis and foiled it as well. The big danger which Shiite had started from inside whereby the parties, groups, organizations were made. Three big parties and three big leaders stemmed out with Shias at that the time of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s). One was Mohammad e Aftah, who made his party and declared his Imamat. Then the sect of Namusiya . And after the martyrdom of Imam one more party came up which was more dangerous, that was Waqfia. The government was helping such groups a lot. Those persons who are power hungry, after governance are found by the government and they are supported that you are more deserving and this way they would create discord within Shias.

When in this situation such doubts are crept that Imam Musa Kazim (a.s) is not Imam, instead Ismael is Imam who went into occultation. Now this is a big test for Shias, for ordinary people. When Zakirs are coming on pulpits and saying that Ismael is Imam. There are two streams which are starting from there. One in the name of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s) and second in the name of Ismael done by his son Mohammed ibn Ismael. Mohammad ibn Ismael started this lineage. His father has passed away and never claimed anything on Imamat. Mohammad ibn Ismael was a very shrewd person. He had different names like Satoor, Khifa, Qatoom and he was an organizational mind person. He would remain underground and used these code names. He immediately went underground and went into different cities; sometimes he went to Basra, Kufa and they started this sect of Ismaili. These six Imam followers also divided into three sects; one is Bohra, there is another one and the biggest one known today as Agha Khani.

They continued their Imamat in the lineage of Ismael and became very powerful in history.  They even established government in big regions and against that the Shia Ithna Ashari continued with Imam Kazim. These crisis started in the era of Imam. You should pay attention that the inheritance of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s) whereby there was a Taghooti government; there was a storm of opposition and internally within Shiite parties, groups was on its peak. In this situation Imam did not accept the pressure of government. He did not allow the opposition sects to corrupt the minds of people. It was their attempt that they wanted to attack the teachings of Shiite in such a way that nothing remains of Shia. Imam trained students like Hisham, sent them to various places, prepared them, Imam would monitor what was happening. Then the issue within Shiite which was there Imam handled that also in an elegant manner. All this needs to be discussed on the day of martyrdom and birth of Imam (a.s).

Imam was kept in prison by Banu Abbas. The prison is not the Sunnah of Imam, the resistance against Taghoot is the Sunnah of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s). Like Ibn Muljim hit Imam Ali (a.s) on the head. This is the Sunnah of Ibn Muljim and not of Ali. Ali’s Sunnah was to rise for morning prayers, his Sunnah was to stand against Khawarij. Ali’s Sunnah was an uprising for truth and establishing a governance of Justice. Prison was the Sunnah of Banu Abbas where they captivated Imam. We have kept prison alive but have forgotten the resistance of Imam. If we want to do the Majlis of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s), recite Nauha’s, poems then all these should be based on the resistance and uprising of Imam (a.s). It is necessary to revive the Seerah of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s). Today Shiite is facing the same era. There is a pressure from Taghooti government. Then there are opposite sects. Then internally there are MI6 Shias, the Mushriq, Malang are all infiltrating Shiite. How to control them, put reigns on them then we should see how Imam Musa Kazim (a.s) controlled them. How he protected the path of Prophet despite of such hardships. All these hardships are back breaking. On one hand there is a tyrant, cruel government, then on the other hand there is an aggression of propaganda against Shiite; then from within Shiite such groups are made who stand aginst the Imams. Here Imam Musa Kazim (a.s) has established a Sunnah which is essential for the Shias of entire world and specifically for the Shias of Pakistan. For this we need to study, analyze, be attentive and ponder over it. We will start to complete this topic at some other occasion as this is very important topic. I have started this topic in Qom before related to the history of Shias but due to other occupancies this Taufeeq got left out. It is a desire that this history of Shiite gets exposed after the Prophet (s.a.w.s). What kind of breaks, discords happened within Shias and what were those elements which preserved Shiite despite of all these crisis. What was that gem which preserved Shiite and is necessary for Shia of every era to understand that. At present the Taghoot is big tyrant and they have besieged Shiite from all around. This history of Imams is essential to understand how to handle these situations. From within Shiite every group is raising their heads with misguidance against the system of Wilayat.

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