Political Markaz - The Past, Present, Future of Taliban and Afghanistan By Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi (h.a)

The Past, Present, Future of Taliban and Afghanistan By Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi (h.a)

The Past, Present, Future of Taliban and Afghanistan By Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi (h.a)

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Our PM gave interview to CNN on Wednesday and he has talked some important things, as it is known about him that when he speaks without preparation he speaks very deep and he has a lot of over confidence and thinks he knows everything more than others. Such a person when he speaks in interview does not checks the numbers and speaks out. Since the establishment is backing him no one grills him for his blunders. At times he speaks very important things like eliminating English language culture in the country. In this interview he mentioned that our foundation of relationship with America has been terrible from day one.

In 1952 the first step was taken when Pakistan went to sit in the laps of America. In this interview he said that America has made us a rented war gun. They can make us fight with anyone they want. They do not respect our state. This is a reality which Khan has said and everyone knows this but not one says, which the PM has said. If he would have consulted his advisors they would never allow him to speak like this. One more point he said that for Afghanistan America is accusing Pakistan to give refuge to Haqqani network. PM answered angrily that America does not know about the Haqqani network, they are Pushtun and born in Pakistan. People mocked at this, as Haqqani originated from Akhoda Khatak and there is a Madrassa of Deoband made by father of Sami ul Haqq and then during the leadership of Sami ul Haqq of this madrassa the fundamental cadre of Taliban was created and top-level Taliban were created from here. This Madrassa name was Madrassa e Haqqania.

The most disgraceful ruler of Pakistan has been General Parvez Musharraf. He was the most lowly, abased person. The PM has said that Parvez Musharraf gave permission to America for attacking Afghanistan using Pakistan’s base and if I would have been there, I would not have given permission. Colin Powell made a three minutes call to Musharraf asking him to give all assets required for attacking Afghanistan and if you don’t do it then we will ruin Pakistan to stone age. This General on the call itself agreed without even consulting anyone and handed over Pakistan. The PM is telling that this lowly person gave Pakistan to America and I would not have done this. When he was asked on what conditions you will cooperate with America. He said on any condition we will not fight the war of other countries; I will not give this permission. It was the American war with Russia for which Pakistan was used in Afghanistan. There was everything already ruined in Afghanistan and when USA attacked Afghanistan there was nothing to be destroyed. It was all mountains and plains where they bombed.

He also mentioned in the interview that after the incident of 9/11 Pakistan became an alliance state of America. Pakistan handed over everything to America and the losses which Pakistan suffered due to this alliance and friendship was much more than the losses suffered in war with India. The losses of Pakistan in this support of America were extremely high. The PM said that we were alliance partners to America in this war on Afghanistan and during this period He said America did 480 drone attacks on Pakistan. There was no complaint also made anywhere internationally. How can we make alliance which such barbaric nation?

In Iran the new President has been appointed, the Leader gave counselling to the new President and also told Rouhani on his last day that your government has failed because I have told you not to rely on Europe and USA but you spent 8 years in appeasing them. To this new government that leader has guided on the first day, that there is no difference between Trump and Biden. When you are sitting with America for negotiation do not think that you are dealing with some human or nation, you are negotiating with a wild beast. The same thing the PM wanted to say that we were your alliance and what disaster you did with us. America would give a list of eighty persons with different names to be handed over to America. Musharraf would catch his persons and hand over to America. These persons were sent to Guantanamo a place where even animals cannot leave and these Pakistanis were kept there.

Today the scene which has come up in Afghanistan is temporary and very soon this scene will change and you will see something new scene very soon. What will happen that depends on that state. I will tell you the past of Afghanistan and what made them enter 9/11. How were the forty years of Afghanistan and what America changed there. When this lady asked PM about Afghanistan, the PM said that crisis in Afghanistan is such that nothing can be said about it and high probability is that a big human crisis can take place in Afghanistan and to avoid this the world should accept Taliban. This is true that a big storm is hiding behind this government in Afghanistan and a big blast can take place.

Russia in Afghanistan and Mujahedeen

In December 1979, there was a socialist government in Afghanistan which was under Russia. That government wanted to make Afghanistan a communist style like anti religion, due to which different tribes, groups who had Islamic orientation had serious objection on the government. They opposed and when clashes started, then Afghan government invited Russia to come to Afghanistan with their forces. In December 1979 the Russia forces entered Afghanistan since the borders were common. When the Russian forces entered Afghanistan, these groups came to Pakistan and started to prepare for a resistance. At the same time American also immediately came to Pakistan. America has suffered a big defeat by Russia in Vietnam. America disgraceful had to flee from Vietnam. They had to take revenge from Russia in Afghanistan.

Prior to this in 1978 a big change in Pakistan came whereby Zia ul Haqq toppled the Bhutto government and hanged him. The word was not ready to accept the government of Zia ul Haqq. This was an opportunity for Zia to get recognized as America also needed Pakistan. They both together planned for a war inside Afghanistan.  Zia ul Haqq was the leader of state as well as forces so he got the entire country involved. America got the Middle east oil producing nations as well. Then Arab, America and Pakistan did all the operations against Russia. Pakistan became a cantonment. In Peshawar when I went alone it was fearful scene. There were people with long beard and all dangerously looking people with machine guns and hundred people around them. America started to gave weapons and Arabs started to give money. There were other groups of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar , Abdul Rasool Siaq , Sibqatullah Mujaddadi and many other such famous names. This was the atmosphere made in Pakistan and Pakistan was completely involved with community in this war. There was name of Jihad given to this clash and entire Pakistan became Jihadi. The walls, streets, flags and what all happening in every street where Zia ul Haqq involved all Pakistani youths in Jihad. The religious madrasas were specifically involved in this Jihad. Since America has opened the doors of wealth and they have spent this much weapons that these Mujahedeen and many other related people would take foreign goods. The Afghanis had complete hold on Pakistan and the aids that were coming from Europe and Arabs was going to Afghanistan and Pakistan. There was one weapon stinger missile to bring down aircrafts. There was also war with Iraq going on. There were sanctions on Iran to buy weapons and Afghanis were selling these weapons to Iranians. This was an interesting story of that time.

Fall of Soviet Union and Mujahedeen control over Kabul

When Russia came to Afghanistan in 1979 and the war continued till 1989. The Mujahideen were in Pakistan who were fighting this war. In 1988 a big change came in Soviet Union, where rebellion started amongst state and a weak leadership of Gorbachev came up. He stopped Afghanistan war as Soviet Union was breaking and it got split. Hence in 1989 Russia removed their forces from Afghanistan due to internal issues in Russia. From 1989 and 1992 the Najeeb government was in Afghanistan which was Russia supportive. Now the Afghanis were fighting against Afghanis and the entire war was managed from Pakistan. In these years the Mujahideen weakened the Afghanistan government because Russia also left supporting Afghanistan. America, Saudi were behind Mujahideen and in 1996 the Mujahideen took control of Kabul. Ahmad Shah Masood and Dustam captured Kabul. Hekmatyar was controlling other regions. Now when the Afghan government ended, these Mujahideen went there and they were nine groups. Now to get control over Afghanistan an internal war started amongst Mujahideen. There were severe conflicts between these groups.

During the conflict with Russia how many Afghanis were killed? Then when Russia left how many Afghanis were killed in conflict with Afghan government? Then how many Afghanis were killed after this? In this phase hundreds of Afghanis were killed. Wali Khan the sone of Baja Khan who were communist group were against Pakistan. One sentence of Wali Khan was when you were fighting with Russia it was Islam versus infidelity and now Islam is fighting against Islam. The barbaric killing which was done needs to be discussed today. I will just mention about one northern region. Since many of our friends from Afghanistan were from northern region of Mazar sharif we were getting reports. As per them, in this era when there was internal battle between Mujahedeen’s, 250,000 Shias were killed. You can just work out how many others were killed. They would burst fire complete villages and not even allow even animals to survive. These were Mujahideen. When these Mujahideen started war it became insecure much before. The Afghanis ran away to Iran, Pakistan and other place. When all this stated it was unclear what was to be done? Who will control Afghanistan? Every group of Mujahid became rebellion and was not listening to anyone, even America, Pakistan and Arabs. Every group wanted to control Kabul.

The beginning of Taliban

These nations created a fresh group of Taliban in 1996. Their name was from students of Madrassa. Mullah Omar who was in Kandahar made a team from these madrassah students who all belonged to this Madrassas of Akhoda khataq in Pakistan. These were not actually students but warriors prepare for Jihad. When Mulla Omar made this group, he got his own area released from Mujahideen and his area became peaceful. These Mujahideen would not have mercy on anyone and this group of Mulla Omar controlled them. Now the hope developed this group can do this. The Taliban was strengthened and eventually in 1996 they got control and all these groups dispersed and some were killed. From 1996 to 2001 the established government which was also very strange. A government which even a staunchest Muslim could not tolerate. There was extremism, restrictions and a dreadful atmosphere was created. During this period when Taliban was made a big group of Taliban Mujahideen had come from various Arab nations. These got married in Afghanistan, Pakistan and got settled later. When Russia left Afghanistan, America had lost interest. These crusaders became jobless and became worthless as no one was supporting them. These Mujahideen laid the foundation of Al Qaeda with a businessman of Saudi, Osama bin Laden in Hayatabad Peshawar. They made Al Qaeda to establish Islamic Caliphate globally. And America , Pakistan, Saudi were all involved in making Al Qaeda and this was confessed by our PM. When the Taliban in Afghanistan got established the Mujahedeen present in Pakistan made a Taliban in Pakistan under the allegiance of same Mulla Omar.

Atrocities of Taliban basis of Islamophobia in Europe

The force which America had made as Al Qaeda was for certain purpose. America now started to oppose this same group and termed them as Fundamentalist, then named them as extremist and then they were termed as terrorist. The Europe media for Taliban which was doing in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Al Qaeda doing globally they srated to campaign against them. The Taliban who was in Pakistan did extreme form of terrorism. They attacked even GHQ. When I was going to Tableegh to Peshawar, I would pass by cantonment, there were fear in army personnel, they left their forces attire. The regime of terrorists got established in Pashtun. They were doing whatever they wanted to do. They would openly kill whomsoever they want. They killed Shias, Sunnis , forces and even police. There was an attack in front of High court and entire road was full of bodies of Police and there was not one to even lift the wounded. This was the situation of forces, polices and they did not have any mercy on anyone. Europe was showing this on media as Islamophobia and the same mujahideen became the charter of defaming Islam in Europe. Europe was trying to distance people from Islam by showing these terrorists doing all these barbaric acts as teachings of Islam. This way the way of Islamophobia started in Europe and it had effect. The entire Europe today is against Islam united and this is because when all this was seen this started.

9/11 – Master plan for destroying entire Islamic world

Then America did one more planning to ruin entire Islamic world and not just Afghanistan., Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, India , Saudi were all strong Muslim nations. A big powerful force in Arabs was in Iraq. They wanted an excuse to destroy Islam. The excuse was they prepared 19 pilots in America, 15 from Saudi, 2 from Egypt and 2 from others. From these persons they did the World Trade center attack on 11th September in morning hours. It was all shown live across the world and all TV channels were showing live. The people were not believing as to what is happening. These four passenger flights were taken off and two crashed on these buildings which was the trade center for the world. The owners of these buildings are Jews and not a single Jew came to work on that day. There were only non-Jews present in these buildings. Around 2500 persons got crushed and killed under these buildings. Since the world saw this live and it came out clearly that the buildings did not crash due to the flights. The buildings melted from its foundation. The iron, cement and nothing was left and all turned into powder.

After eight hours of this incident, George W Bush announced that we know who did this attack, as we have found passports of 19 persons from the place of attack. The metal building has melted but the passports of paper were intact. He said this was done by Al Qaeda. I have given this example on the same day that this is just a virtual imaginary group made with no physical presence. An organization which can be taken anywhere and anytime. You can go to any country and say Al Qaeda has come. I gave an example of Witches as in India, Pakistan we have this imagination of witch which people see in graveyards. There is no such thing as witch, it is a mental creation of fear. Its specific is that it can be seen anywhere. America made this plan of Al Qaeda with expertise. America demanded Osama bin Laden from Taliban and they said he is our guest and you should prove that he is involved.

Iran defeated America in Clash of Civilization

America had planned for the attack. The think tank of America , Huntington has given this vision of clash of civilization. His theory was that you have been fighting economic, military war and you have been defeated but the actual war you have not fought is the war of cultures. They have announced new world order. In this theory there were eight cultures whom America has to dominate and top of the list was Islam and till we do not succumb Islam we cannot do anything. All this was done in a scenario. They attacked in 2001 and ended Taliban government. Then they made Hamid Karzai as head of state and then Ashraf Ghani. Taliban remained in Afghanistan only. They have shown that this war was against Taliban but only 2500 American died from 2001 till date. This was not a war and even Taliban was not killed in big numbers in twenty years. But the Afghani’s were killed in big number. One America journal gave this figure that in last twenty years after 9/11 , 950,000 Muslims have been killed by America in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. In this entire clash one fortress America could not do bring down and which it was trying to bring down since 1979 but they could not succeed and this was Iran. They tried with Saddam for eight years, they made open planning. From Taliban to Al Qaeda, then ISIS was made which was the most powerful force of the world. There were ninety countries involved in making ISIS and even from Pakistan people went to become part of ISIS. They did all this to succumb Iran. The most effective weapon were economic sanctions and even that did not end Iran. If God forbid this fortress of Iran would have been destroyed like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan then they would have won the clash of civilization. But America has lost the war of cultures because the center of this was Iran. They got everything possible with Arabs. Iran was being controlled by many in past but today they were not able to control Iran, ,because of Wilayat e Faqeeh. It was Islam that was protecting Iran and not Iran protecting Islam. The minds should be prepared that America is a beast which is the guidance form leader. If you do alliance with America then you are doing this with wolves. We in Pakistan are waiting for a call from this wolf.

Future of Afghanistan in mirror of history

This is all what cooked in Afghanistan, it spread there and became the basis of destruction of Islamic world. The crusade against Russia in Afghanistan where it all started became means of destruction. A big human crisis can take place in Afghanistan and it has started. That crisis map which can be seen is that Taliban has to make an acceptable government in Afghanistan. Taliban has given message to America to support Taliban as they are big nation. Russia , Iran all have announced their support. They have no difficulties with anyone. One country is India where Afghanistan is totally cut off due to foolishness of Modi.

If Taliban will start to listen to America, there are extremists present inside Taliban. You should see the history and some people think that since Taliban is now in power we should forget the history. The history of what Banu Umayyah did in Karbala need to be remembered and we do Azadari to keep this history alive. When Taliban will come out of the old state of torture, oppression and make an acceptable government then the extremists will make another group, which is being made as ISIS. Till date the Taliban has killed five top ISIS chiefs. They were extremist who were claiming that we did not fight for this system. Why is Turkey aggressive to get the airport of Kabul, because the HQ of ISIS is Turkey. There is thousands of ISIS present in Turkey which they want to move to Afghanistan. The next big clash coming forward is Taliban versus ISIS. The lords like Dustam, Ahmad Shah who ran away and not involved in power , they will not accept the power of Taliban. They just need support from outside, and these deals are going on. Russia , China, Iran is all hiring their persons. This will be the state in Afghanistan and would be more destructive. This is the reason everyone is telling Taliban to make a liberal government. It is not possible for Taliban to leave their identity. If they make liberal government then Taliban will break. If they don’t then they get disconnected from world. This danger of big human crisis in Afghanistan is quite serious.  In 2001 , Taliban government ended, for twenty years they fought against Taliban and Taliban has become so strong that everyone has started to accept this. This means this clash will continue in Afghanistan. Every country in the world looks after their interest and not do principality politics. We pray that Afghanis should remain in their home and develop their country. Whatever is happening in Afghanistan, it damages Pakistan more and we pray to protect Pakistan.

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