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The North Korea deal

The North Korea deal

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One more news that has become an issue globally is about the meeting of North Korea and South Korea. They have visited each other and meetings have taken place. They were staunch enemies though they were one county before but in the 50s and 60s they got separated due to American intervention into South Korea and North Korea. The North Korea became communist under Russian bloc and South Korea came under American Imperialist bloc and became a capitalist nation. Then later Soviet Russian ended and hence their affiliates also got effected. But this is historical fact that the last communism power bloc has been North Korea in which there has been a family rulership and the last inherited ruler is Kim Jung. Kim is the ruler of North Korea and yesterday they had a meeting and in a dramatic way he crossed the border by road and went to South Korea. North Korea is a communist nation who has been confronting Imperialist powers. China and Russia is supporting them. As North Korea is an atomic power, they have high technology weapons due to which even Japan is afraid of them. The neighboring nations specifically those allied with America are all afraid. Now there has been a lot of pressure on North Korea.

In reality a deal has been done related to North Korea. The deal has been done between Russia, China and America. They do like this only when one country has influence over other country they do a deal to sell that country under their influence to someone else. Like first Pakistan was with America and now with China; they can sit anytime to make a deal. Since North Korea was with Russia and America has a trade battle with Russia and China; a preparation is being made for a next big battle.  They have made a deal on North Korea where Russia, China has got the benefits from this. The deal was that since America has sensitiveness towards North Korea, then under this deal North Korea will show some flexibility towards America and in return Russia, China, America will get something. Like if North Korea takes some steps backward then America will step back in their influence on Taiwan which is part of China. Then the regions like Ukraine, Georgia which are weak points of Russia where America interferes; then there are certain areas like Taiwan where America has influence and China interferes. In these clashes, they have used North Korea and convinced them to pause the Atomic research but their system, technology of Atomic plant are preserved. They have paused their missile plans as well so that their relationship with neighbor countries can improve. He has also expressed willingness to meet Trump and the news are going on.

One analysis on this is that where they are winding up the issue of North Korea which is not that North Korea is succumbing to America but it is America that is bowing down in front of North Korea. This is because North Korea knows that the day they stopped their Atomic plant it would be their last day like Libya. The mistake which Libya did by terminating the atomic plant and in few months there was a lessonful end of Colonel Gaddafi. The same thing was about to happen with Iran also but since there is an insightful leadership there it prevented it. They stopped Iran from nuclear development but when they decided to take the next step the Leader came in direct confrontation with them. But in North Korea the war atmosphere which was being created against America; America wanted to wind up all other fronts and in a relaxed manner Trump wants to prepare against Iran, Middle East and China. This is also a vision on this that America has submitted and not North Korea. The restrictions on North Korea will open up, their relationship with other countries will be resumed, and they will be able to trade freely with other nations. This way America will be free from that front and focus on this front which they have opened in Afghanistan that is planned against China. This is an important news which is circling globally.


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