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The Fitnah of Shirazi group

The Fitnah of Shirazi group

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The Crown prince of Ale Saud paid a visit to Britain and on the same day when Crown prince of Saudi was in Britain certain Shias gathered sacrilege the leader. One group with the title of Shia came on the street; they insulted the Leader, Marajae, Mujahideen and this famous Mi6 Shia which was made by Britain. There are good believing Shias also in Britain but these are Shias who are working in the interests and benefits of Britain and amongst them the top of the list is the Shirazi group. This group has been formed since long and at present they have become very active. There are four elements who have put tremendous and full efforts against Shias.

One element is that of Trump who does not thinks of anything other scheming against Shias; Israel is another element against Shias; then Mohammad bin Salman and this Shirazi group. They all have same one objective, same stance of all the four. Whatever Israel says Shirazi’s will do. These Shirazi’ are not people from Shiraz they are followers of Sadiq Shirazi from the Shirazi family. The elder brother of Sadiq Shirazi was Mohammad Shirazi who passed away. This is specific group is the base of defamation, sacrilege of Shias, they create discords within Shias; and their worst act is the discord they create between Shias and Sunnis. They fuel the fire of discord between Shias and Sunnis. They openly sit on the TV channels which are specifically made for them by Britain and day, night they are insulting, sacrilege the sanctities of Ahle Sunnah. They do this all in the name of Shia wearing the attire of Ulama and the viewers perceive that all Shias are like this only. Then they insult, curse, abuse the Leader, Imam Khomeini, Islamic revolution and any personality, group that is associated with the system of Wilayat e Faqeeh. Since they have Mi6 financing they have made dens in every country.

In Pakistan they had made the base much back. Whatever America has done with Pakistan the same has been done by Mi6 with Shirazi. Trump has given this statement that we have given 35 billion dollars to Pakistan but they have not done anything against Terrorism. Our foreign minister has given a good answer that these terrorists were made by you only. But Trump is saying that we have invested this much in Pakistan. This might be a lie also of trump as this is his policy of enmity against Pakistan. But Shirazi’ made a network in Pakistan almost 30, 40 years back and this network was supposed to strengthen the Shirazi’. But they do not do it and now Shirazi’s have been cursing this group also. Those entities are still present. In India they made a recent network in Lucknow and there also you get such elements who have such abusing tongues and can use such language against the Leader and this was recently seen. Syed Sadiq Shirazi who is a Marajae Taqleed living in Qom and is the chief appointed by Mi6. His son used filthy, abusive language in his lecture. In his lecture Pakistani’s attend a lot and Pakistani’s like Shirazi’ a lot. When I was on Qom for the entire period I used to be aggrieved that our Pakistani community is so loyal to the most misguided group.

This person insulted the Supreme Leader in his lecture by taking his name and used undesirable words. There was nothing been said from Leader or anyone but this person uttered his malice on the directives of Mi6. For the destruction, creating difficulties for the revolution Mi6 has created them. Mi6 has created them as group of sedition, Fitnah amongst Shias. Husain Shirazi used abusive language and uttered all filth and he was arrested by the government. In reaction to the arrest of the son of Sadiq Shirazi they did protests in Karbala, London, India against Iran. They attacked the Iranian Embassy in London and attacked the Ambassador of Iran Embassy. The London police did not even stop them.

In India they have created a center and you get many resources to support them in India and Pakistan. I was astonished once when I was in Qom I met a student who used to attend my lectures. When I am travelling I am not wearing the scholarly attire but this student was fully attired in high quality and with goggles on eye; that too when Pakistan is in this state of insecurity for Shias. I was in the bus taking us to flight. I was shocked to see this student but I did not recognize him. He recognized me and started to talk and then later I recognized me. Then when we reached Karachi he asked me whether someone is coming to pick you. I replied to him might be someone will come or not I don’t know. He said come to our office and I asked him you have an office? He said yes we have an office in Islamabad also. He is a young student. This is how you can easily get people in Pakistan. It is apparent when Ale Saud can get a Pakistani General to work for them then you can easily get many others also. It is not difficult to buy someone in Pakistan and specifically Maulana’s are sold for pennies in Pakistan. They claim also for those who are followers of Wilayat e Faqeeh that these people get money from Iran. Since they have not done any religious work without taking money from someone they are certain that others are also like this and no religious work, activity can be done without some state or foreign sponsorship. They are having conjectures against believers. Similarly they got such paid stooges in India as well.

This is how they carried out this activity on the Iranian Embassy and the Arabic TV channels supported them fully and gave high coverage. They presented this as a rebellion against Iran. This is the money of Mi6 and they are fueling and flaming this at a big level. They will spread this issue more now and the problem is that believers are generally not aware about the Mi6 Shiite.

It is the responsibility of all Ulama to make everyone aware about this Shirazi sect; that is the Mi6 Shiite. This is because Shiite is under their influence globally. This Shirazi group is a dagger of Mi6 Shiite which they have stabbed in the back of Shiite. They will further arouse this Fitnah and it will have its effect. In the upcoming days Mi6 has made the arrangements that all the annual Shia conventions will be done in England. There will be big number of personalities who will fly from all over; from India, Pakistan and all those anti Wilayat-e-Faqeeh elements will come there. They will gather all of them and run the campaign against Wilayat-e-Faqeeh; what happened was part of this campaign. There are some effects on social media as well but generally the believers are not aware about the background of this Fitnah and their stratagems. The group that does the highest sacrilege, insult of the sanctities of Ahle Sunnah but the Arab TV channels are supporting the same group against Wilayat e Faqeeh and Islamic system in Iran. Instead of hating this group as this group is insulting their sanctities but they are supporting them to spread this Fitnah.



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