Political Markaz - The Elections Fair in Pakistan

The Elections Fair in Pakistan

The Elections Fair in Pakistan

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In Pakistan there was an undesired incident in Peshawar whereby there was an attack in which one election candidate got killed along with many others. This is the insecurity in the country. The second issue are the elections in Pakistan which are also very strange. Today is a special day for Pakistan whereby the prosecuted Ex-Prime minister Nawaz Sharif is returning back from England. The moment he lands there are preparations to arrest him whereas his party is preparing to welcome him. There is highly panic state in the country and situations have become very tense. There is a battle of power, position ongoing mercilessly. There are attacks done on the lives of each other like beasts. The disgrace, humiliation of political parties has reached its peak. The responsible institutes of the country like Judiciary who are highly responsible entities are delivering a highly irresponsible role. As if they have pledged to end this country in July. These are the stratagems being done and people are watching as spectators.

In Pakistan elections are not election but like a Political Fair. As such the Pakistan community likes Fairs. There are Fairs on every shrine, grave, ground and this is the season of Fairs. In Punjab, Sindh when the new crops are harvested and the seeds for the next crop are cultivated then they become free and go after Fairs. You would have been listening to drums these days and these are the fairs. The Fairs are a culture and is not a political or religious gathering. In a Fair many people come with different fun, plays, and circus and then some come to sell food, snacks, sweets whereby small traders come to sell there. Then people from village, towns come to dance and have fun. There is no purpose or big thing done in these Fairs. They do such silly things and then leave. These Fairs are in the nerves of people. This is a development era and see where the world is and we are into these fairs. We have political fairs and even religious fairs. The religious gatherings are also like fairs. Like in religious gatherings of Rabi ul Awwal, these gathering are like Fairs. In Fairs there are drums that are beaten but in these Milad gathering they invite Naat reciters who sit with their charade; they are not given drums but they make similar drumming sounds from their mouth and the audiences are intoxicated by them. This is also like a fair only; it is better you take drums and dance if you have this desire. Rather than making sounds from mouth it is better you use a drum.

Similarly when Shias are doing Milad in Rajab, Shaban, they bring dancers of women, other dramatists, advertisements are done and do this fare to please Imam Ali (a.s). This fair and entertainment has entered in politics as well. In Pakistan there is 100 million population but only 40% vote, but this occupancy, fair, fun is for all irrespective of how many vote. They all find tranquility in this fare and are entangled in this. The damage which is happening in this fare, you can see what kind of damage is being done. It has been seventy years, none of the Prime Minister has been found to be clean. In the earlier times there were appointed Prime Minister under military laws. The first election that took place formally was in 1970’s but as a result of that the country divided into two parts; one as Pakistan and Bangladesh. This young generation should know that Bangladesh was Pakistan before.

Pakistan was a big country that came into existence as East and West Pakistan. The one in which we are now is Western Pakistan and Bangladesh was termed as Eastern Pakistan. The population of Bangladesh is more than Pakistan now. In 1970 first free elections were done in which there were two big parties; one was Awami Muslim league and second was People’s Party. This was the first election of People’s Party which was formed by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who was before with other parties. In those elections, the AML won and in which Sheikh Mujeeb who was their leader in Eastern Pakistan, that is Bangladesh. If the results of the elections would have been accepted and implemented, then Pakistan would not have been broken. We should know that how Pakistan was broken and who were involved in this. It is a more important tragedy to understand why Pakistan was broken then why Pakistan was made. This was done through elections. The majority collectively was in Bangladesh, and that party from there won and they were not allowed to make government though they won with people’s votes. We should read what happens in elections.

I remember when we were young, we would participate in fairs and young children had their interests. When various acrobats come to the fair on various days to show their tactics; there jokers, artists, dancers all come and every day fun, noise is going on and all adulterated food is there. The villagers are there for full day and spoil their health by eating adulterated food. What they get from fares is indigestion after wasting time and money. The same political fairs are where they are arranged and all parties jump into it, all artists, gamers get into it, then people cast their votes, then results come out which should be accepted. They don’t give the freedom for voting, they control it as to who can vote and for whom. These elections which are going to happen now has never happened before in Pakistan.  Qaid-e-Azam did not become Governor General through elections, he was appointed.

In those elections in 1970, the party that won was not allowed to make government. They started in protests and the other party that lost, that is Peoples Party made the government. The conflict started and it went for year plus after which civil war started and then a war and Bangladesh separated. There would be regional elections but these were the first national elections and this was the outcome. In 1977 again there were elections, and Peoples Party won but their opposition which was the alliance of nine parties objected, again conflict started, as a result of which Zia ul Haqq put Bhutto inside prison. In these elections the government of Bhutto confessed that there was rigging in elections, accepted the opposition and re-elections were to be done. I am telling all this so you know what happened in elections and take lessons from what games are being played in the name of elections. Then for eleven years there was martial law under Zia ul Haqq rulership which was due in the 1977 elections. During these eleven years once Zia ul Haqq called for elections in a baseless manner; then later he went to hell. All the political parties were with Zia ul Haqq and he made all of them crusaders (Jihad). He got some after Afghanistan, some in Kashmir and he stopped the election business. Then after Zia ul Haqq there were again elections and in that government was formed, which ended after 2 yrs because it was a corrupt government; another government was formed and it was terminated before its time because the people said they are thieves. We can see that the decision of Pakistan courts, judiciary that all those who were elected in seventy years were all thieves. This shows that Pakistan people cannot do the right selection and whomsoever they select have gone to prisons or cases have been run on them. All those who made government could not complete their tenure and everyone turned out to be thieves. So does this mean there is no intellect in those who are selecting?

You have selected thieves, dacoits for 70 yrs and has been proven by the Pakistan courts. Now again we are going to elect, all the thieves have gathered again and people want to select. If they were capable then they would not have been removed by the courts before. It is like someone in the family is given money to buy cow, he goes and buys donkey. When people see, they say this is donkey. Again he is given money to buy cow, he goes and buys donkey or sheep. Every time he goes, instead of cow he buys something else. Will you ever do this with someone who has done such mistake for the first time? The one who knows no difference between cow and donkey, you will never give him this responsibility. Every time you are electing some as thief, dacoit so now you should understand they cannot do the right election. This is because they are not the authority to vote anyone. They vote to the one whom their leaders, tribal heads say. They do not vote by looking at the capabilities. When you know that such kind of corrupt system is there in elections.

Duringelections all parties go and commit that give us vote we will do this for you. This is not the right way to approach people and seek votes against commitment. In 70 yrs what has come out of election politics? You show one clean person; your system has proved that they were corrupt and thieves not that Allah has said. The ex PM who is visiting today to Pakistan is a thief and all other thieves are telling that he is a thief. The other thieves are concerned that this thief is not allowing them to eat, rob anything. He is eating everything and now all the small thieves want to kick this big thief out and allow their turn to come. Who is not a thief? Which position, department has not done robbing? All these who are doing religious politics have they not stolen, robbed? In Karachi the court has given the list of parties who are taking ransoms from people and state. Can you show a judge who is not corrupt?the community should take lessons from these seventy years? If no one is questioning you here but Allah will question you.

Is there one person, bureaucrat, officer who is not a thief? When you have to select from thieves only; there are some experts who have given a logic. It happens in every era that there is some thinker present who finds a logic and justification for evils. Macaulay, an Italian politician did the same that for politicians that they can do anything in politics. Now they say smaller evil and bigger evil. They say small thief and big thief like there are good Taliban and bad Taliban. They say these are our thieves and these are theirs. Like Shias will say we support Shia thief and not Sunni thief or Sunnis will say the opposite. Is this logical and a criteria about who the thief should be; whether Shia or Sunni?

They consider it as obligatory and essence of worship to select one from amongst thieves. This theory has separated Imamat from us. They say we should look for small evil and big evil. There is as such nothing like small or big evil. It is not like Banu Umayyah was small evil and Bani Abbas was bigger one. Every tyrant was a bigger evil. These crooked minds have presented some evils in front of people. It is not that people left God for the sake of small or big evil. People have been given the rights to choose between evil and goodness. This is satanic logic of small and big evil. They are doing elections between small and big evils. This is a ruined nation. You want to eat Haraam, so will you say small Haraam or big Haraam? Like can you leave swine and eat mouse? Will this be sense, wisdom and religion? What kind of preaching is this that you avoid eating swine but eat mouse. Why don’t you say leave eating both swine and mouse but eat those purified food which Allah has mentioned in Quran. What kind of shameless thing is that you indulge the community into small and big evils so that they don’t even come near goodness. This means do not even take the name of Imamat and always keep the community involved in small and big evils. Why don’t you take the name of Imamat?Why don’t you tell the people that these are all thieves?In seventy years, the history, court says they are all thieves, they all have cases, commissions and they have reports on them. People have elected them, and if you ask people to select they will do this only. But from where people also will get good ones, when those who are jumping in this fare are corrupt ones only. If there is a licentious women dance gathering of courtesans; will you say that I watch the dance of that women who is having Taqwa, chastity and modesty? You are fool how can a modest, chase women dance; the courtesans dance. How will you bring someone pure in elections? Have you nurtured pure beings? Where is that industry where you are producing pure beings who can step in these elections? This is misguidance and people love to go to fairs. Those who are followers of Gaus, Qalandar even when these saints come and tell them do not come in my fair, people will say get aside;this is because fairs are part of their culture. The fairs are anentertainment, pleasure, time pass and Quran says Lahw and Lahb that is purposeless work. You are showing the philosophy of small and big evils. It is apparent that simple minded persons accept the justifications that at least this is not pork, dog it is just a mouse or cat which is a small evil. Why are you not taking the name of Imamat? Imamat is your politics, system and path of Allah and there is only goodness in it without a mark of evil. The most purified goodness which Allah has established for entire humanity is the system of Imamat. But you don’t talk about that anywhere and just pushing the community after small and big evils.

The community should take lessons from these seventy years. If no one is questioning you here but Allah will question you. When you are searching for a spouse for your sister, daughter you don’t bring the philosophy of small and big evil. If two thieves come with proposal of marriage for your sister; will you say that I will give my sister to this small thief and not the big one? Do you do this there? You don’t do this there so why you are handing over the destiny of the nation in the hands of thieves with this theory of small and big evil. The people need sense, insight and wisdom. Just be attentive as to what has been the custom of seventy years, what have you got? It is a very simple matter. The tribal enmities are like this, that people don’t visit each other’s family if someone three generations before in your family was killed by the grandfather of other tribe, you don’t visit there. But here the entire generation is corrupt, so why you don’t take lessons here? You elected someone seventy years before and found him to be wrong, again you elected someone, he also turned out to be wrong so why are you repeating this again and again; refrain from it now. The one whom you will select now, you will find the others before as pure as compared to the recent one. There is a very bad example, I cannot expose much now. There was a one shroud robber who died and inherited his sons to make his name famous. The sons did such things with the corpses that the people started to pray for the father that he was only a shroud thug. Now the one you will select, the massacre he is going to do with the nation you will see. He will not just rob shroud, he will rob you of everything, the budget, the dignity of the nation.

If the people had to select, elect the leader then what was the need for Allah to say, that I am appointing a representative (Khalifa) on earth. If people had the ability to select, then Allah from the day one would have handed over this work of selecting Imams in the hands of people. There is a need of awareness and Pakistan at present badly needs awakening. It is the awakening of the people that can save Pakistan from this drama. Everyone is the same; the one who win or lose are all same; the one who are issuing punishments and one who are punished are the same. Do not move around from one filth to another filth. Allah has established as very pure system of Imamat and made it as a mean of salvation for the world and hereafter. 

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