Political Markaz - Terrorists Politicians Traders Threats in Making Azadari Insecure By Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi (H.A)

Terrorists Politicians Traders Threats in Making Azadari Insecure By Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi (H.A)

Terrorists Politicians Traders Threats in Making Azadari Insecure By Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi (H.A)

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Atmosphere of insecurity for Arbaeen in Pakistan

Arbaeen is the major event, where since last several years where Arbaeen is organized in Karbala, where pilgrims visit and majority of pilgrims walk from Najaf to Karbala. This was an ancient custom , where elders were doing it and after the freedom of Iraq from Saddam this enhanced and in last few years this has become the largest annual religious event. In India as well Kumbh festival is the largest that takes place every six years. In Muslims Hajj is the biggest global event but Arbaeen in numbers of participation has taken the leading position. This is the second year where due to Corona Pandemic Moharram and Arbaeen have been affected. But what has been done since centuries where Shias live there is Azadari done as local trends.

Everywhere in the world these are done peacefully but in Pakistan the impression of insecurity is given every year during Moharram and Arbaeen. Since last ten years there is no such high degree of insecurity but the atmosphere is created. There are committees of various sects, police and other government departments who meet for Moharram though the sensitivity for Arbaeen has been less, but this year the sensitivity has been very high in Pakistan. Since last few years when ISIS was dominating Iraq there was high sensitivity in Iraq. Then there were elements who tried to create conflict between Iran and Iraqi pilgrims but were unsuccessful and the leaders of both states kept the situation under control for two years. In Pakistan this has become a routine that whenever there are days related to Shia event this atmosphere is created whereas in Pakistan there are followers of many religions live and they fulfill their religious duties. Few weeks back Hindus did their festival, then Christians do their Christman peaceful and Muslims also participate passionate. Similarly Rabi ul Awwal is also the month of Birth of HP and there is peace in that month as well. Ramadan also is religious event and there also atmosphere is not made that much insecure which is done for Moharram and Arbaeen

This situation is not natural because some groups do this intentionally. In this Moharram there was excellent peace and security where apart from Bahawalpur a small incident took place. In Lahore and other places the police did a brilliant job in establishing peace. They are trying to create insecurity atmosphere for Arbaeen. The religious groups, government groups and some Shia groups are also creating this environment hat country is insecure. There are conferences being done by abandoned terrorist groups who are more active than others and they are supported and media coverage is given to them. There are efforts made to stop this but at times it becomes sectarian due to which the atmosphere goes more towards insecurity.

There are various groups present who are fundamentally Shias and Sunni but now with them there are various sub sects. In the past it was only Barelvi who were considered as Sunnis. But then there are Ahle Hadith, Deoband and the third group is Sufis who have their own style and method. There are various forms of Sufi’s like Qadri, Sohrawardi, Chisti and they all do their religious festivals. Like along with Arbaeen the festival of Data Sahab in Lahore starts. There are major festivals on shrines in Pakistan where 100,s of thousands participates. Though those who are against Shias are also opponents of Sufi festivals considering them as Biddah but they don’t do terrorism against them , terrorism is only done with Shias.

Shias should  be sensitive and not give excuses for insecurity

In this context , since Arbaeen is a Shia event it carries more significance for Shias. Those who want to make Moharram and Arbaeen insecure they have certain plans and others participate in that. Since Arbaeen is related to Shias, then Shias should take every possible step to establish peace and security. The opponent wants insecurity to affect the programs, but the Shias should never desire insecurity. Every sect and religious group have the rights to do their festivals and events peacefully and others support them as well. For example if there is a gathering of Tablighi Jamaat and someone wants to disturb it then the Tablighi Jamaat itself won’t allow or desire to have any disturbance. The community who has the events is always more sensitive and do not desire insecurity. Arbaeen is a Shia event which Shias have endorsed in their names because neither Moharram nor Arbaeen are only Shia specific. They are Islamic events because Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) and his progeny are not exclusive for Shias. Imam Hussain (a) is the Imam for the entire Muslim Ummah. Due to the effects of Banu Umayyah these events have become exclusive for Shias and Muslims have distanced. It is not good for other Muslims to not consider Imam Hussain (a) as their own as well. Now since Shias have become attached with Arbaeen they should make every possible attempt to establish peace and become most responsible. They should not create any reason or excuse for others to carry out any terrorism or disturbance in your programs. This is obligatory for every Shia. If Shias themselves provoke others, means create excuse to others then you would be responsible. They do with oration, insulting other religions, sects and these are irresponsible acts. If you have sympathy towards Shia school and you are related to Moharram and Arbaeen then you should not do any irresponsible activity which effects your Juloos and Azadari.

First Threat – Terrorist outfits

What is happening now due to anxiety is created for Arbaeen, amongst one is the terrorist group who are endorsed by law as terrorist. They are abandoned groups who were abandoned since they were creating insecurity. But the government policy has been such that they have been strengthened, they have been given opportunity in elections, positions and at government level they are dealt with protocol, to support such abandoned outfits is promoting insecurity.

Second Threat -  Politicians in Azadari

There are two other groups who are giving excuse and have become threat to Azadari. One is political and second is trading. The political group is using Azadari for their political gains. They bring their political manifesto in Azadari. They have nothing to do with Azadari as they have not organized any Majlis, or a single Juloos, they do not attend any Majalis but if someone invites they go but they themselves do not organize any Azadari. They do this for political gains. The political people want to show their communal power to other opponents and government. They do not have this much power on political platforms hence they use religious events. The biggest event in Shias is Azadari where they use it to show their organization power to cash it. Due to this Azadari is going towards insecurity. If you use Azadari for political gains then such dimensions would be formed inside Azadari then those who are waiting to find excuses to stop Azadari  will get it. They started movement to stop Juloos and wanted to push Azadari outside cities. These have been their ancient desire to stop Hussainiat. They have not been successful because those who do Azadari they do with sincerity and it is neither their business nor politics. They attend Juloos or do Majalis for Imam Hussain (a) with sincerity and not for votes or political gains. Hence this Azadari has prevailed even due to enemy conspiracy. If some organization wants to make a political vote bank from Azadari then this is a big threat to Azadari. To use Azadari for organization, political motives is a big threat. The government also has sense and they know because when elections come and what these organization get from government can be seen that they do not consider any worth for these organizations.

I went to one place on the Day of Ashura for reciting Majalis in Juloos. It is a passionate Majalis required which I cannot recite. They insisted that you need to recite Majalis in the central Juloos. There were large number of people in every corner. I recited the Majalis and people were crying due to the Day of Ashura. The Host told me later that so many people have come to listen to you. I told him don’t flatter me, as they have come for Imam Hussain’s Azadari and Zuljanah ziarat which was their main purpose. So don’t deceive me and others. This is a reality that people come with passion of Imam Hussain (a) with whatever vision they have. But there are people sitting in front who want to cash this and is a big threat. They will damage Azadari and will get restrictions imposed on Azadari because their acts are such that it will give excuse to government and opponent sects. This is one group which has become threat to Azadari and coming forward day by day.

Thus this second group are the political people, some at individual level and some as groups. Some people would be only seen on trucks in Juloos holding mic and camera. They come to cash Azadari. They have neither spent one minute for Juloos, nor spent a single penny. They just want to cash Azadari for their political gains. They make pictures and send to various parties to show that these many people are with us. They are sitting inside home throughout the year and then come on Ashura to make pictures and give this impression. This group can cause serious damage if Azadar permit them to enter inside their ranks. In the past the Azadar would not allow them to enter and would insult and push them out. These courtyard people come and give impression to people that government is with us and we are their representative and to government they say that people are with us. They want to cash Juloos for their political gains.

Third Threat – Traders in Azadari

The other group is that of Traders, who have no faith on Imam Hussain (a) and Azadari. They are only for money and evidence is that you can check them by not giving or give very less money like 5000 or just transport cost to recite Majalis. If any one Zakir also come, then consider him as sincere. But one takes 100,000 USD for ten days of Majalis. When the currency dropped they started to take money in dollars. You can check from the host in which currency they have paid to the orator? They will tell you that due to currency fluctuation they take in dollars in Pakistan. This group only use Azadari for trading and commercial gains. For this they want to create market and are passionate. And for this they create provoking passionate content. He is selling his lecture and people are buying. In some places people are buying tunes, music, Tabarra, defamation, hatred; the more you spread hatred people are happy and pay you more. The more you defame others people are happy and pay more. The traders look at the market as to what is in demand for sale. The traders are selling religion. They bring product for sale and provokes hatred. Thus this third group are these traders who take money and rewards for Majalis who provoke people with hate speeches.

Terrorists are alone and majority do not support them

Thus three groups are responsible for hatred. One is the terrorist , abandoned group, Takfiris, Nasibi who are very few , might be 5%. The 95% people of Pakistan do not want any insecurity and do not object anyone or against Azadari. You listen to the terrorist, what they say that we have alone done so much terrorism , shed blood if all other Sunnis would have supported us, this means they did not support you and now also you will not get support. This means you are alone and people are not with you. You will remain alone only and there won’t be any supporter for you in Pakistan.  The same situation is for other two groups as well. If someone thinks that hatred and malice will come out of the hearts of these Nasibi, Salafis is not possible and their enmity will grow, but they are few.

First responsible group to control - Government

If these three groups are controlled and reigns are put on them in different way. The terrorist groups can be controlled by government but they do not reply. How can a abandoned group do conference, organize rallies but government does not stop them? The governments are formed for interests and not for principles. They have interests sometimes here and sometimes there. They are preparing for elections and very dreadful things are being done for elections. One preparation of elections is to take votes from terrorist groups hence the politicians are doing alliances with them. 

Second responsible group to control - Scholars

One duty is that scholars  of every sect should show the reality of these groups to everyone. But they will not do this because they consider their Rizq in their pocket and have their own reservations. The ulama are not ready to listen to any censuring defamation and do not want to create opposition, hence they will not do. The government can do but won’t do

If People take a stand then peace would get established

The third group which is left to do this are the people who can do this. I am referring to every Pakistani over here who gives importance to Pakistan community can do this. They can put reigns on terrorist, to politicians to not use politics for religion. It is not that I am denying politics in religion. Our slogan is that politics is religion, but these people do not do religious politics. Where is this voting in religious politics? Taliban has said we don’t want democracy but here all these supporters of Taliban are after democracy. Who is right? If you are right then being democratic you don’t support Taliban. If Taliban’s non-democratic system is correct then you are doing something wrong. To make religion as means for non-religious objectives, gains this is the politics which we are opposing. If Imam Hussain (a) is Imam then the Qayam is for establishing Imamat then come to Azadari. Azadari is the movement of establishing system of Imamat. You are taking benefits from Azadari for Taghoot and democracy. You are using Azadari for non-religious purpose. The people can stop them. In current situation the people are supporters.

Ameerul Momineen (a.s) says you are supporting Fitnah (sedition) in two ways, one is to feed milk to them and second is to give ride them. These people who forward such messages of Fitnah are feeding milk to Fitnah. Then those who are supporting Fitnah are giving ride to Fitnah. When people become aware, sensible then they can stop them. Now the people are silent to terrorists and praising traders is also a support. You would have seen that clip that how one Zakir carved a verse from pulpit about Maryam. The people sitting below applauded him passionately. The verse which this ignorant carved and recited with shameless manner, got praises from people. Then the other supporters came and said that if someone has recited one verse incorrect then such should be ignored. Such people are dominating you. If in people someone would have little sense of Quran, then he would have stood up with shoes that filthy person you are carving verse in front of us.

During the era of 3rd Caliph, Kaab ul Ahrar, who became Muslims from Jews was a scholar. Abuzar had a conflict that state should use pubic treasure for people and not personal use. He would recite the verse 34 of Surah Tauba , Quran and one day everyone sat and decided to find a solution. The verse was that the scholars of Jews eat Haram and those hoard gold and silver. They said that if we remove this “and” the problem will be solved then the part of verse related to hoarding wealth would also become exclusive to Jewish scholars.  Is there someone who has listened from Prophet this verse without “and”. Kaab ul Ahrar said I have listened this. Abuzar took the bone of Camel and broke his shoulder that you are doing fabrication in Quran. This is the way Quran has been protected by people. If someone carves a verse and you are telling this is fine.

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِنَّ كَثِيرًا مِنَ الْأَحْبَارِ وَالرُّهْبَانِ لَيَأْكُلُونَ أَمْوَالَ النَّاسِ بِالْبَاطِلِ وَيَصُدُّونَ عَنْ سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ ۗ وَالَّذِينَ يَكْنِزُونَ الذَّهَبَ وَالْفِضَّةَ وَلَا يُنْفِقُونَهَا فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ فَبَشِّرْهُمْ بِعَذَابٍ أَلِيمٍ {34}

O you who believe! most surely many of the doctors of law and the monks eat away the property of men falsely, and turn (them) from Allah's way; and (as for) those who hoard up gold and silver and do not spend it in Allah's way, announce to them a painful chastisement

Was there no Abuzar siting there to break his head with a donkey’s bone. The people should be awakened, aware to do this. The Ulama are afraid of people and their faces turn pale form people. One who is afraid of people then they can never guide people. When the people become aware, awakened then these groups will get afraid. The Nasibis will get afraid, when the politicians will see that people do not permit him, he will become unsuccessful. When the traders find people in front of him he will step back. Since the people are not in this field, then terrorist, politician and traders have all entered in religious domain. The people can do this only when they are aware.  The issues get flamed with controversial statements. The terrorists who are claiming that we have alone killed so many then people should see that there are not many supporters. The Sunnis should not support the terrorist and Shias should not support these traders. When people do this, then peace can be established in country.

Bill of government

A bill has been passed by government that no one can do forced religious conversion. These people in our sitting are blindly taking things from west and in foolish way they make them into laws which against Quran, Religion and Islam. There is no persuasion in religion which is true, that you cannot change someone’s religion on gun point. This Bill which the government has made does not mean this, instead it means and is written in the bill that if someone under 18 changes his religion by choice as well would be considered as crime. This means no non-Muslim can become Muslim if they are under 18. This is foolishness that you consider under 18 as persuasion. If some Muslim under 18 wants to become deviated but there is no law. They have not written that if someone under 18 wants to become infidel there is no law on it, but is someone wants to become Muslim then this is a crime. This is a shamefulness for these people who made this law and journalist who supports them. The Ulama across Pakistan has raised voice which is correct. From where have you got this law that any Muslim under 18 cannot change religion it would be persuasion. In Mansera they got a Shia boy on gun point and made him Sunni and said we are making you Muslim. This is persuasion but there was no case or punishment on this which is happening daily. There are frauds happening every day. One person is making another person as Shai and cannot recite Kalema as well. All these are persuasion and crime. But if some child at any age understands and changes religion it is his choice. There are evil persons present in Pakistan who want to make a bill for everything and people just watch.

In Assemblies there are committees made . One committee was given a bill by non-Muslim members that there should be complete restriction on alcohol. All Muslim members of committee rejected the bill that alcohol cannot be banned completed. The non-Muslim wants restriction and Muslims in assembly have rejected bill to ban alcohol, and they have passed the bill of religious conversion.

On Arbaeen occasion , all Muslims , secular, democratic and non-democratic are reciting nauhas on cricket. After a long time New Zealand cricket team came to Pakistan and before the match they said we have got threats and Pakistan is insecure, hence we will not play and returned. On this there was a crisis made and entire country entered the state of grief. Then England was to come and they also refused, then Australia also rejected and other countries also who promised cancelled the visit due to terrorism. Pakistan is the only country whose leader is cricketer. England created cricket and only the eight slave nations of England play cricket.  Pakistan has the world cup champion Prime Minister and this crisis has come on cricket and entire Pakistan is now doing Azadari. Sometime back the Pakistan cricket team went to New Zealand and they had to go in quarantine for 14 days like prisoners. When the New Zealand team came they did not quarantine as well and they slapped shoes on the face of Pakistan and left. Our government has said that India has cancelled this trip. Our Foreign Minister Makhdoom has said that we have isolated India and this isolated India has cancelled this cricket series, sitting in isolation they have got Pakistan in FATF grey list? And they are doing all these mischiefs being isolated? Britain has put restrictions on Pakistanis that they cannot visit Britain due to Pandemic, which they are removing now but not implemented. Indians can visit Britain and our media and FM is saying that India has been isolated. What kind of isolation you have put India into which Mr. Qureshi should ponder?

The PM has said that we have to answer in aggression with playing cricket like they have done with opposition. Our community should give a best possible answer that Pakistan should put a complete ban on cricket declaring this as a disgraceful game. Along with this many other things should be done. Like the PM has said that English is our weakness and we have been down due to English and cricket is the game of England. We should end English syllabus, all the English names of cities, areas should be changed. Walton road, Abbottabad should be changed. Are there no respectable personalities, martyrs in Pakistan? Keep the names of streets, bridges, cities on the name of Pakistan soldiers. Remove this garbage of English once for all, so that they do not get any disgrace for us. New Zealand itself is not secure where people got martyred in mosques and they have insulted Pakistan.

Effect of Taliban on Pakistan seen in Lal Masjid

The way I have said before those changes in Afghanistan will affect Pakistan, and it is happening very fast. The famous Red (Laal) Maulana or Red Mosque (Laal Masjid) for whom the government has made Jamea Hifza for woman. These armed women raised the flag of Taliban on their Madrasa in Islamabad and this maulanas with gun was insulting police that you should remove their dresses and leave government else Taliban will come and teach you.

Pakistan given responsibility to convince Taliban for forming mixed representation government

The Pakistani government thinks that people are seeing good days and now our PM is more interested in Taliban and Afghanistan. Taliban made a government with only Taliban’s and did not involve any other group and world criticized it. Since Pakistan is creator of Taliban there is a demand from Pakistan to make a comprehensive government. The Taliban is demanding form world to accept their government else the world will have to face big losses and world is saying that you should get all groups inside government from various communities and give them representation then the world will accept you. Taliban are not giving even a slight hint that we will make any alliance government. They have clearly said that no democratic government and it would be only Islamic government. They declared Mullah Haibatullah as their Amirul Momineen and they made a cabinet of all Mullahs and did not keep any non-Taliban. Now Pakistan has got delegation from the world that our PM should do this. As our President has said that entire world should become disciples of our PM and do his allegiance. The world is now experimenting this first task then world might do this allegiance. This work is essential that first make a mixed representation government. Pakistan has been placed in a bigger examination then war. First we were saying that we have nothing to do with Afghanistan. When Ashraf Ghani would say you are doing this, we would say we are not doing anything. Now you are not saying that we will not interfere in Afghanistan and the Taliban are free to do whatever they want to do. And we will not put pressure on them. But we have accepted this responsibility that we will get this done. If the Taliban makes a mixed government then they will push back from their strategy which seems impossible now. If they do not do, then world will not accept. Now this examination of diplomacy has been placed on them. Whether Pakistan will get honor, disgrace or not have to be seen, but one sentence that we are not responsible you do whatever you want to do would have been right , but now this has become a dilemma.

Attacks on Taliban is not by ISIS

Attacks on Taliban has started as expected. There was firing on Taliban in Jalalabad. It has been said that ISIS has come out to do it. ISIS is like a virtual face like Al Qaeda; hence anyone can do operation in the name of ISIS. In Pakistan anyone can kill someone and put the blame on terrorist because terrorism is happening. There are groups within Taliban who want to settle accounts like Haqqani group and Mullah Gani Biradar whose news about conflict came. He is missing from scene and he is one who has got Taliban to this position sitting in Qatar and negotiation. This person is missing from the scene and was said that he was beaten by the Haqqani group and he was expected to be made PM but was not made.  There is also a pressure from external Taliban as well and when there are attacks from inside as well, they might come under pressure to accept mixed government. It is highly possible that other groups are doing this in the name of ISIS. Those who were up went down and those who were down came up but no group has finished.

Erdogan cashing on global Muslim issues in UNGC

There is UNGC convention taking place and many countries could not attend due to pandemic. Erdogan from Turkey has reached there and gave fiery speech raising all Islamic issues. He has said that we will get freedom for Kashmir, Palestine and for Afghanistan we should not leave them alone. The Muslim leaders are cashing the global issues. Erdogan wants to become the leader of Islamic nations. They are just making speeches to do this. Erdogan said ISIS was finished by Turkey alone, though the camps of ISIS is present in Turkey. He wants to become leader with slogans.

UAE and Israeli building underground tunnel to connect

In UAE, there was Israeli spying network already established before their alliance. A new discovery that has come out is that a underground city has been established in UAE and Israel will get connected to UAE through a tunnel and Israel will move their endangered things to UAE. The UAE is feeling as a big power and threatening Saudi as well. Israel is moving all their factories of dangerous weapons to UAE. Israel has also committed to UAE to make it an atomic power. They want to do this underground establishment so that even if Iran attacks with Israel then these remain safe. This news has come in media which I have mentioned for your information.

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