Political Markaz - Terrorists Conference in Islamabad

Terrorists Conference in Islamabad

Terrorists Conference in Islamabad

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The incidents of terrorism are getting repeated. First it was in Deira Ismael Khan and now in Quetta believers were martyred. I have mentioned the reasons behind this and some attempts have been made by state and due to this there is a break also now. But the fundamental elements of terrorism are three. One root is the Takfirist thinking in which the Takfirist consider all other Muslims who do not think like them as Infidels, and everyone knows which is that group who considers everyone else as apostate. The second element is the Arab states who are their finance sponsors and the third root are the government sponsors and all these three are secure. The Takfirist thinking persons, their centers, madrasah have not come under any action and in fact they were funded to carry these thoughts further. They are funded at state level and attempts are being made to get them inside politics. The Arab interference has not yet ended.

Lastweek there was a conference in Islamabad with the title of “Message of Islam”. The same elements from whose madrassah’s the Takfirist and terrorist were born hosted this conference. Under their umbrella the ambassadors of some of these Arab states attended the conference and media gave them full coverage. The people are busy in the election of drama of eligible and ineligible and they don’t realize what is happening and what steps are being taken in the country. On one side you are saying that steps are being taken to control terrorism and then what is this conference, the ambassadors, representative of these states, and the people with Takfirist thinking, the extremist thinking people are sitting openly and giving a message.

The message which they have given is that the Muslim Ummah should unite against terrorism. They have their own definition of terrorism which is Shia. When Takfirist who have promoted terrorism refer to terrorism it is Shia. Bin Salman has said we have done this on the instruction of West. We have made Taliban, ISIS and other groups. The Pakistani Foreign Minister has openly said that all what Pakistan is suffering today is made by us and America. It has all been made by Arab wealth. When they say that for the security of the country we are crushing the conspiracies on Islam, then they are referring to Shia. Since all the Arab states are openly under American leadership hence they are all acting on the instructions of America. These Arabs have sent message of friendship to Israel. They are sitting in the laps of Britain and France and playing over there. For them the terrorists is not West, Israel, Americafor them terrorists are Shias. A Shia whether in Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, Pakistan or Afghanistan is a terrorist. First they bred terrorists against Shias and now they are declaring Shias as terrorist and now to crush terrorism they are making forces, doing drills, conferences, making arrangement, contracts are made, plans are done against terrorism. Who is doing terrorism? For them Iran, Hezbollah, Iraqi Hashad us Shabi, Houthis are doing terrorism.  Wherever there are Shias in the world for them they are terrorists. To fight against Shias they are doing these conferences sometimes in the name of defense of Haramain.

To support the Arabs and doing such conferences openly is not good for security of Pakistan and this is also being done due to the foolishness of Pakistan rulers just like other insane movements. The community should be attentive and have sense here also. The incidents that are happening across the globe are linked. When they do such conferences and give the message of unity, then what do they attend; whom are they attacking, targeting, what are these war drills for? They have announced openly that we are going to attack Iran. They are not attacking Iran because they speak Farsi or for Pistachios or they are from Aryan lineage. They want to attack because they are Shias, there is a system of Wilayat e Faqeeh present there and last year during the same time Salman has announced that we will attack Iran because they believe in Mahdaviat and the ideology of Mahdaviat is to establish a system across the globe. For this all these forces are being made and just look at their supporters, these Takfirist.

These Takfirist are the same who would declare everyone as infidels; those who visit shrines are infidels, if someone does Dua he is an infidel, someone attends a funeral is an infidel. The same Saudi’s who were declaring everyone else as infidels but what is happening with the same Saudi now? The cinemas are opened, dances are happening, casinos are being opened, races of women is happening; all this is happening and their hypocrite followers here (in Pakistan) are sitting silent. Why don’t they open their lips? Everyone else was doing Kufr and they are doing worship? Is this Tauheed? Is all this happening for Allah? Since they eat Arab waste, they demonstrate loyalty as well for them and hence due to them Pakistan has remained instable always. These conferences are sign of insecurity, dangers and the plans they have are not good for Pakistan. Those who are claimants of love of Pakistan should show sensitivity on these acts. At least the people should remain attentive as to what these people are planning.


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