Political Markaz - Terrorist group in Gilgit Baltistan with new wave of sectarianism

Terrorist group in Gilgit Baltistan with new wave of sectarianism

Terrorist group in Gilgit Baltistan with new wave of sectarianism

Jul 09,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi (H.A)

The terrorist group of Gilgit Baltistan has again become alive and they gathered on Polo ground, made their pictures and issued message. These are same people who abducted foreigners on Nanga Parbat last year, killed them and this affected the tourism industry in country. In 2013 they got 20 Shia believers down from Bus and killed them. Apart from this the same group is involved in the killing of police and army officers. They gathered at Babusar which is the main pass way for north and a tourism place. Now they made a force in Taliban style and challenged the government to fulfill their commitment made in 2019. To release the foreigners there was a deal made with government. This is a warning bell that such a dangerous group has become active, that too they did operations in 2013, 2019 then go in hiding. This is the same group which got arrested in 2013 and in 2015 they ran away from jail and now in 2021 they have come out. In Pakistan at present sectarianism and this militancy group coming to life again is seen related to Afghanistan. They are repeating the same old system of terrorism now in Pakistan. World is concerned about Afghanistan but serious people are concerned about Pakistan. Hence Moharram is very significant for this year in order to keep Moharram peaceful we need to foil their plans. It is not that we jump into their maps. The entire Shia nation should adopt seriousness, all the speakers, orators, hosts of Majalis should demonstrate seriousness. These are some pieces thrown to trap. And some people to reply the insult of Ahlulbayt (a) they insult the personalities of Ahle Sunnat. The criminals should get punishment and Ahle Sunnah should get such persons punished who insult Ahlulbayt. There are groups in Ahle Sunnah as well who abuse and defame other sects. Both sides should be controlled. It is necessary to arrest and punish people which is not being done.

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