Political Markaz - Terrorism in Pakistan and its roots that need elimination

Terrorism in Pakistan and its roots that need elimination

Terrorism in Pakistan and its roots that need elimination

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In Peshawar Pakistan a painful incident of terrorism has taken place in Peshawar university where multiple people have lost their lives despite of government claims that terrorism has been uprooted completely still there are incidents of terrorism taking place without any breaks in Quetta, Diera Ismael Khan, Karachi and other places. I have explained the reasons before this; that the confrontation that has been going on against terrorism is only by shaking of this tree, branches where only leaves are falling but the roots are in its place. The leaves fall down and then again come up. It is not enough to only bring down the leaves. As said before there are three roots of terrorism whose open evidences are present and the Pakistani community are witnessing them openly. One root are those sects, schools of thought which declare every Muslim sect other than them as infidels and obligatory to kill. This thinking and sect is the biggest root of terrorism and in the battle against terrorism they are not touched at all. In fact for the sake of getting their votes for elections all political parties, those in power and those not have all remained away from them. They are in fact supporting this group just for the sake of getting votes. The supporters of this Takfirist groups are present in every lane of Pakistan and since these are all votes the political parties don’t touch them and in fact they are doing alliance with them. Recently a secular party has done compromise and alliance with the father of these Takfirist thinking group and have done an election alliance from now itself. The person who in media has been called as the father of terrorism. The secular group which is not even religious for the sake of votes have done political alliance. It is not just that they don’t touch them but instead they help, support and give them aid. First they gave 300 million Rupees to them as gift and now they have done alliance with them. Who says that we are confronting against terrorism. That vision according to which all Muslims are infidels; they were and are allowed to spread, propagate and there is no control on them. They come openly in media and declare by name Shias and other schools that they are all infidels and obligatory too kill. Now all these terrorists thinking group who consider Muslim killing as obligatory; they had a meeting at a government level with the highest protocol as preparation for getting votes in election. This is filthy politics and this way terrorism will never end in Pakistan and everywhere else.

The second root is the government guardianship and support which they get. The Pakistan secret agencies have issued the names of thirty seven members of the national assembly, who are members of Parliament as supporters of terrorism. Since they were members of Parliament their names were declared but these are not confined to only thirty seven. In every government organization their supporters, guardians are present who provide them support in a highly effective manner and till the time this guardianship, support from the government does not ends this terrorism will not end.

The third accursed root is the Arab wealth and finances. Every other day our rulers on one phone call will visit Saudi Arabia. A phone call comes and within thirty minutes they are there in Saudi Arab and then give statements that we are ready to sacrifice our lives for Saudi Arabia. Why are you ready to sacrifice your lives and Pakistan for Saudi which is a big Fitnah who is taking lives of innocent Muslims? Why should Pakistan sacrifice itself and its peace for them? This is because this Arab wealth is buying out Pakistanis and this wealth is very effective on us. All these three roots are well known to everyone. Every child knows in Pakistan that these are the three foundations of terrorism. If these three gets uprooted and the day steps are taken to stop the inflow of Arab wealth, to block government sponsorships and ban the issuing of verdicts from Takfirist then we can say that operations in Pakistan have started against terrorism. But if these three are not touched and instead strengthened then no one should remain in this good impression that terrorism will end in Pakistan. This will remain and only at times breaks will come and then again severity comes up. May Allah give the Pakistan nation salvation from these evils.

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