Political Markaz - Terrorism in Gilgit Balistan is beyond targeting CPEC

Terrorism in Gilgit Balistan is beyond targeting CPEC

Terrorism in Gilgit Balistan is beyond targeting CPEC

Aug 13,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

In the tenure of our passionate Home Minister a big incident took place in Dasu where a Dam is constructed by Chinese company and the funding has been done by World Bank. Few weeks back an attack took place on Chinese workers travelling in a Bus and all workers died. First it came in news that this is nothing to do with terrorism it was due to Gas cylinder blast. Few weeks before in Babusar the terrorist group openly announced and warned the government. After this incident of Dasu China applied pressure on Pakistan, their delegation came to Pakistan and declared that it was terrorist attack and our government also started to quote this was terrorism. Then China emphasized that they will continue their work on the Dam project in Dasu only when detailed investigation is done about the incident and control is placed on this. Yesterday it came in news that the Home Minister now found that this was terrorism attack. Since China got involved they have accepted this. China is more sensitive about this as this incident took place on the CPEC route.

For us it was not normal even if we do not inform media but for China it was significant that an attack on CPEC takes place. They now said that it was a suicide attack done by Afghan militants and planning was done by India and Afghan intelligence to disturb CPEC. After one month this was told that it was suicide attack. When in mountainous region such an attack takes place, one is CPEC which is for China but there is another significance as well that this is the only route to Gilgit Baltistan where majority Shias live there and it is the only connection route to Pakistan. Previously also they expressed their presence in Babusar and in 2013 they attacked Shias in Lalusar by getting them down from Bus. They attacked foreign tourists and escaped from prison. Now when Taliban is getting dominated in Afghanistan these are the effects on Pakistan. And if you hide these effects they do not get resolved. This needs seriousness that if terrorist units get developed in Gilgit Baltistan then the main artery from Pakistan gets cut off and this is what India also wants. Our state did not take any seriousness on Dasu issue. They did not take any action on Babusar issue or did not inform the Gilgit Baltistan people that their lives are secure and they would not allow terrorism to spread in this area. If they want to only give protection to China and close eyes on security of GB then the terrorism will spread further like in the past.

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