Political Markaz - Terrorism continues despite of claims – Quetta, Gwadar, D.I Khan

Terrorism continues despite of claims – Quetta, Gwadar, D.I Khan

Terrorism continues despite of claims – Quetta, Gwadar, D.I Khan

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The first incident of terrorism that took place in Balochistan last week was on the Karachi Gwadar highway, where few buses were stopped, and their ID cards were checked and with names they have martyred 16 persons and 2 saved their lives. The details of this incident is not being intentionally given. 

The government is not elaborating this and there are two government officials also in this. The identities are not revealed but as per the names it can be seen that they belonged to Shias. This has happened in past as well in Balochistan and northern areas , in the incident of lulosar, where similar pattern was followed which is of international terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaida. There was one more dreadful incident about to happen but due to government involvement it got foiled.

In Hayat, Peshawar, there was a terrorist camp inside a house, the security organization got the news, and they surrounded the house, and then blasted it. Before this the incident of Quetta happened, after which the people in Quetta sat in protests, and then after that protest we can say that the most successful protests as per the purposes of the protest.

The interior minister Shahriar Afridi, who has now left the post, then his advisor, and President went there and even the PM wanted to go there, as he has started to change his Cabinet so he could not. These three big incidents of terrorism came up despite the claim that we have controlled terrorism, but still such severe incidents are happening.  

Now the terrorists through pamphlets, advertisings in newspaper and social media have announced their next activities, that they will do open operations aginst the Shia people in Balochistan and Deira Ismael Khan. When such waves start in East and west, then entire nation gets engulfed into it. As I have said before, that in our country terrorism has become deep rooted. They say and claim to finish it but it cannot be seen, though there are breaks but this should not make us feel that terrorism has ended. This is because all the operations have been done aginst terrorism is on the leaves and stems and the roots are untouched. 

Three elements have planted terrorism, protected it, grown it and those roots are still present. The first is the ideological source of Takfirist thinking. Such communal, political views which prepare the foundation of killing others as infidel. This root was never touched, not a single person was arrested, no case or condemnation. Those who are providing justification to kill other human beings on the basis of religion are not being touched as all.

Everyone knows where is the Takfirist thinking, where it grows, who were those Muftis who issued fatwas, their books are published and present with government organizations and present inside homes and libraries, where the writers have issued verdicts of killing other sects. This was the first root which was never touched in any anti-terrorism operation. 

The second element is the government sponsorship, those who by backing this vision , using their government positions, they have sponsored, nurtured, supported, sympathized terrorists; they have got them out of prisons, they have promoted their leadership and given them state protection. Not a single person has been called in media or court to question them as to why you did this. They have told that we have made terrorist organizations.

The latest announcement which the Intelligence minister who is now ousted due to statement he was issuing made. He has said that these banned terrorist organizations, outfits were made by the state resources. The judge, media anchor, religious leader, person from establishment does not come near this. All those who claim to purify the country from terrorism do not come near them.  

The third element which has become stronger than before is the Arab wealth. In the past Libya was the first country to promote terrorism in Pakistan. Their first leader, colorful dramatic General Moammar Gaddafi begun terrorism in Pakistan. They trained the terrorist here. Then Qatar planted terrorism here. Then UAE; the hypocritical friend of Pakistan has sponsored terrorism and above this the one who promoted and strengthened terrorism in Pakistan the most is Saudi Arabia. This Arab wealth is coming much more than before in Pakistan and is running like blood in the veins of terrorism. Till the time this blood is in the veins of terrorism, it will not end. Whenever an incident of terrorism happens, the state comes into actions. When attack in Peshawar school took place, a communal action plan was made and entire government structure came into movement.

In some incidents severe reactions are shown, political statements are issued and to show off they show reactions in media. But some terrorist acts when they take place, no one comes into action, neither the political machinery, nor media, nor police comes into action, this happens when terrorism takes place against Shia. In D.I Khan there is terrorism, but entire media is silent, no protests and every week an incident of terrorism takes place in D.I Khan and innocent believers are killed. But this does not comes in media.  

In Quetta one reaction that comes up, as Quetta has come under the clutches of terrorism. They give them the title of Hazara but the actual people are Shias and aginst them terrorism has been going on its peak in last few years. In the 90’s entire Pakistan was under influence of terrorism, Quetta was safe and the people of Quetta would say that since they have tribal, communal system which will not allow terrorism to happen here. But the direction changed towards Quetta and that too with such severity, that the places in graveyard was finished and people had to request extended land for the graveyard .This is the severity. When on Alamdar road, that attack took place in snooker club, after which protests took place and people came out, then some political reaction came out from government.

The protests took some shape. Generally what happens, some authorities go there. This time the protests were not of that level, but media gave coverage, and ministers, president went there and PM also announced that he will go there. The protestors demand that such personalitis should come, so in this context it was successful protest as these people went there. But will terrorism end? No! again the incident happened in Gwadar. This is not the last, as the terrorists have announced that they will continue this. The situation of region is telling that this terrorism will not end.  

The elements of terrorism are clear but there is no communal intention formed aginst terrorism no such activity is seen on those lines. When the incident of terrorism happens, the color that is given by the analysts is different; when you are not taking the case properly then it will not happen. When in the past protest happened in Quetta, government bended and some benefits came to the leaders of Quetta protest, some went into some government positon. But the danger to the belivers remains as it.

The proection arrangement for pilgrims that is made has become another calamity. They are looted and are not able to even reach at the right time for Arbaeen event. They are made to spend a long time in Quetta itself. To confront terrorism a communal movement is required, where media should be involved, but the involvement of people is also required, which is not there. They only listen to news, and just pass latest information. Our media and people are in race as to who sends the first message, and how much the message is spread and how it is rated. Our interest in terrorism is only to this level.  

Terrorism would become the basis of destruction. When an incident of terrorism happens, some noise is made and then silence till the next incident and then they will come again. After the incident you cannot compensate for what is being done. The actual time is to plan, and come out in the field after the incident. There is nothing impossible in front of communal intention, but the condition is that this communal intention should be formed and starts a movement. To sit on social media and pass news about terrorism does not creates communal intention. We need more than this. 

In Quetta, the terrorism which takes place against Shias, is given a community color that this is being done against Hazara community. Since majority of these Hazara belong to Shia community. Majority of them are in Afghanistan and one part of them have migrated a century before to Pakistan and settled here. They are a respected community, possess a history and have a religious identity. You can see religion in their settlement, though since last few years they are getting the color of liberalism.

The identity of this community in general is religious. They are all Shias and not like the Shias of Punjab and Sindh, where Shias are Malang’s. But if you see the Shias of Hazara and Gilgit Baltistan, they are practicing Shias. They have a religious culture. The women are in Hijab and they are well versed of Ahkam of Sharia, like Purity, impurity, Halal, Haraam which they learn from childhood from their homes as they are all religious people. Even if you see in Qirat of Quran, you will see more from Quetta only. Whereas to teach Quran to Punjabi, Karachi, Sindhi Shia even Gabriel cannot teach them.

The point is that religion is inside the roots of this community and part of their nurturing. Their identity is on their basis and fundamentally this society is religious but since some time due to communalism they are being pushed towards non religiousness. When this incident of terrorism takes place, then all the media global, national makes it a Hazara community issue. Inside the Hazara also there are some people victim of communalism, they also give the color of communalism to them. They need their own important to gain benefits from such incidents. 

Why the enemies, terrorism kill them? Just because they are Hazara or they are Shia? They kill them because they are Shias. When the killer made their Shia identity as target, then to protect the killers they are giving a community identity to this issue. The defending persons have some other line and this creates a complexity.  The media and some other elements want to take away their Shia identity and want to cut them off from Ummat e Islami. This will make this community weak. They are religious community and everyone has natural relation with some region, but that does not ends their religious identity.

The leaders and media give these incidents this community title of Hazara and the believers in Quetta should take a step on this. When they do not present their identity as religious and school they belong to, then outsiders will never do. Then others will present them as a separate Hazara community in Pakistan. They are Pakistani, believers, Shias, Muslims and this is their identity, and if you are trying to hide their Pakistan, their belief and their Shiite, then when something happens in Punjab you should also term those Shias as Punjabi. The killing in Parachinar is against Pushtoon community? Why these community titles are coming up. They are all the brethren’s of Pakistan, religion, belief. The political people have their own benefits, but the criteria of religion is not this. 

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