Political Markaz - Taliban joining hands with India to pressurize Pakistan

Taliban joining hands with India to pressurize Pakistan

Taliban joining hands with India to pressurize Pakistan

Feb 18,2022 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

The Taliban government is in the same crisis which is becoming more serious. All the appeals and efforts of Pakistan have failed and no one accepted Taliban. Our PM has said that by accepting Taliban we cannot get isolated from world. The aid that Taliban was getting from UN and America has been frozen after Taliban came into power. Afghanistan has no local development or growth; the entire country runs on external aid. That aid has been stopped by America. Biden has ordered that the funds which are available for Taliban should be distributed to the victims of 9/11 in America. The world and Pakistan are screaming that this will destroy the Afghanis. The game has been highly satanic in Afghan and now everyone is understanding what is going on. Afghanistan has been handed over to warrior Taliban and all other Afghanis are ignore. There is no help to the group to run the nation but the group has been helped. The Taliban is getting support and aids , their organization has been supported well but nothing has been given to them to run the country. In this state by keeping Afghanistan what America wants they will achieve their goals. If Taliban agree to what US wants they will do, if not they will activate other groups which is proving more dangerous for Pakistan. Many attacks have taken place from Taliban on Pakistan borders . Every day the Taliban opposition groups are becoming aggressively. They want to blackmail Pakistani by giving space to India to make bases in Afghanistan. This has started formally now and Baloch rebellions are being trained in Afghanistan. For Pakistan the dangers from Afghanistan have increased. The establishment, government should give preference to Pakistan and we should not sacrifice Pakistan for the sake of Afghanistan. In the past also we sacrificed and our suffering. They are our neighbor, brothers but it does not need this much investment that we get destroyed. We should do in limits where our interests are secure. Till now what has been done has not given any hope. Taliban is following the same path of Ashraf Ghani and wants to come out of pressure of Pakistan and their option is to have friendship with India and keep Pakistan opposition group as active.

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