Political Markaz - Taliban captures 80% of Afghanistan with American deception

Taliban captures 80% of Afghanistan with American deception

Taliban captures 80% of Afghanistan with American deception

Jul 09,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi 

Afghanistan has developed a strange situation and rapidly things have changed. The American forces without any agreement with Afghan forces have left on their own. They left the government of Afghanistan on the mercy of Taliban quietly at midnight and gave free hand to Taliban. Taliban has captured 80% of areas without fighting any battle. All this happened last week in Afghanistan. All the tanks, weaponry which Afghan forces had from NATO, US, Europe are now being given by Afghanistan forces to Taliban as gifts. The Afghan forces are taking refuge in neighboring countries like Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. The situation is similar to when Russia left Najibullah government at the mercy of Mujahid, the same thing has been done by America for Ashraf Ghani government. At present Taliban is going to establish government and there would not be other group, organization or sect in this government. 

This is the new field of war. Whenever this type of government has been established in Afghanistan this has created big wars. The groups in Afghanistan are all rented warriors; they will become jobless and no source of income. They are being paid by Turkey, Saudi, China, India and others. These warriors fight proxy war and they would not allow such kind of situation to take place if single Taliban government and then street fights will start in every city.  Everyone says that America has been defeated but instead America has done deception. America came to Afghanistan for establishing peace as a lie. Would peace in Afghanistan useful for America, India, China? and if any little help is there it comes to Pakistan and Iran as they are neighbors. The peace in Afghanistan is damaging for others. The benefits of Arabs, America and Turkey in Afghanistan is in insecurity. America has now dropped their claim that we cannot establish peace in Afghanistan. To establish peace in a nation needs a lot of efforts. America has taken the contract of making insecurity in Afghanistan and this would benefit America. The have left Ghani besieged and have made only contract with Taliban that America should not have any losses in Afghanistan. The situation in Afghanistan has become destructive and the biggest loss would be for Pakistan and Iran. 

One delegation of Taliban has gone to Iran officially and met the ministry of Foreign affairs. Taliban has improved their relationship with Iran to a largest extent and this proves that Taliban has changed their policies, but despite of this they are trying to create a big battle.

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