Political Markaz - Taliban becoming stronger politically

Taliban becoming stronger politically

Taliban becoming stronger politically

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The Afghan American representative Khalilzadeh came to visit Pakistan and established negotiations between America and Taliban in Pakistan. They are not allowing Afghan government in these negotiations. Taliban does not wants Afghanistan government to get involved and they only want to discuss with America.

The Taliban in Afghanistan have become very powerful to the extent that America is negotiating them, they have accepted Taliban as a political power. The Taliban is demanding America to get out of Afghanistan completely. In favor of Taliban the same countries that were supporting in Syria are here as well. The Afghanistan government and America are supporters of ISIS. Taliban are very strong and not allowing ISIS to get settled. They have this demand also that ISIS should not come to Afghanistan and America should take them somewhere else.  

Taliban in last week, in Verdaq province attacked intelligence center where the Afghanistan intelligence gets trained. In this attack 126 intelligence persons were killed. The intelligence department has the responsibility of security for the country. This center itself came under Taliban attack. Such a big operation is being done against that organization which has to fight the war with Taliban. This shows how strong Taliban is, as they have support from outside also. Taliban has changed their strategy. They are getting themselves accepted as a political party in a professional manner and it looks like the future Afghanistan would be under Taliban. The countries who have interest in Pakistan are behaving like this. Two weeks back Trump said that India has so much interest in Afghanistan, but India is not ready to fight against Taliban and they have not done anything against Taliban.

India has so much interest in Afghanistan and they should fight Taliban but India is providing a lot of facilities to Taliban. Many Taliban commanders are studying in India, they have big homes, medical facilities, and travel facilities are all given to them. India has also prepared support for Taliban. Iran has also openly accepted Taliban as a political power. They have made agreement with Russia. China was the most concerned about Taliban and now China has now more trust on Taliban.

Since America has gone against China so China wants to support Taliban. Thus Taliban has become beloved for China, India, Russia, Turkey and this is becoming a problem for America and Trump. The way they get out of Syria, it looks like they will get out of Afghanistan also. Whatever changes come in Afghanistan it will affect Pakistan. The Past Taliban Mujahideen have done a lot of injustice with Pakistan. It is not clear about Pakistan as to how Taliban will deal with them. In future they can do whatever with Pakistan if aroused by other nations like India.

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