Political Markaz - Taliban - America Friendship

Taliban - America Friendship

Taliban - America Friendship

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Taliban - America Friendship

In Afghanistan there is another story happening that Taliban and America have started friendship dialogues and America has announced that we are leaving Afghanistan. On the other the Arab nations have been allied in enmity of Iran. In this situation here Pakistan has two problems, economy and conflicts between government and opposition has given an open message as to the Pakistan leadership is not united and they are in strong internal rifts. 

The world is seeing this weakness of Pakistan and this message has gone to the world. And again pressure came on Pakistan. India will not fight, they will just put pressure. Through this pressure Modi’s BJP has to win elections; through this extremist groups they want to increase extremisms. They want to tread on this path of extremism. It is possible that Modi will lose the war. The atmosphere is such that Indians are not ready for war, and it is destructive for both atomic powers. The people are not excited, neither the politicians and nor the forces are prepared for the war. Pakistan is also not prepared for the war, but still Pakistan is an atomic power but the Pakistan force is a very powerful force, with high degree of expertise, discipline, and training and is a top class force in the world. The efforts that are being put on this force is much higher and they are much ahead of Indian forces in terms of expertise. 

akistan is being pushed under pressure in an undesired ground where Pakistan wants to come out of this. In the past also they pushed Pakistan with this weakness. When Pakistan got entangled in Afghanistan war, it was the government of Zia ul Haqq, which was illegitimate government, which came with a coup and ruled for 11 years. The world did not accept him as the leader of Pakistan.

As it was the need of America. Russia came into Afghanistan and America as a superpower came inside to fight with Russia to take revenge of Vietnam War. America supported the illegitimate government of Zia ul Haqq and there was a cost. The cost was that Zia ul Haqq government would be considered legitimate if Zia ul Haqq enters into that field where America wants them to come. Zia ul Haqq did this and Pakistan without desire entered into the Afghanistan war. Afghanistan will get salvation from this war but when will Pakistan get salvation from this war and its effect we don’t know.

All the energies of Pakistan is being spent since last 5 yrs to come out of terrorism. They did several operations; since this atmosphere was made in every house of Pakistan. The internal problem of government and they capitalized on the weakness of Pakistan and pushed them into Afghanistan. Pakistan got some time but again Parvez Musharraf came and again Pakistan got involved.

Musharraf like Zia ul Haqq gave the country to America. Zia ul Haqq took a lot from America and handed over the community to America but Musharraf did not took anything other than this poison and he pushed Pakistan in that field where they should not have been gone. This was a big crime by these two that they pushed the entire nation into destruction. The establishment behind them, America, Britain and Arabs pushed Pakistan in that field and the destruction that happened in Pakistan; terrorism, chaos and in the end when the Army school in Peshawar got terrorized; then our forces decided that we have to stop this and they are trying to end this.

Now again they have come for the third push. On one side there are economy issues, which is known to everyone that they are begging in front of everyone for loans. Now Bin Salman has come with promise for giving, but not like this. A helpless government they will support but will get you in the ground where you should not be. In India also there is not just Modi, there is a big system and there are many layers of establishments, there are Indian capitalists, many groups and terrorist Hindus want this war to happen.

The traders and religious extremists don’t want to win elections, they want to gain other benefits. When bin Salman comes and wants to invest 100 b $; he has just given like this as he likes Indian film actress? Bin Salman wants to achieve a lot from this money. Bin Salman has come with two things, dagger and carrot. This is a scenario where India puts pressure on a Pakistan government which is crippling, where there is no economy, politicians are fighting and the community from inside is weak, then you impose war on such a community. To fight war you need a lot, if there is a war there will be a lot of damage. The Pakistan government on ethical grounds is good that we don’t want war and want to release the pilot. 

They are putting pressure on Pakistan and pushing them; what do you want Pakistan to do, we are ready to do. They know the potential of Pakistan and have seen it twice; once in Zia ul Haqq and other Parvez Musharraf. Pakistan is a logistics ground whenever we want to do something in Middle East. Now the ground of Afghanistan is being prepared not for war, but to have friendship to fight on other front, which is Iran. They want to push Pakistan in war with Iran. They will put pressure from India and then to relieve the pressure they will ask Pakistan to get into this war with Iran. This is not acceptable for Pakistan at any cost. 

As I have said before that the friendly countries like America, Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar, Britain, Turkey are of no use to Pakistan. See the character of friend nations of Pakistan when atomic India has attacked you. Your country friend Bin Salman went to India and gave 100 billion $. In the presence of MBS India made the plan, he did not support Pakistan and said that we are with India against terrorism. 

Now you see that there is an attack on Pakistan, no Islamic country has given a statement that we are with Pakistan. Every state head is calling both sides and just preaching to not fight. There is not a single country who has said that we are with you, and we will support you if you are attacked. Are these friendly nations? They should have openly announced. They have made a NATO of ARAB with forty countries, whose head is also Pakistani General. Let that force come in ground and fight against Pakistan. The head is Pakistan General and they should have said we will support Pakistan. No one gave any statement.  

The biggest oppression they have done is that a conference is being taken place in Abu Dhabi, as OIC. It is an organization of Islamic countries. It is just a name sake organization. The way Allama has said for UN that some shroud robbers have made an organization to divide the job of robbing shrouds. OIC is the same, they have never supported any oppressed. They do not raise the voice for Kashmir, Palestine, Bahrain, and Rohingya Muslims. They are shameless people, who are with the killers.

They have called a meeting in Emirates and specifically they have invited the Indian FM Sushma Swaraj who is not a member of OIC and not from Muslim country. Our FM Qureshi has said that if this Indian FM attends, then I will not come and Emirates did not care for this, so if you don’t want to come don’t come. These are our friends? Is there any enemy bigger than this? They want to buy Pakistan. They want to keep Pakistan under pressure, by bringing India with a dagger, then they come with carrot to Pakistan, that we will give funds. They are not saying what Pakistan has to do. They want to take our land for that war which is destructive. None of these countries have given one statement in our favor. They are making them together, you are telling Pakistan to not to retaliate. 


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