Political Markaz - Syrian war moves to sensitive location

Syrian war moves to sensitive location

Syrian war moves to sensitive location

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The second topic is the Syrian battle which is also very important and fundamental. It can be said as decisive battle and the Syrian battle will decide the future system of Middle East and in which region it will head towards. Which power will dominate the Middle East; whether America will dominate it or the opposition powers of Russia, Turkey and Iran will take control of Syria. There has been a very heavy capital invested in Syrian war which has not been done in entire history to take over any country. They trained terrorists from East and West; they moved them to different places; Arabs and West together prepared various forces, they armed them. These forces were all types of people based on nationalism, religion and even atheists. They created an army and acquired Syria and Iraq in a stormy manner. But then later they had to face defeat and suffer disgrace.

At present the Syrian battle is going towards the end and it is ending in the favor of Syrian Army. The last pressure is being applied from both sides and the direction of this battle has turned towards a very sensitive location. Prior to this the terrorists had occupied strategic towns of Syria and then gradually the Syrian support groups of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah came in. The war experience of these three countries was much higher than the terrorists. Hezbollah has a prestige of defeating Israel with Russia as a superpower in the world. These three formed a group and the fourth one was of Syrian army which was not strong before. This group when they came with Syrian army it changed the face of Syrian war and this war is moving towards a different direction. The two areas where Shias was established and were under siege since years but after some negotiations with the terrorists, they got the two villages released and got these Shias out from there. The most sensitive thing that is happening with this war is that this war is coming towards Israel and the front is getting formed near Golan Heights. Israel is under more panic than Ale Saud. They are trying to do agreements with Russia as well and the Prime Minister of Israel went to Russia with the excuse of football. He is threatening Iran and trying everything to avoid this battle moving towards Golan. Israel has started to make some attacks as well and all these are signs of their panic.

On other hand they are trying to create a lot of panic inside Iran so that the power of Iran can break and Iran can get indulged into its internal matters. They are increasing restrictions on Iran and thus strengthening the front against Iran.

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