Political Markaz - Syria - From occupancy to interests

Syria - From occupancy to interests

Syria - From occupancy to interests

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The second important issue is the battle of Syria which since time has changed its course. That battle which had become complicated and caused frustration in Middle East has now come near to its end. The majority regions of Syria where the terrorists were controlling, dominating and had their camps; they have been either killed, removed or made captive. The border of Jordan which was the most dangerous one and the route for terrorists to come inside Syria and were also getting their supplies, but now this border has come under full control of Syrian Army and has been closed. The border of Syria which was with Israel and Palestine, is also being cleansed up and only last few regions are left, and things are moving rapidly and very soon these will also be cleansed. Syrian war is moving towards a conclusion though there are many other issues even after these terrorists are completely wiped off.

The terrorists have inflicted big damages in Syria but there has been a lot of benefits also. The Takfiristan and Kafiristan which was being constructed under a big planning of Satan’s.  Everyone including West, America, Arabs, Satanic powers have all been disgraced with the help of Allah. In Syria first it was a battle of occupation which has now become one sided in favor of Syria but after this the battle of personal interests, gains will start. In this battle of personal interests the big claimants are Turkey, which wants to act with rowdiness and take some steps in Syria for its personal interests. America and Ale Saud wants to keep their interests maintained in Syria. But the most powerful entity who has more military hold in Syria is Russia. They also want to have complete dominance over Syria. In the first stage they aligned with Iran and Hezbollah but now the situations that are coming up looks like Russians want to displace Iran and Hezbollah also out from Syria and want to become the lone inheritor of the region which is nearly impossible. This battle would not be of occupation but of gaining interests which would be more political and they will take steps to push back each other. There are some signs seen for that. The Russians do such political trade, hence it can be expected that after the battle of Syria who will gain interests from Syria.

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