Political Markaz - Syria downs Israeli F16 fighter Jet - Historic incident

Syria downs Israeli F16 fighter Jet - Historic incident

Syria downs Israeli F16 fighter Jet - Historic incident

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In Syria; a historic incident has taken place. Israel since seventy years has put the Arab nations under threat and has captured parts of various countries. One part of Egypt is under Israel control, almost half of Jordan is with Israel; one big part of Syria is under Israeli control, Palestine is completely under their control. And on these neighboring countries Israel has been continuously carrying out aerial attacks to keep them under its threat and dominance. Last week first time this incident happened that Syrian Anti-Aircraft machinery shot and got down Israeli F16 fighter jet which had entered Syria for attacks. This is a big change in the Syrian war that now Syria is ready to confront Israel. It is clear that this is not Syria’s own power; the fundamental power base is from Iran and Hezbollah with support from Russia.

Israel is now under panic that Iran with the help of Syria has created such a front that it has become life threat to Israel. In past the Israeli aircrafts would freely move over the Syrian air space, attack and go back safely. There was no system and even courage in Syria to do anything. Now by bringing down this aircraft they have given this message that Israel cannot repeat the same which it has been doing in the past. At present a severe anxiety is found on this and Hezbollah has made their tone harsh against Israel. They have said if Israel does any mistake then they have taken the name of cities of Israel and certain centers which Hezbollah has said they will be destroyed within first thirty minutes of war.

Israeli people are under extreme pressure and their people have strong belief that when Syed Moqawamat (Nasrallah) says something he acts on it. Till date this has not happened that even a single sentence Syed has said and he has not done. If Syed has said that Israel is in our range then definitely Israel is in their range and there is no exaggeration on this and Israeli people are under severe pressure.

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