Political Markaz - Syria – Battlefield of America and Russia

Syria – Battlefield of America and Russia

Syria – Battlefield of America and Russia

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In Syria a new wave has started whereby two superpowers have come in confrontation and there are exchange of dialogues. This happened last week and it has happened before also whereby Chemical attack was done and the blame was put on Syrian government. This is done by terrorists only and the countries who have given these chemical weapons to them is all clear. But this is the mischief of Arabs, West and Israel so as to continue the crisis in Syria. They have done this before as well with chemical attacks and their dens were caught. Trump has done the preparation and said that we will attack Syria with missiles. Russia immediately gave a reply that we will react to your attack. Then Trump said we have very smart rockets which you won’t even catch. Russia replied that you experience it once and then you will forget to launch Rockets forever. It is evident that Russia has come directly in confrontation with America and Syria is becoming the field for this America and Russia battle. In the past also it was but a proxy battlefield where their representatives were fighting, like the terrorists supported by America were fighting and Russia was fighting through Syrian army but now both America and Russia want to fight directly. Russian forces are already in ground and America wants to do aerial attack. Last night Trump issued a statement that I will decide whether to attack Syria or not. Today morning he gave a statement that there is no rush we can attack Syria later as we have enough time in hand. As he can see the jaws in front of him.

This crisis can take any form and can also trigger a big world war if Trump does some foolishness. Russia has made their feet frim in Middle East. First Middle East was not in Russia’s control and Russia has entered into Middle East and now they want to stay here. The Russian President has told Israel that you have been doing stupidity in the past because there were weak governments in front of you but now we are there. In reply to this Netanyahu has ordered his full cabinet that you should not give any political statement as it can change things. From there Hezbollah has also announced that if Israel does any foolishness then entire Israel will be in our range and we will destroy them completed. Similarly the IRGC commander also has said if Israel starts to trigger a war then it won’t take much time, as we are completely prepared. As the Leader has said that you will not see 25 years, then that time will come near.

China has come in open confrontation. It has come in news that China has started the biggest historic war drills and they are preparing in full way. This is Bull fighting, whereby the war will not happen but the fury, noise that is created is to make the enemy run away. When a Bull fights it starts to bash the feet, growl, show their anger and at the same their cow dung also passes. Trump is in the same situation whereby he is growling also and his dung is passing by. When he is asked you are growling on what, he says for Syria, Iran, Hezbollah is there but why you are passing Dung, he says Russia is also there.

Britain is the most shameful, hateful country and even their people and government are all hateful. There is a shameless lady Theresa May who has also said that we are also ready for the war. If this war takes place then it would be a decisive battle. If we look at what has happened that they made NATO, they made ISIS whom they cannot keep on ground, they had to run; so for others to come and fight there is not easy. Their warriors have been destroyed, some were sent to hell and some moved to hell of Afghanistan. Now they want to change the situation with the cartoonist war of bin Salman. If Trump had the confidence that he would win the war then would not put sanctions on Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. He is asking travel agents to not issue tickets to them. The warriors do not do such acts. There is a big experienced force in front of them which they know as they can see Yemen which they have sealed from six dimensions, but still Scud missiles are being launched from Yemen. They do not realize how this is passing into Yemen. One insane even presented a theory that there is a tunnel made from Beirut to Yemen for passing the missiles.   They don’t know then when the army of Satan gathers then the army of Allah also gathers. There is an example of this same Yemen, that once Abraha went to Hejaz and the sparrows destroyed them and now then Abraha from Hejaz has gone to Yemen then also Allah will destroy them through this unarmed crusaders who have not given a single inch of their land to them. Their courage has not come down and May Allah grant them salvation from these oppressed.

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