Political Markaz - Supreme Leaders calls on students to take control in their hands

Supreme Leaders calls on students to take control in their hands

Supreme Leaders calls on students to take control in their hands

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The Supreme Leader day before yesterday in a gathering with the University students made a very important point. This was on the same day when this incident happened hence it was natural that the leader of the state should deliver his entire speech on this incident but he hardly made one or two comments on this incident. His entire speech went on internal issues and during this speech he issued a unique message to the students which till date he has not done. The leader gave an example and expressed what the actual issues of the country are and what various organizations are doing. Amongst them one organization about which the leader quoted was Ministry of Culture and Broadcast. In Iran in past there used to be an Orator who recited a specific Dua on TV channel in a very rhythmic manner and for several years this persons recitation was broadcasted on the TV channels. His name is Shajarian and later he became Anti revolution on which his recitation was banned from being broadcasted. The Minister of this entity wrote a letter to the TV station that at the time of Seher and Iftar this person’s recitation should be broadcasted. The Leader said look at this useless work of this Minister; what kind of issues the nation is going through and what this character is raising as an issue. Is this the issue of the nation as to which Zakirs recitation should be broadcasted and which not? We have made you the Minister for this? The actual subjects of Ministry of culture was to rectify the issues of religiousness, Hijab, Youths and this is where the Leader made an address to the students with a war interpretation.

Since he was the commander before and now also he is the commander in chief of the forces but he hardly uses warfare language. But this time he used the war language and addressed the students saying that in this Soft War. The Soft war is the cultural war and these students are the officers of this war and they have to fight this Soft war. Then he said that during war if the Headquarter becomes a victim of some crisis, and the communication between the field and HQ breaks, or the HQ is bombed or the commanders run away, sleep or become careless; then in this situation there is a policy of war. That policy is that the soldiers get the rights to fire themselves; since your contact with commander and HQ is disconnected for whatever reason then the soldiers should not return back since there is no one to give them order; then these soldiers are the commanders and they don’t need anyone to give command. They themselves take control of situation. Now the leader has openly given this message under these crisis to these Iranian youths that at this stage you have lost contact with your commander and now you have the authority to fire on your own. The Leader himself is present but he is asking the people to stand and fight themselves. This proves that there is a big danger from inside. On the same day when there were attacks on Iran the American congress has passed a new Bill of sanctions on Iran. These two were done together. It shows that there is an internal coordination also there. Since the leadership is alert, experienced and has very high experience on handling crisis he knows how to take the nation out of this crisis.

I would like to mention this point that this Saudi cow is acting in a big foolish way like a cow only. They are cow of Trump and are really foolish. To isolate Qatar is in favor of Saudi; attacking Yemen is like attacking villagers but for Iran they are fools. Iran is having a powerful army and they have very high experience in fighting war and no one has fought such prolonged battles which Iran is fighting in these last 70 years. There is no army in the world who is having such practical experience which Iran has. Iran has the maximum counter terrorism experience. That army which has made Israel bite the teeth. That force which has cleansed ISIS from Syria, Iraq and has made such a powerful system in Hezbollah is very powerful. They have their own war machinery and no need to take support from outside. Trump has intentionally aroused this Cow which was about to happen in Siffeen but did not happen. Ameerul Momineen (a.s) told Muwaiya that let us not make our forces fight, let us fight with each other alone. The advisor of Muwaiya, Amr Aas said this is a good opportunity you should go, fight and defeat Ali. Muwaiya stared at Amr Aas and said you want me to go in front of Ali? I know what is going on in your mind. Is there any possibility to escape Ali’s sword? He was clever and did not do. These Saudis are all followers of Muwaiya but here they have done this foolish act to come in direct confrontation with Ali. They are confronting a force that has all forms of war experience like psychological warfare, classical war, strategic war, guerrilla war, they have air force, navy and to go and confront this army is suicide. Trump has pushed this cow in the battlefield to see how it gets shredded to pieces. The day this cow takes the first step that would be its last step. There is no formality in this; the first day Ale Saud starts the war and on that day itself this war will end and Ale Saud will be destroyed. But the loss that the Muslim Ummah will suffer will be very high. Iran has till now avoided this and it looks like now also they will avoid this direct confrontation. Iranians are certain that this has been done by Saudi and America but they have issued formal statement that this has been done by ISIS. Everyone knows that this technique of attack is only with America and Israel but Iran wants to avoid this. They don’t want to start this war. The more they avoid this war it is better because there is a big destruction of Ummah. Anyone who wins this war will also lose it because the damage done to the Muslim Ummah would be very severe. This would be war between Muslims. The Iranian leadership is demonstrating extreme patience, deep insight and in matured form but on the other hand there is extreme foolishness.

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