Political Markaz - Suicide bomb attack on IRGC near Zahedan

Suicide bomb attack on IRGC near Zahedan

Suicide bomb attack on IRGC near Zahedan

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A bitter incident took place near the city of Zahedan. The IRGC came under suicide bomb attack and big martyrdoms took place. Since Zahedan is a border area; where Sistan and Baluchistan from Pakistan meet. There are many movements in that region and big networks supported by Arabs are present in that region who carry out such operations very often. 


They did this one operation and for this the Supreme Leaders has also issued statement. There are various news that around 40 IRGC personnel have been martyrdom. This is also a grievous incident there.


One more topic to point towards is Afghanistan; where Afghanistan has become pregnant for a new birth. The way animal becomes pregnant and gives birth to child, the same way events, incidents are born and they are born from some womb which nurtures the sperm of Fitnah. Ameerul Momineen (a.s) has mentioned about the birth of sedition, its growth, nurturing and fighting against it. We have discussed this sermon in one series of lecture.


 have mentioned about this how Fitnah are born, spread and how they destroy things. Some lands are barren, but some are not instead they are prepared for the birth and nurturing that egg. Afghanistan is that land which is ready for these incidents. For these incidents which take place outside Afghanistan, they are prepared. Pakistan is also ready for Fitnah. There are countries in our neighbor like China it is not ready to accept Fitnah. The biggest obstacle to fitnah in China is the culture, civilization there which does not accepts external Fitnah on them. They are barren as regards to sedition. 


The Pakistan civilization, culture is highly fertile to give birth in abundance to Fitnah. Afghanis since last 40 yrs are under the dominance of Fitnah and not a single day has passed which has caused no destruction there as well as in neighbor Pakistan. The nationals have spread out and even now around 2.5 Million Afghans are present in Pakistan, then they have gone to various other countries. Those present there are also victim of these issues. One more fitnah is about to be born and full preparation are going on there.


America is going out abruptly and have announced that we are taking out our forces. They are taking out their forces, as they know what they have to do and what is going to happen there, hence they are securely taking their forces out so that they do not suffer in what is going to happen afterwards. Taliban are again being prepared for another stage now. They have been specifically nurtured for this.


First they have made in Afghanistan, then the same movement divided into two; one is Afghanistan and then in Pakistan. They then got divided further but in the core they are all the same. A group that can do anything and prepared to do anything for anyone. If they want to create insecurity in Pakistan, Afghanistan they will do it immediately. The outside world knows that this group can be of use to anyone and they have used. Now the preparation is being for new phase; the Americans are running out of Afghanistan and our FM has also announced, and his insight also has picked this that this dramatic move of America from Afghanistan is not good.  






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