Political Markaz - Suicide attacks on Kabul Airport means stability is against nature of Afghanistan

Suicide attacks on Kabul Airport means stability is against nature of Afghanistan

Suicide attacks on Kabul Airport means stability is against nature of Afghanistan

Aug 27,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi


In Afghanistan, the world think tanks are not able to perceive what is happening. Taliban have taken over the government for two weeks but they are not able to form the government. The way the exit of the current system took place so fast the Taliban could not get an opportunity to even think about how to form the government. Afghanistan was not conquered by the Taliban but handed over to them without any fight. The American forces, the Afghan government, Afghan forces, and the opposition of Taliban groups have all exited without any resistance. IT was only Afghan President Ashraf Ghani who took a commission of 56 million dollars to leave Afghanistan. This is one person who took this much, then you can imagine how much others would have taken. There were some who very easily left Afghanistan and came to Pakistan in a PIA flight and they were those who abuse Pakistan. All were asked to leave Afghanistan but the power who has to come over Afghanistan has not been given any time to prepare. Taliban were not ready at all.

The Americans are bringing flights and taking out their citizens and also Afghanis. Last night there were two suicide attacks at Airport and as per the report till now 13 American forces, 30 Taliban soldiers, and other people present in the airport got killed. The responsibility of this attack has been taken over by ISIS. There is chaos in the Taliban. The American president has said that we are not afraid of these attacks and we will continue the evacuation. Taliban has also said that we will investigate this attack. The name of ISIS comes from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. This was made to take control of Syria and Iraq, where they were disgracefully defeated and I have mentioned before that ISIS would be moved to Afghanistan and this is happening. This is why Turkey is also interested because this was a common product of America, Israel, Saudi, UAE, and Turkey. They tried to move some to Azerbaijan before and now to Afghanistan.

Taliban is trying to do whatever the global community desires. Like Afghanistan there is insecurity. In the history of Afghanistan, it has been a transit country. The invaders would come to Afghanistan as a transit point to reach the neighboring countries. History reveals that it has never been a land of interest for invaders. The Moghuls came to India via Afghanistan, the Turks, Iranians came through Afghanistan. It was only the British who came to India via sea. Even today Afghanistan has the same value. A peaceful Afghanistan is not liked by people. Now, something has happened which means Afghanistan has returned to its normal state. The group of ISIS which has come to Afghanistan has been named ISKH which means the Islamic State of Khorasan.

Iran and the Taliban have the most friendliness today. Since there is no business route for Afghanistan, it is only Iran that is providing them oil and other commodities. The Iranians have got an empty market whose all needs are being fulfilled, which is one benefit for Iran. The second benefit is Afghanistan is the only place where Iran can inflict a blow on America. And this fact was known to America that they are not safe in Afghanistan from Iran. Hence they did not get defeated or left Afghanistan, they took a safety step. If China, Russia want to inflict a wound on America, they will use Afghanistan. Hence they left. There would not be peace in Afghanistan. Even today the military-strategic importance of Afghanistan is present. There is much to come in Afghanistan. The impression which some people are giving that the Taliban will establish peace is not correct because now the Taliban is busy getting them accepted by the global community.

About the global community, the EU is a big part of it, and for years Turkey has been trying to become part of the EU. They made Turkish women naked and now see what Bin Salman is doing to please the global community. This is a big challenge in Afghanistan for the Taliban. People should know that in Afghanistan there is not just the Taliban. Many can cause insecurity in Afghanistan. The other countries will use Afghanistan for their interest.

ISIS has expressed its presence so we can see now where this goes. When Bin Laden went to Afghanistan, Americans went inside and now Biden has said to finish ISIS we will take every possible step.

Taliban has said we will not establish democracy. The supporters of the Taliban in Pakistan who are strong supporters of democracy should clarify how come democracy is justified in Pakistan and not in Afghanistan. There is a Caliphate system there so why this is not in Pakistan. You should clarify what is your religion. This means you have a double standard.

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