Political Markaz - Suicide attack in DIK Khan – Roots of terrorism still present

Suicide attack in DIK Khan – Roots of terrorism still present

Suicide attack in DIK Khan – Roots of terrorism still present

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One grievous incident which took place last week was the terrorist attack in Deir Ismail Khan. There was attack on police station, and when the injured were taken to hospital, there was suicide attack, and some police personnel and other innocent were martyred. Similarly, spurious incidents of terrorism are going on across the country, despite of the impression given that terrorism has been finished.

We have mentioned this and there is no doubt that high attempts have been made to finish terrorism. They have killed many terrorists, raided and wiped of their dens, broken their network and such steps have been taken. But sill we see that they are expressing their presence. This means their roots are deep in Pakistan and with simple analysis it can be proved that the issue of terrorism is not surficial, it has deep roots and in the anti-terrorism operation the roots have not been touched. The branches have been cut and these come out again.

There are three main causes of terrorism though there are many others also. Any force which wants to fight terrorism, whether it is government, forces, people have to start from that point which they are not starting from. There is a simple law of philosophy, logic and religion that wherever certain cause elements are producing something and if you want to fight that then do not fight with the symptoms and effects but fight with the causes. Like in diseases, there is a front created to fight against Polio, they are giving vaccination and trying to clean up the roots of polio virus.

If you only start to treat the patients that suffered from polio then this will not end. Like Dengue fever can be controlled only when those breeding points of mosquitoes are washed off. The same law is for socialization that the breeding location of terrorism should be finished. These points are also not identified seriously and not on certain standards and criteria. They know also where these points are but they go somewhere else.

The thinking of terrorism is based on both religious thinking and communalism. In this thinking everyone other than your school of thought are infidels and are obligatory to kill as they are out of religion. This is the nursery of terrorism and this thought should be ended but not even a single step has been taken to end this thinking. They never came towards this thinking. They never did any conference, gathering, or any news report and they are all afraid to even touch this subject. Whereas everyone knows that there is this thinking in Pakistan and unless you end this thinking then terrorism can never be ended.

The second root of terrorism are the presence of supporters, sponsors, elements inside the Pakistan government and politicians. They for the sake of personal interest, power, wealth can use terrorism to make grounds for them. There are some prejudicial people in bureaucracy, government positions, cabinet and even in forces. The proofs are present for this and there are reports from secret agencies about the past government parliament, though no reports have come yet for the current parliament because the journalists are afraid to express anything about the current government parliament.

As per the report in last government, there was a list of 37 persons sitting in national assemblies and parliaments who are supporters, sponsors of terrorism outfits. These names were presented by our own government agencies. This means when such persons enter your parliament, who are supporting and promoting terrorism because they reach parliament and power through terrorism.

This is one example that there are such persons present in parliament whereas there are many such persons in bureaucracy as well, in judiciary as well. There are many terrorists who confessed in front of judges that we have killed so many and we will do more. Such terrorists have said in front of judge that this is our religion and we will keep on killing till last Shia is alive on earth. They are telling all this in front of open court. Such persons were released by the court. This means in judiciary also there are people who some or other way support terrorism and make grounds for them. Then there are similar names in police and other departments as well.

Till the time there are such roots present inside the government apparatus, who are connected with breeding grounds of terrorism, when government funds in millions are given to terrorism centers and madrassahs, this means they have attestation from government. We can see recently in Punjab; a famous terrorist’s son is the advisor of PM. A big terrorist has come on this position. When the roots have reached this level that they have reached up to parliament and government department how can you claim to end terrorism by catching few.

The third element is foreign funding which has promoted and made terrorism in Pakistan and that is Arab wealth, and now also they are giving openly and everyone knows. Till the time these roots are present tin Pakistan terrorism will remain and people will not remain secure from their evil. Every other day they issue alerts in Lahore that so many terrorists have entered Lahore.

On the day of Imam Ali (r.a) anniversary, they announced so many terrorists have entered Lahore. Though our government is not interested in this issue at all as they are taking all the steps against corruption but not taking any step towards terrorism.

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