Political Markaz - Sufferings of African Muslims in 2017

Sufferings of African Muslims in 2017

Sufferings of African Muslims in 2017

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In 2017 two bitter incidents that took place were in Somalia where terrorist attacks took place and at a vast scale people died in a brutal manner and mostly Muslims. Similarly in Nigeria terrorism has increased and the Shias were besieged from before after the attack on Sheikh Zakzaky; whereby he was arrested, tortured and that is still going on. Few days back as well the Shias were attacked and at intervals this goes on. 

 Similarly we can say that most brutal, bloody incident of this decade was a very dreadful attack that took place was in Egypt. The terrorist attacked a mosque in the form of an army on Friday few days back and martyred all praying Muslims. There have been many incidents in Egypt in 2017 and the Egyptian government which is the most useless, unreasonable government for the sake of power do not refrain from any oppression.



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