Political Markaz - Strict laws with death penalty for molesters should be implemented

Strict laws with death penalty for molesters should be implemented

Strict laws with death penalty for molesters should be implemented

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In Pakistan as well the incident that took place a week before whereby a Mufti of a Madrassah molested a student of his own Madrassa. He first said I was given drugs and made to do this. Then he ran away but later he got arrested and now he is in jail. This incident became viral and is not just in madrassah but it is happening in universities, schools, every home and street with young children as well. This incident has become global and it was spread out. Many objected as to why similar other cases taking place in abundance are not shown any sensitivity but this incident was made viral with utmost importance. The sanctity which Madrassa has is not there with any other place because it is a religious place where evils are not expected specifically of this intensity. This Shia Mufti was counted amongst Islamic scholars and associated with a sanctimonious religion then sensitivity of such incidents naturally goes high. There are weaknesses in Madrassa from ethical perspective, organizational and educational deficiencies as well. But if such moral weaknesses get develop in Madrassah and they do not control then this is a serious issue. The managers of Madrassah’s should be attentive to eliminate such moral corruption and deal with these strictly. They should have discipline and complete observations on the teachers and also within students. Lust is a natural demand inside man and if you become a scholar, it does not mean lust will end. The people in Madrassah since they are kept under control have more difficulties in relieving themselves as they do not go to market and see indecencies. The students are in limited atmosphere and to resolve this demand they should get married.

Though this Mufti was married and had four children. And some had even said that he is of such old age that he cannot do this. This practice was an old time one inside him. The people of Madrassahs should be cautious about these immoralities. Some groups like secular are after Madrassah. In India official requests have been sent to government to close down Madrassahs like they have done in Assam. They have closed down in Sri Lanka. These governments get excuses to shut down Madrassahs with such incidents. The purification of Madrassahs is essential.

In the same issue one Mufti of Islamabad has spoken in favor of this Mufti. He has said this in presence of other Muftis’ that this criminal was of old age, hence disabled and to further justify this he has said that companions were also doing this filthy act. The news is that this Mufti has also been arrested and the court should question him on what basis he has said this about companions. Those who defend the companions should question him but since both Muftis belong to their sect, they are silent. This younger Mufti has justified this act by presenting this as an act of companions. This young Mufti has damaged the entire system and the defenders of companions are silent but the government has arrested him. At times people bring justification of crimes from Islam.

Sometime back one Mufti used to abuse and swear at everyone in the love of Prophet (S). When he was questioned, he replied that companions used to abuse, Prophets were also doing this and even Allah abuses. Instead of accepting his mistake he presented such justifications. Last week there was a session on abuses in Parliament and when asked they said this is part of Punjabi culture hence legitimate. But a religious person associates this with the religious personalities.

One student of Qaid e Azam went to his friends of Islamic University and they did a gang molestation of this student. He was taken to the Hospital. It is not that these things are not happening in universities, you can see this in almost every room of these universities but those who are doing under the banner of religion they do not deserve any mercy.

Last week in Sargodha father molested his own daughter. A week before step father molested her step daughter. This step father made a gang and molested this daughter. There was no one to defend this girl. Her mother and brother were crying on TV while narrating this incident. This is the lowliness of a society. In Pakistan there is no law to control this. In Sharia there is death penalty if married person does adulteration, for unmarried death when repeated but for Homosexuality there is death directly. You won’t have heard that any such criminal is given death sentence in fact their lawyers go and get them out of court. The motorway incident that took place; the criminal caught has done this several times so why he was not arrested before? This all happens because there is no law. You should give death penalty. When PM was asked, he said make them impotent. So will this get controlled will impotence just kill them. The community should be awakened and not close their eyes on these issues.

In an interview last week the American TV anchor questioned our PM, and there is an aggression on social media against this. There has been no aggression on several mistakes which he has done but on speaking the truth this aggression started. This anchor questioned our PM that women molestation that takes place in Pakistan what is the cause and as people say because women go out exposing themselves this is also a cause. PM replied in a measured manner that women also play a role in this that when women do not wear full clothing and come out, then there are no Robots in front of them instead there are men. And on this issue, there was an aggression of criticism by the liberal and secular, that you have insulted women. He did not say that men are not involved in this. The women give an invitation.

We have mentioned this before as well that women have a lot of attraction for men even inside Hijab. The word “Aurat” used for women means private parts which needs to be covered. The entire body of women carry the status of private parts which should be veiled. If women expose here body from under the clothes, or by wearing tight or short clothes then also arouses men. Even Mahram cannot see the parts of body of women because there is attraction for men. For women they don’t see attraction in the body of men. The women do not see attraction in the physical attire of men, in fact they laugh at this cartoon. The women are attracted by your car, property, mobile and wealth. These women who decorate themselves is not that they do not like men, they want to attract wealthy lustful men for whom they know that these lustful beings would spend money for lust. The first thing a woman who gets into a relation with men would immediately ask is to transfer balance on her mobile; she won’t see if the person is white or black. You would have seen women turn the face when they seek naked man, but when a naked woman is seen even by Maulvi he won’t turn his face instead recite seeking refuge from Satan. This is in Fitrat of women that she has no attraction in naked men. There is a problem with men due to attraction present in women. Quran also says that disease is in men but that disease gets aroused by women. The PM also said the same that sickness is with men but women arouse it. After this statement there has been a strong opposition against him. In many cases in past he has not come under any pressure and he has turned out to be the most powerful PM because he has big list of failures but he does not come under pressure. Here he came under pressure because his party persons are trying to justify that he did not mean this. The PM was saying that women should protect their chastity, modesty and not themselves become glamorous showpiece of market. A women can decorate herself only for husband and not even for father and brother. In majority cases such women have bad relationship with husband, because men are after some other women and she is not able to please her husband. Do things by which he does not go anywhere else.

If women become attractive, she can stop him from many evils. that why she did not become attractive.

All these molestations are of same type and the PM has given the reason as well. But just statements are not enough, you need to make laws. When there are punishments in Quran, religion and everywhere in the world so why there are no strict laws in Pakistan? There was Mufti Kawi who was doing corruption with licentious women and everyone was spreading that video. Few days back the journalists raise the issue of Janna Rani who was the Keep of General Yahya Khan. He had many issues like he was alcoholic and lustful person. Journalist Hamid Mir blasted the army men that we have knowledge of Jannar Rani. He was referring to the prostitute of today and what she is doing, whose picture has become viral on media. Mufti Kawi was destroyed by that licentious woman and no one was able to control it, and then eventually his brother controlled. Everyone has been doing these evil things in politics and in religious segment. The pure, modest women remain inside homes, they do not come out in markets to expose themselves. They only become presentable for their husband. And when the PM said this, everyone came out against him. Those who generally talk about modesty are silent on this aggression. The PM has power to make a law to hang such criminals and start with implementing this on Mufti Azeem and then one by one hang all these criminals. All molesters should have one punishment of death. These should be hanged and if you do this Allah will also be pleased with you and people will also be pleased. The PM should make every such criminal hanged to death.

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