Political Markaz - Sri Lanka blasts- Another 9/11 scenario to target Muslims

Sri Lanka blasts- Another 9/11 scenario to target Muslims

Sri Lanka blasts- Another 9/11 scenario to target Muslims

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The terrorist operation which took place in Sri Lanka and on a broad scale killings happened. There was a Christian event and they were targeted in their churches, hotels and some Buddhist also became target. First Sri Lankan government said around 350 were killed, but now they said it is around 200 which is also surprising. Sri Lanka is in the vicinity of India and has been a victim of civil wars since long. One community which is in Sri Lanka are Sinhala and other are Tamil. The Tamil community is connected to Indian Tamils.

Tamils were declaring their independence to separate from Sinhala and there was bloodshed civil war for long which destroyed Sri Lanka. There were 100’s of thousands kills and there were big losses of wealth and life. There was a peace due to international intervention for some time and now again this terrorist act started. This is grievous that how brutally such innocent people, amongst them men, women, old and every category became a victim of this.

This attack which took place, as per news that American and Indian secret services have warned Sri Lanka agencies that these attacks are going to take place, but still the Sri Lanka forces did not take it seriously and the outcome were these killings and immediately after this the Sri Lanka President changed all the security services forces. They are blaming them for negligence but it is possible they were all involved. When they knew such big operation is going to happen, but no one took any caution, they did not raise any alert, they did not inform the President and cabinet. First of all the agency inside did not knew, and when they are told also they did not react. This shows this was a big planning.  

The day this incident took place, the voice started to raise that this was done by Muslims. In Sri Lanka there are around 9 to 10% Muslims. First they took the name of Jamaat e Tauheed, then after that ISIS took this responsibility that they did suicide bombing and have come from Britain and Australia. This scenario is the normal trend, of beating your own self and then blame your opponent and do aggression on them. This is the easy formula which America has taught to the world and people are acting on this.

America played this drama on 9/11 whereby they made their own towers attacked, and after that immediately they said Al Qaeda did this, and they are in Afghanistan and immediately plans for attack started. Then later what came out was that how they knew Al Qaida did that, was that the passports were found in their pocket. They hijacked the civil aircrafts and had passports in their pockets. When the incident took place, there were big flames of fire that came out, and the temperature that came out was very high, to the extent that it melted even rocks and bricks and turned into powder.

In those flames, metal, cement all melted and turned into powder and in the same flames the terrorist who himself got burnt but the passport remained secure and they said that this organization had done this. This entire scenario was written. This was a simple strategy used in villages before and the feudal lords of villages would do this to suppress people, usurp their lands. They would inflict damages on their self rather than beating the opponent directly. The Feudal lord will make his cow or servant killed and blame it on the farmer and then catch him , burn his house, field, usurp the land and throw him outside the village.

This was something common at village level but has now turned into a global strategy by America. They did all this and started operations on Afghan, Iraq and now for Iran. It is also possible that they will do some such act to blame Iran. This strategy was learnt by many countries from America and India is on top of this. India gives some losses to itself and then blames on Pakistan. This policy of beating your own, blame others and demand from others.  

The same looks like has happened in Sri Lanka. Since in the entire region there is a severe enmity against Islam. Three countries are on top of the list in enmity of Muslims, they were creating and looking for an atmosphere to put blame on Muslims and kill them. In Rohingya they did this, where aggression was done, killed the Muslims there, burnt their homes and all possible oppression was done. They started to warn Muslims in neighborhood to leave the country and one of them was Sri Lanka. In India the severity is going against Muslims day by day. And it is possible the same 9/11 is repeated in Sri Lanka to kick the Muslims out of Sri Lanka. It is very clear that they want to punish Muslims. The Arabs are also with them and no one is ready to support Muslims. They will say that there are ISIS sitting in mosques and they are terrorist. And in coming days more severity is going to come on Muslims in Sri Lanka.

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