Political Markaz - Speaking English with public is insult of 90% Pakistanis

Speaking English with public is insult of 90% Pakistanis

Speaking English with public is insult of 90% Pakistanis

Jul 09,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

PM Khan went to Gwadar port for inauguration ceremony of its future plan. This port is under China and part of CPEC. The CM of Baluchistan province Mr. Jam Kamal Khan made a speech before the PM in English. When the speech ended the PM said if this speech would have been done in Urdu, then this would have been understood by 90% Pakistani’s and Baluchistan people, and they would have understood what you have said. You are speaking about the plans for growth of Baluchistan and Gwadar and PM was upset that this speech should have been in Urdu. PM has not made this as a law yet to speak in Urdu but instead he is doing only preaching like Scholars. When you can uproot the foundations of family, you can get the bill of Waqf passed then why you can’t end English. Influence of English is so strong that you are just preaching the CM and not enforcing. The CM replied that since few foreigners are sitting in this meeting, I have spoken in English in their respect. If for some foreigners respect you have spoken English then you have insulted 90% Urdu speaking. When English is spoken in front of people then it is disrespect to our people. This is happening everyday but we don’t feel because we like English and this is insult. They want to speak English and is inferiority complex. We have to bring the nation out of this inferiority complex.  We should ourselves come out of this and make your Pakistani selfhood and personality. We should promote the Pakistani culture, language and make people across the world accept it and this can be done by people.

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