Political Markaz - SP abducted - Pakistan not even safe for security officers

SP abducted - Pakistan not even safe for security officers

SP abducted - Pakistan not even safe for security officers

Nov 16,2018 Comments Download

One more grievous thing that has happened in Pakistan and is coming in media since last few days and which was an unexpected and strange incident. One senior officer level person of Pakistan police; an SP from Islamabad got abducted on 27th October. He got missing from Islamabad and then after two weeks his dead body was found from Afghanistan. The body reached two days back to Pakistan and his funeral was done in Peshawar. Such a senior Police officer gets abducted from capital of Pakistan; reaches Afghanistan, gets killed, his body gets founded from there and Afghanistan sends body in a disrespectful manner.

There are many questions that gets raised up. A current Police officer of Pakistan, Tahir Dawat who is serving Pakistan; visits his home in Islamabad; goes out for a walk and gets abducted. There are many questions that gets raised over here. He is not a person from an ordinary force; like many Shias are abducted, missing and their families are uninformed. Since these people do not have power, they do not have any centralization and they also know that they can lift anyone, as there is no guardian behind them. But for a serving Police officer, that too at a level of SP and from the capital gets abducted and lands in Afghanistan immediately. How they have taken him out from here? You cannot secure your officer that too in Islamabad. That too after abduction they took him to Afghanistan. How did they took him over there? First they were thinking how Bin Laden came to Abbottabad. This is a more sensitive matter that how a Pakistan police officer reached Afghanistan. This is such a long route, from which route they took him? They took from the same motorway route where you have several check posts on the way, you have patrolling going on and when this senior police officer was missing his information came to media, his family complained, police report was logged and other government departments were aware, agencies were aware that a police officer is abducted than the least that could have been done was to put additional check posts. But they took such a senior police officer to Afghanistan from Islamabad. They pass from the cities, districts, check posts; they cross the border immigration also. If such police officers are insecure then what will happen to the poor people. These Afghani’s might take anyone else also very easily. They might take our Prime Minister tomorrow and someone might take such valuable ministers which this country has; then where will we get back these unique pieces. There is no clarity also on this; the media has also gone dumb and there is no proper statement also on this. They are only saying we were not expecting it will happen like this. Why you were not expecting that this can also happen?

The tragedy which has come down on the family of that officer when they got abrupt news that he was killed with cruelty is grievous. This is a message for every family and home in Pakistan. This is a very sad incident and we should think; specifically those on whom there is responsibility of security. You approach the common man very quickly. You take Shias easily from anywhere but at least save your officers. Similarly the grievous incident in Pakistan are the missing Shia believers and their families being kept uninformed for an unknown period. There is no one who takes responsibility; which organization has taken them, for what crime no one says anything. This has become a strange country. If someone has done some mistake; then there is police, courts and there is a proper way in the world that when there are criminals ; they should be arrested through the court, cases should be run on them, verdicts should be issued and when they are proved as criminals, then punish them or release them if not found guilty. But this unique way that whomsoever you doubt or for whatever reason you pick someone and take him. Then everyone else behind looks at it afraid and there is no voice. This only happens in Pakistan and across the world no one goes missing like this. There is no government who abducts their own person. If India abducts Pakistan or Afghani abducts Pakistani or Israeli comes and do this then we can understand there is enmity and they are enemies. But you are behaving like enemies with our own people and our own forces are doing this. This results in reaction and it comes in various forms. You can see the reactions now in Balochistan and KPK. Those community who are oppressed they do not have any other means other than those means if you cross limits in your transgression.

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