Political Markaz - Shutdown all American Embassies globally

Shutdown all American Embassies globally

Shutdown all American Embassies globally

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 A most bitter incident that has started since last two days is related to this crazy, insane, foolish, impure, filthy American President, Donald Trump. The Americans also say that he is a filthy person and everything of his is filthy. This filthy beast has taken a decision to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to testify that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem. He has signed this day before and ordered the American government to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Now again he issued a statement that he has delayed his decision for six months. All this was done to test the pulse and see the reactions. First it was the devilish act of Britain to create Israel in Palestine by settling the Jews there and now their act is being completed by Trump and current American government. They want to make Jerusalem formally a capital of Israel. Though Israel has occupied entire Palestine but their desire to make Jerusalem as their capital was not getting fulfilled. The global opinion and entire world was against this but this fool has done this work. This is one grievous act but the more painful is the reaction shown by the Muslim world. Like always some religious groups, entities have issued condemnation statements. It is just a sneezing due to some dust entering inside the nose. They will issue these condemnation statements and then remain silent. Some others do protests, do rallies after the Friday prayers and consider that they have delivered their rights. As such people gather for Friday prayers and you can easily mobilize them for some protests. Most of them don’t even know what is happening. You can use this gathering in anyone’s favor. These attendees do not even realize what they are doing and just support for the sake of rewards. Thus few condemnation statements and some rallies is what they have done. This deserves a reply and an intellectual, strong reply against America and Israel is that if American Embassy opens up in Jerusalem then all American Embassies across the world should be closed down. This should be the reaction of Muslims and at least in the Muslim countries and the second all the Embassies of Muslims countries present in America should shut down. What is this statement of condemnation like a sneeze?

In reality this work is a joint program of Trump and Mohammad bin Salman; and also some other Arab nations. Trump first created Iran phobia and made the Arabs scared of Iran; then he promised them that he will support them against Iran. He even took the compensations for supporting them against Iran. Trump will support them against Iran and they will help Trump for supporting Israel. They will not raise their voice, they will not bring their Ambassadors and they will not shutdown the American Embassies in their countries. This is the situation of countries but the people, masses can do this work. The actual reaction should be this only and if this is not done than any other reaction will not be considered as satisfactory and the pleasure of Allah will not be there. All American and Israel Embassies across the world should shut down and only American Embassy should be present in Israel and Israel embassy in America. And all Islamic nations’ embassies should be removed from America forever. This is the peak of insult, sacrilege of entire Islamic world.

This devil who has spoken a lot against Islam sitting there and now in order to affirm the existence of Israel and to make the world accept Israel he is moving his Embassy to Jerusalem by just one order. If he has started a war against Islam and Muslims, then Muslims should also fight a war against America, Trump and Israel. If the Muslim states are not willing to fight this battle then the Muslim masses, people should do deliver this obligation. The condemnation statements are not enough and in fact these statements needs to be condemned. They are sitting in the drawing room of their homes or in Press club, in media to issue this statement which makes no difference to Israel and America. To carry out a protests on Friday makes no difference for America or Israel.

The nation of people, Muslims masses should rise aginst this, start an uprising and if they cannot do this then these Muslims do not deserve to live if they allow this conspiracy to be successful. The Palestinian groups of Hamas and others have announced a third Intifada. Intifada is a congregational uprising and two such Intifada have taken place in Palestine in which Allah granted a lot of success to Palestinians. This is the third one which they have announced that they will start an uprising but the treachery which the Arab states are doing, we cannot expect anything from them. They will support Trump and Israel and on the contrary rise against Iran. This Arab NATO force which they are making with Pakistani and non-Pakistani countries as an alliance to fight against terrorism. Then you should get up, rise against America.  This Intifadashould not be only in Palestine but in fact across the world. There are certain accursed nations who are hosting the Israel Embassy like Turkey, Jordan and even Qatar has an office of Israel. The Muslims across the world should bring their governments under pressure so that their countries disconnect from America and shut down American Embassies. It is shameful that the Embassy of Trump is present in Pakistan and in other Muslimcountries. This is the rights of Qod’s and Palestine. From here you can understand the insight of Imam Khomeini (r.a) and he being despite of all difficultieswhich Iran had he announced Yaum Al Qod’s. If Qod’s day would have been organized across the world then America would not have dared to make their embassy in Jerusalem or Israel would not have dared to occupy Qod’s. The Supreme Leader has done this prediction and he has done this before also when he said Israel would not see next twenty five years. Two days back also he said that Israel will get destroyed. This is their plans but there is Allah’s plan also whereby Allah will destroy them in their own deceptive plans. The way they made ISIS and the same ISIS got destroyed by their own hands.

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