Political Markaz - Shias should have filed a case on Wasim Rizvi for defamation of Shia sect

Shias should have filed a case on Wasim Rizvi for defamation of Shia sect

Shias should have filed a case on Wasim Rizvi for defamation of Shia sect

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By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

The apostate Indian who has started sedition since long which was effective on Pakistan as well by the name Wasim Rizvi has nothing of human inside him and has been busy in creating discord, sedition since long. He is the same person who mentioned that 26 verses are not part of Quran which Khalifa’s have appended in Quran. He gave this request to Supreme Court and they also accepted because nowhere in the world an insane person’s request is accepted. Then he published a trailer of a film insulting the wives of Prophet. Then he wrote a book highly defaming Prophet (s), wives of Prophet and Quran. You can search on internet there is no police station in India where there is no case has been filed against him and cases are of thefts, rapes , corruption against him. The Nasibi’s used to make his words as documented evidence that Shias are like this. It is an old tactic of Nasibi that they take the words of ignorant and associate with Shias. Like these ignorant, polytheists Zakir’s who say Ali Allah are used by Nasibis as views of Shias. These acts of ignorant become a weapon of Nasibis. This ignorant has been doing this sedition since long and Nasibi’s have been using it.

Last week formally he went to temple and in front of Hindu pandit he announced that I am not Muslim and I am converting to Hinduism. He changed his name as well to Jitendra Narayan Tyagi. This apostate person who was part of Hindus since long and has been doing seditions under disguise of Muslim has now revealed his true identity. When he used to defame , the Shias used to silent mostly. Some would speak but also in very cautious manner. There was no Shia action taken against him centrally that he is defaming our religion and is using our sect. The case should have been made that he is using our Shia sect. They did not do this and now this apostate has become Hindu. This is one grain out of pot and not that it ends over here. There are many such apostates in Pakistan as well and many other places. They have nothing to do Islam , they are Hindus and not even Hindus because for them it is only their desires and they have nothing to do with any religion. Their words should not be associated with religion and one by one many others will get exposed. They remove their veil when times become tough. There are many such present in Pakistan as well.

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