Political Markaz - Shias’ clashing in Iraq Elections

Shias’ clashing in Iraq Elections

Shias’ clashing in Iraq Elections

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In Iraq elections are near and the atmosphere is abnormal. Iraq has become free from ISIS after a long time and there is an open atmosphere hence there is a lot of complexity and Shias are the majority. One difficulty that has come up in these elections is that there are many Shia groups contesting and their conflicts have increased amongst each other. Another dimension that has come up in these elections is that Marjaiyat is playing a full role in these elections. Grand Ayatullah Sistani (d.a) has issued as special message as regards to this election. It was famous for Najaf that the scholars from Najaf have always refrained from politics and distanced themselves from politics. This was the reason that the Najafi’ scholars did not accept Imam Khomeini (r.a) as he was a political scholar but Ayatullah Sistani has changed that impression about Najaf. If you see in the entire history of Najaf the only personality is Ayatullah Sistani who is delivering a full role in politics of Iraq and during the elections also now he has issued a very good statement about elections in Iraq. He has warned the people about the hovering dangers of this election. Generally the elders during such situations of elections invite people to participate in elections, select good candidates. But Ayatullah Sistani has instructed his community that they should not elect corrupt candidates, misguided beings. It was a deep statement under the context of political situations in Iraq. The statement of Ayatullah Sistani is not for Sunnis as they do not consider him as their Marajae Taqleed. When a Marajae issues an order it is for his followers who are all Shias. He has ordered the Shias to not vote for corrupt persons. Shias there are not voting for Sunnis they give votes to Shias only hence this statement is specific to Shias only. In fact he has clearly said in his statement that those who have governed before and have done treachery with the people they should not be voted. This points towards the fact that in Iraqi elections there are issues with Shia politics which where there before as well. Saudi Arab is investing a lot on these elections. It is the first time that Saudi for taking revenge from Iran as it accuses that Iran has interference in Arab world and Saudi wants to interfere in the Shia world and they have selected Iraq for that. Bin Salman would be soon visiting Iraq also which might be after the elections. He had plans to go before but now elections are near. He has invested a lot on Shia groups. Moqtada Sadr is a known political personality who met Bin Salman in Riyadh and lot of news, pictures were flashed in media to show that if Iran can interfere in Arab states, then they can also do the same with Shias under the influence of Iran and break the Shia community.

Ammar Hakim was the head of Iraqi Supreme council, a young person; he left the Iraqi Supreme Council and made his new party as Hikmat-e-Milli and has come into elections. His plans, slogans needs pondering and are dangerous. He wants to wipe off all the differences between Arab, Non-Arab, Islam, non-Islam, man, women and as such he is known might be in joking as leader of women. He has kept more women members in his party. He is introducing a new liberal politics in Iraq which would be liked by West, Saudi Arab, Egypt and he also wants to get Iran into agreement. Hashad us Shabi is also participating in elections and in one regard this election would be a fight amongst Shias. This is what generally happens in election whereby one sect, school, community gets divided into various parties and their animosity, hatred becomes extreme. They confront each other, weaken each other, abuse, they try all plans to get each other out of the field. This verdict also came from this elderly person and this was related to Shia only, about those who caused corruption and did not remain under the supervision of elders and hence this was expressed by him. If elections takes place like before they can make their own government. But at present HaiderAbadi, Nouri Maliki, Ibrahim Jafari, Ammar Hakeem , Moqtada Sadr, Hashad us Shabi all have their own groups. They are all contesting with each other and have placed candidates against each other. If this remains up to elections only then also there are lot of predictions but if the differences enhance then it would create more damage

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