Political Markaz - Shia Leaders drown them in Fitnah’s of Pakistan

Shia Leaders drown them in Fitnah’s of Pakistan

Shia Leaders drown them in Fitnah’s of Pakistan

Dec 29,2017 Comments Download

As I said before the elections full with Fitnah’s and most dreadful elections are coming up; and for this big preparations are being done. There are certain people who are always under trouble, like when there is flood those who are living near the sea suffer the most. In every calamity there are certain segments which are ready to bear the losses. And there are some who are prepared and suffered the least. From this perspective if we see the most troubled and distressed people are Shias. When a Fitnah starts they are the one who come under its clutches. And even if they don’t come, then their leaders take them into it. It happens when the flood comes the population is staying far away but there is a leader who takes them near the shore for some of his personal interests and drown them completely. Anyhow all the dangers that were there in the world are turning towards Pakistan and Pakistan is being prepared for that. The political instability has gone to its peak, the breaking, making is happening with severity; foreign interference is happening mercilessly like Ale Saud who are themselves in big trouble are every other day calling our rulers to give them instructions. Even now as well some of our rulers have gone there. Ale Saud are already engulfed in the Fitnah of Trump and are the pawns for the final Fitnah of Israel. The same Ale Saud are now selecting the pawns, puppets from Pakistan to involve them. These are the issues that are going to happen in 2018. Since today’s session started late if Allah gives Taufeeq then in the middle of week or next Friday we will talk about this analysis of 2017 issues.


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