Political Markaz - Shia Killings and Shia strategy in Afghanistan

Shia Killings and Shia strategy in Afghanistan

Shia Killings and Shia strategy in Afghanistan

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In International issues, the most grievous incident that took place was in Afghanistan, and every day there is tyranny and cruelty increasing and Shias are the target of it. Yesterday also an education center by the name of Markaz e Maood, where Shia students were studying was targeted and more than 50 were martyred any many are wounded. Few days back as well such dreadful incident happened and a big number of believers were martyred.

Afghanistan is regaining its centralization the way it happened few decades back and effected the region and mostly the Shias. Now also the terrorists, cruelest beings from across the world have been gathered by America and their Arab supporters in Afghanistan. There were previous terrorists groups of Taliban present, then ISIS and all other terrorist groups have been gathered in Afghanistan along with weaponry. In the past as well America did this when Afghanistan was communist and was under the effect of Soviet Union. At that time America carried out Jihadi acts through the local population, some Arabs and the most foolish who jumped into Afghanistan in the name of Jihad were Pakistani. There was war and many things got ruined for both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Such things happened in Pakistan after that Jihad which has become out of control for everyone and no one is bale to solve those till date. Zia ul Haqq took the support of Afghanistan for his positon and now America is again making it a center of Jihad and terrorism. First it was made against Russia but now it is for China. Since China has become superpower and their power is going above America they want to inflict blows on China. The current President of China has made China global power in trade and politics. The rise of china is downfall of America. America has taken such steps whereby they have got the entire world into an economic issue and very soon an economic chaos is expected across the word. The corrupt team of Trump; the plans which he has made to control China and world in that Afghanistan has again become center

The situation now is that first Pakistan was in competition of Russia. After forming of Pakistan a foolish thing which Pakistan leaders did was in regards to the two power blocs of America and Russia. Pakistan at that time came up as new state and they had to become an ally to someone. The Pakistan rulers decided to support America. This was amongst such a foolish decision of Pakistan which cannot be compensated and it became the basis of Pakistan’s destruction. From that time America distracted Pakistan in every field. At time Afghanistan was used to bring down Russia and now again to bring down China they used Afghanistan. At that time Pakistan was America’s friend and against Russia but now Pakistan is friend of China hence America has gone against Pakistan also. Hence the situation which is happening in Afghanistan is more dangerous than what happened in 1980’s in Afghanistan. At that time there was Russia control on Afghanistan. The local Afghanistan forces and others from outside came forward with the excuse of liberating the country. But now there is NATO control on Afghanistan and they are preparing to punish China and top of the list is Pakistan due to its friendship with China. Hence the map which America has made for Afghanistan is not like before, which was mixed with people’s groups, political parties. But now the dreadful, beastly terrorists of ISIS moved from Syria, Iraq and they have started their operations in Afghanistan. In order to warm their blood and to raise the motivation of their people they start with Shias and then the group opens. The Shias are continuously become victims of this in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan the Shias have adopted a policy whereby most of the Shia groups are in alignment with America. There is no Shia group in America which are anti American and all are supporters of America. In the government, politics of Afghanistan the Afghani Shias have participated in favor of America. It does not looks like there is even a single Afghani group which has a separate vision for Shia. They believe that whatever system America establishes in Afghanistan the Shia should fit in that. The Afghani Shia’s are more powerful than the Pakistan Shias. In Pakistan Shias are divided, political direction is not there but in Afghanistan they are not divided and from many perspectives they are much better than Pakistan Shias. They also have a political stand and they are effective in the Afghanistan politics as well. From the time the Jihadi warriors have ended the Shias have been on key posts, like the Deputy President and Deputy Parliament speaker is Shia. They have got key posts, they have made big centers and both in university and seminary Shias are much ahead of others. They are much forward in religious sciences. We can say that after Iranian personalities in religious sciences are the Afghani Shias. Their students and scholars are much forward. In Syria the most effective operation that was done aginst ISIS by the Afghani Shias, as Fatmiyoon and they played a fundamental role.

All this direction of Shias in Afghanistan are in harmonization with American policies. Iran has a good influence and intervention with the Shias in Afghanistan and a big evidence of this is the act of Afghanistan Shias in Syria. The Afghanistan Shias are visible; they have good centers, personalities; like they have many TV channel. In Ghazni where there is war between Taliban and government. In Gazni Shias are very powerful and this war is happening to weaken the Shias there. The Shia structure is strong there but are in alignment with America apart from those who are pro Iran. The Afghanistan Shias have played a big role in Afghanistan and hence the Shias need to be controlled.

Hence ISIS has started this killing of Shias. In Afghanistan the ISIS is under America and Taliban is under support of Russia and China. This will spread, though it has started from Shias like in Pakistan whereby other government organizations will also come under that. The Shia in Afghanistan have a good history. ISIS has been supported by America, and if Shias also align with America then they will never remain secure. The Afghanistan Shias should think that the enemy of Shias that is ISIS is also supported by America, and if Shias also walk under the umbrella of America then they will never remain secure. The Shias in numbers are less in Afghanistan as compared to Pakistan but since the total population of Afghanistan itself is less; but this less population of Shia also is also significance. In Pakistan they are more but in elections also they cannot win a single seat. And over there a big number is in Parliament. At present Agha Muhaqia is an interesting scholar, he has 4 wives, some of them are modern and he is also very liberal and modern. He is not like conventional scholar, but very modern and he is the deputy president of Afghanistan and people like him as he is modern. He also thinks like Ashraf Ghani and there are many such personalities who have a political weightage.

But the situation that is happening in Afghanistan that Shias should be at the mercy of America but America will never have mercy on Shias, the will only use them. The Afghanistan Shias are very powerful and they can defend themselves, if they see from this perspective they can defend themselves and not leave them on the mercy of America. From Muharram till now many killings have taken place. All big events takes place on Shias only. In last week two incident have taken place on Shias. What America is trying to do in Afghanistan is against a test. In Afghanistan war Shias have suffered big losses. Many lost lives, migrated, deprived and when the situation was improving again America started this mischief.

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