Political Markaz - Sheikh Zakzaky (h.a) released from imprisonment

Sheikh Zakzaky (h.a) released from imprisonment

Sheikh Zakzaky (h.a) released from imprisonment

Jul 30,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Good news on this day of Ghadeer is the Leader of Shias of Nigeria, Sheikh Zakzaky (h.a) has been released from the imprisonment of tyrants. He has reached his home after release with her wife. We express greetings to all believers on this occasion and all those whose supplications became the cause of this release. Since 2015 when his house was attacked by the pet terrorists of Ale Saud, though they were government police and army. They were frustrated with the movement and work of this elderly leader whose miracle was to transform millions towards Shiite and formed an Ummah. For this crime he was wounded in a cruel manner along with her wife. After six years the court has released him from all allegations and nothing was proven for him. There was no treatment given to him in prison. He did one journey to India for treatment and due to treacherous behavior of certain persons tortured him more in India and Sheikh had to return back without treatment. This blot would be always present on these Indians whose ugly faces came out later; that a crusader went to their land as guest and they maltreated him and he came back quoting that I can tolerate sickness but not disgrace. The element which was effective in his release were the prayers of all believers globally. May Allah grant him sound health and God willing the ummah will benefit more from this presence and movement.

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