Political Markaz - Severity in Revenge Politics and deteriorating Economy in Pakistan

Severity in Revenge Politics and deteriorating Economy in Pakistan

Severity in Revenge Politics and deteriorating Economy in Pakistan

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In the national issues, there is continuous instability coming up, and there is a big impact on politics and bigger than that on economics. It is not just economics but there is a need of a comprehensive analysis and discussion on this. We have to understand the effects and impacts on various things due to economy. These need to be pointed out that, so that at individual and social level we can work out some plan to preserve ourselves from its effects and find a solution. The biggest impact is happening on living needs of people, whereby inflation is increasing rapidly. The government from the time it was formed, against their slogans and claims they are only and completely attentive on revenge politics. Somehow this has been in their mind that their government is in danger and till the time all opposition does not go inside prison their government will not be secure. They are doing this rapidly to full the prisons with opposition politicians. Those opposition politicians are also as such the same with no difference in actions and not even slightest difference, they are all of some categories. But their behavior with each other, when they are in power and out of power whereby they go to extremes. The outcome of this revenge politics is that national affairs are forsaken and no one is attentive to the country’s issues. They have no time and have raised so many non-issues. There is almost 4 months passed and they were not able to pass a bill or make a new law in the parliament. They did not even start the process of making law. They did not even present the agenda that today we will make a law for some issue of the country. The Parliament’s purpose is to make laws, do changes in the laws and they have not spent a single day in this. They have just been fighting in the media, accusing, blaming and attacking each other. They are wasting the entire assets of the community in this. The community is also happy on this, and people are also enjoying all this. The dramatics have been left behind and these politicians have crossed all limits in disgraceful acts.

The prophecy which Allama Iqbal had done can be witnessed today. As he has said that refrain from democracy, as there is no goodness in this because if 200 donkeys sit they cannot deliver a single human act. It is not that this parliament, it is the system of democracy which cannot do anything good even for 1000 years. The economy of the country which was ruined before as well and the load of bad economy is not on government it is on people. The politicians, rulers, provincial rulers have no issues they are getting salaries, stipends, their children are studying outside and their women are doing shopping. The economy when it gets destroyed it does not effects capitalists, rulers but it effects the ordinary people, who do laborious acts, farmers, workers and they get deprived of daily needs if the economy is not running properly in the country. For this country when the time of elections come; they talk about the potential of the country, that this is rich country, 5 rivers are there, mines are there and if we get a chance we can see what we will do to the country. The current government said that we will bring such a revolution in 100 days that outsider Pakistani would return back here. If this was an agriculture, minerals country before then now also it is the same. But they do not intend to do anything for the country. They will tell stories to the people, that governor house is opened to public. We have opened president house. So what? When they were closed what was community getting and what are they are getting now.

You do not realize that one government person came here and asked do you have gas here. We said, we don’t have Alhamdolillah. In the entire country, in Sindh all gas is closed for petrol pumps, homes, industries and people have no alternative arrangement for Gas as well. There is no arrangement for wood as well. The people are suffering. The electricity cost has gone up, petrol has gone up. In one week, 40 to 50% prices of commodities have gone up, this is because dollar has gone up and rupee has fallen. Everything is costly and rupee is low. When this happens then the prices of commodities will go up.

The interesting thing is that when the news of politicians comes up in news. It was there in the news yesterday that our PM is the no 2 leader in the world who gives time on Tweeter. The PM who is sitting on tweeter day and night, the he has no time to look at any other affair in the country. This is an astonishing and chaotic situation in the country.

Then the decisions they are taking are foolish type and one decision they have taken is for demolition of illegal property. In 70 yrs, every category of capitalists, shops, locality people, religious people have all illegally occupied land, they occupy part of streets, and they make stairs on street. If you go around Pakistan you will find the same, that people have extended their homes outside on the street. The poor people have also done this encroachment on national land, streets and usurped the plots. This is an ordinary culture and anyone who does not do, they consider him as fool. This is a crime, sin and prohibited. If your house is opening on a street, you cannot take a part of street inside your home. You are becoming obstacle in the path of people on the street. Every Pakistani has done this and there is no one who has not done aggression on the rights of others. There are parks, where shops are made. In 70 yrs these encroachment was going on in front of government and with permission of government, these plazas were made. Now the Supreme Court has given order. What PM is not able to do, our Chief Justice does it. After his retirement people will question him, because now if someone speaks, he arrests them. He has issued ordered to bring down encroached land. The half of Karachi is destroyed as Karachi was made on encroachment. The markets were made on footpaths, streams of waste water. The political parties, traders had occupied the lands. They have brought down many such places and hundreds of thousands have become jobless. It is good to do this, but should be done in proper way. They should make a law, give the people time to find alternatives in a specific time. In Iran there were similar encroachment around Haram. The guardians of Haram complained that this market is made around the Haram and should be ended. The government asked them to clear this, but they asked to give us alternative place. The government gave them alternative market place, the moved and then this occupied land was cleared. This is the way, when 70 yrs you were sitting and now in one night you are bringing down everything. There are so many people, whose living, customers of the shop’s owner, worker, buyers and all get impacted. They do not have time to analyze these things. These are the foundations of our system now.

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