Political Markaz - Severe reaction by Pakistan on burning of temple

Severe reaction by Pakistan on burning of temple

Severe reaction by Pakistan on burning of temple

Aug 13,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

One incident took place in Rahimyar khan a week before, whereby a Hindu temple was demolished by passionate Muslims. After this incident in media, parliament and judiciary the reaction which came needs to be paid attention. Mosques, centers, Imambargahs, churches are being burnt and many big incidents of killing Shias in Quetta has taken place, and countrywide protests have also been done by Shias but no one compensated their losses. There are two incidents that took place in Pakistan where abnormal reaction came out. One was the terrorist attack on Peshawar school where the army and state decided to control terrorism and they got control. There have been many dreadful incidents hat have taken place before but no sensitivity has been seen since in majority cases Shias were victims. And the second incident was this burning of temple. After this the President, government, national assembly, provincial assembly, organization and even judiciary have shown severe reaction. They scolded police on why they allowed such incident. Why protection was not given, and after this why the arrests were not done. Till date 60 people have been arrested and temple has been reconstructed. I am not questioning why such reaction was shown, I am telling that every incident of terrorism should be given the same attention and reaction. The way reaction has been shown on demolishment of temple and hell out of police was made where they arrested sixty persons within 24 hrs and strict punishment would be given to them. The same should be done for all incidents. There should not be double standard in Pakistan against terrorism. In certain incident series no FIR is issued, no one visits the dead bodies and then are these incidents where entire nation stands up. There should be one standard. What happened with this temple is the right approach and should be done for all such incidents.

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