Political Markaz - Seerah of Lady Fatema (s.a)

Seerah of Lady Fatema (s.a)

Seerah of Lady Fatema (s.a)

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The big event this week and next week also is the Ayyame Fatema (s.a). These events are the days of mourning for her as well as in this month on 20th Jamadi us Saani we have the birth anniversary of hers. 20th Jamadi us Saani is also being celebrated in this Hauza since years.

There is a big conference where ladies from all over the country will participate and the men also here can attend as we have place now which was not there before but fundamentally the program is for ladies. The most important dimension of Lady Fatema (s.a) is the Seerah of Lady Zahra, which is the source of religion and Sharia, though we do not clinch to it and only rely on expressing her merits. Her way of living, life style and in the small life the role which she played in different fields, and the principles which she presented is a spring for entire humanity. Those who have belief in her, they stop at belief and emotions but the topic of Lady Fatema (s.a) Is beyond aspiration.

Her Seerah is a Hujjat for every man and woman, specifically in this era. That Seerah should be first elaborated and expressed in different fields and then we transform that Seerah in our culture and civilization. We have listed about her merits which the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) expressed for her and then the calamities which befall her, which she herself expressed as to what happened with calamities in a limited period this is also one dimension but the pure thing enveloped inside these merits and calamities is Seerah of Lady Fatema (s.a), which is Hayat e Tayyaba, which Quran has promised to man. That is present in physical form in the character of Lady Fatema (s.a). Where all the majlis are done, there should be arrangement done to express her Seerah as well.  

There are two dates, one is 13 Jamadi ul Awwal and then 3 Jamadi us Saani, at some places Majlis is done on both days, either of condolence or expression of merits, but Seerah is not expressed. In Qom we had the privilege and Majlis were done, but since 20 yrs the same is being expressed and her Seerah is not expressed. The Seerah was not touched and I had this desire to express this dimension. 

We started this series in Qom, but after coming to Pakistan, the other issues started and lot of time was spend on it. Now also I desire that from 13 to 3rd Jamadi us Saani, these 20 days should be spent in her name and detailed discussion should be done but that was not done, due to other secondary things. If Allah gives Taufeeq, this topic of Seerah needs to be expressed to students and women. There is a vacuum of Seerah and specifically of that of Lady Fatema (s.a).  

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