Political Markaz - Seditions around the final attack of America on Iran

Seditions around the final attack of America on Iran

Seditions around the final attack of America on Iran

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There are all sorts of pressure on Iran; there are seditions, pressure from people inside and all sorts of steps are taken to besiege Iran from all around. They are creating such an atmosphere that the Iranian community should themselves rise against their government. All these strategies which America has made for Iran, its last part will become active on 4th November. For Iran this is a historic day as this was the day on which the Iranian youths took over the American Embassy. They caught the spies of America there and this day is considered as the day against Iran. This year Iranians are also celebrating the day and America has decided that the last round of sanctions which we are going to impose on Iran will be on this day and on this day itself Iran will collapse. Trump is expecting that all the Iranians will come out on the street on this day and government will end. The Iranian President has said that Trump is a fool and no one has told him that this day is not suitable because when on 4th November you will announce these sanctions you do not know what event days are going on in Iran. On one side was Arbaeen and other hand is the Death Anniversary of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) and Imam Hassan (a.s). In these days the Shias are not ready to listen to Trump even if they are not revolutionaries. The President said that you have selected the wrong days. The day you are planning to arouse Iranians to stand against their government then on the same day Iranians will become aroused and come against you on this day and will end your intervention.

They are using very dangerous tactics against Iran and amongst these one very dangerous tactic that is being used is to bring the religious people, specifically the Hauza and the Marajae stand against the government. One way is to ask the Marajae openly to stand aginst the government which no Marajae will do. The way is to create an atmosphere where this happens. The way it is done in Pakistan that they released Asiya Bibi right on 31st October when the people were remembering Gazi Ilam Din. This means they did this intentionally to create the riots. They make all these attempts on specific events like they wanted to have a clash between Iranians and Iraqis during Arbaeen which failed and Arbaeen got over peacefully. Such news and incidents keep on popping up in Iran. Like sometime back there was a gathering in Hauza whereby some slogans were raised and the revolutionaries and Marajae came in confrontation. That sedition was foiled. Now again this Fitnah has started.

One Ayatullah Mujtahid has written a letter to other Mujtahid. They are both in 80s and 90s. This is normal in Seminary whereby such letters are exchanged.  Both these Ayatollah’s are in the last age of their lives but the concern is that one Ayatullah is Revolutionary and other non-revolutionary. The revolutionary one is Ayatullah Sheikh Mohammad Yazdi; who is head of Teachers organization in Qom and has been the head of experts Assembly also and has been chief justice as well and on various senior positions. The other personality is also an elderly Sayed in Qom since long time Ayatullah Shubair Zanjani, who is well known in the Seminary. This elderly person Ayatullah Zanjani had a meeting with those people who are openly Anti-government and the pictures came in media. This revolutionary Ayatullah , Sheikh Yazdi wrote a letter to Ayatullah Zanjani that you are a Mujtahid and enemy has conspiracy and in this situation you met the anti-government elements ; though you are not even political then meeting such people that too in these days was something unexpected from you. When there is a global conspiracy of enemy then meeting the opponents during this time was not a good act.

In response to this an aggression started against Ayatullah Yazdi who himself is a Marajae. This way a crisis was created and media is also giving this impression that Marajae are also standing against the state. These are the Fitnah of this level which the Satan’s are using. First they asked all the truck drivers to go on strike. Some said tires and tubes are not found, but they are available. That strike was controlled with difficulty. Then they aroused the teachers to do a strike, which was foiled. Every other day they arouse one category of people. Since the Shah was ousted by the Ayatullah; they think that again Ayatullah will oust the Ayatullah. This is not an easy thing to do and is a costly deal. We hope that scholars who have always supported religion will foil the plans of Satan. Since America had announced that we will not allow revolution to enter the 40th year, but it has entered and now it will be over on February. Trump has announced that in November we will end the revolution and this is their last attack. God willing again in this attack they will be disgraced. We pray that may Allah protect them from all the evils of Satan. We specially pray today to Allah to secure Pakistan from the evils which are being done. We pray to Allah to grant sense to this community and give Taufeeq to the government to not take any silly steps. May Allah release these innocent people who have been arrested?

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