Political Markaz - Secrecy of Taliban

Secrecy of Taliban

Secrecy of Taliban

Oct 29,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Taliban are also big players. This dimension of theirs is not expressed generally as mostly their extreme side is presented. In Pakistan newspaper a picture of Mullah Yaqoob , the defense minister and son of ex Mullah Omar was published. The news media published with happiness as something unique and gave place in media. What is Taliban doing in media? They are not concerned about what is happening in Afghanistan, they are completely cut off from the world which has frozen Afghanistan and handed over to Taliban. In this situation our media is interested in the picture of Mulla Yaqoob as if the world was desperate get this picture. A policy of Taliban is secrecy. In battles as well they have secrecy as big element of success and even in politics is the same. They conceal their secrets a lot. When Mulla Omar dies in hospital in Karachi his death was announced after two years. They kept the death of their commander concealed for two years and no one knew about it which is unique form of secrecy. Those who are related to security they know the importance of secrecy. Mulla Omar got entire world into difficulties and there is no picture of Mulla Omar except for one old picture when he was student. From his new cabinet two unique pictures have come out, one of Mulla Yaqoob and second is Sirajuddin Haqqani who is interior minister but not seen in media. This is their secrecy and as such in Hanafi taking pictures is not permissible. The commanders of Taliban due to political reasons do not make pictures. In this when one picture of Mulla Yaqoob has come and you see the passions of Pakistani people and media more excitement then even of NASA when it discovers new planet. This is the secrecy of Taliban and how they are playing.

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