Political Markaz - Saudi will buy Pakistan’s Atomic weapons

Saudi will buy Pakistan’s Atomic weapons

Saudi will buy Pakistan’s Atomic weapons

Mar 22,2019 Comments Download

There is a serious pressure building up on Pakistan. The internal issue are going on in one direction and external issues are going on in other direction. In India there are elections and people think that the pressure on Pakistan will reduce after elections but this is a misunderstanding. At a global level, there is a strategy made against Muslims and some western and Arab nations are cooperating with them. As I have said before, that these Arab donkeys who come with dollars to Pakistan with 20 b$, 100 b$ to India. These are traders, who buy nations, systems, means and Ale Saud are the biggest buyers and they are buying weapons in big way; they are buying rental forces; it is not their plan but the plan of Zionist, America and the money of Muslims, Ale Saud is being spend. The FM of America has given a formal policy statement, in which he has mentioned that Atomic power of Pakistan is a threat to American security. Pompeo said Pakistan Atomic missile, Atomic artillery and war heads are a threat. America is a superpower and wherever they declare that this country is a threat to their security, they destroy then. They have enmity with Iran, North Korea and can destroy America.

America is a threat to the entire world but no one touches them. Pakistan has atomic weapons and Pompeo has declared hat Pakistan atomic bombs are a threat. I have mentioned that this movement of people in Pakistan means something is happening. They have send the trader Bin Salman also in field who will pay money and buy the atomic weapons. They have destroyed Libyan atomic weapons. They have destroyed Syria and now only Pakistan is left who has atomic weapons, for which they have said that this a threat and should go in secure hands and that is Saudi Arabia. Saudi is testing all their weapons in Yemen but the actual use is for Iran. They are selling their weapons to Saudi and making money from it, and now they want Saudi to buy the atomic weapons of Pakistan. Since Pakistan government has no plans to solve the economy problem, they are begging, so now they have made this plan to buy the atomic weapons of Pakistan and pay them something.  

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