Political Markaz - Saudi's ongoing enmity with Iran

Saudi's ongoing enmity with Iran

Saudi's ongoing enmity with Iran

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Another news related to Pakistan only is related to the visit of Imam E Kaaba to Pakistan. The position of Imam E Kaaba is a highly prestigious positon in the Islamic world. But this Imam e Kaaba against his status, position comes on directives of others. When Imam E Kaaba visits a country it should be good news but a visit in which difficulties are created for others. At present the policy in Saudi Arabia where modern Islam is introduced and this visit is part of the same activity. Since long there are terrorist elements present in Pakistan and the Arabs are supporting them. They do not hide their motives and openly express them. They speak against Shia personalities, groups, institutes. They have formally announced that we have no enmity with Israel and our enmity is with Iran. In a recent statement they announced that we would become an atomic power since Iran is becoming an atomic power. They want to become an atomic power for the sake of Iran. They are constructing forces and taking rental forces to fight with Shias. They are taking rental forces for their own protection. They have recently changed their entire High command. The chief of Army, Navy and Air force all have been changed since they have a big threat due to this filthy acts of this crown prince. They are not trusting their own forces and are afraid of rebellion and coup. And this is going to happen as Saudi Araba is drastically moving towards changes. Now in Saudi Arabia the verdicts are given by Mufti’s that women can visit stadium for concerts, can dance, and jump. They have done a marathon race for women. The Pakistanis who claim that they have deep relationship with Saudi Arabia. Now Saudi Arabia is doing this so their followers will also do the same. They have made women run in marathon race so that Trump can be pleased.

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