Political Markaz - Saudi Prince gifts Gold Kalashankoff to Pakistan PM

Saudi Prince gifts Gold Kalashankoff to Pakistan PM

Saudi Prince gifts Gold Kalashankoff to Pakistan PM

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One more incident that has taken place in Pakistan is that in this season Arab prince come for hunting; from Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar, Emirates and Kuwait. They are such filthy looking princes that if you look at them you won’t stop vomiting for six days. They are 80, 90 yrs prince who have money and come in their own planes and teams. There are special airports made for them in these places. They destroy the farms of people and last year in Bhakkar they destroyed one complete farm of chick peas.

People protested then they distributed money to people but their hunting was not stopped. There is one very beautiful bird that migrates in winter over here by the name Tylor which comes from Siberia. This bird visits the dessert areas of Cholestan during winter and the Pakistan Supreme court has put ban on hunting in these areas but these princes are given special permission.

One prince of 80 yrs who is the governor of Tabuk region in Saudi Arabia. When he visited immediately he presented one gift to our PM which was a Gold Kalashankoff and this came in news. The others also come but he has given a special gift of a Machine Gun. Every gift has a symbolic meaning. He could have come with a Gold pen, some other expensive necklace; or might be an expensive Cricket Bat. But he specifically got a real Kalashankoff but instead of iron Gold is used.

I remembered one more Klashankoff when I read this news. That was another Gold Kalashankoff which the previous Saudi King, Shah Fahad gifted to Saddam Hussain which America looted from Saddam’s palace. There are pictures of Saddam also with that Gold Gun. Then that gift did a lot which the world has seen. To bring such gifts has a message inside it and now Bin Salman is coming. He is also visiting for hunting only and his hunting is very expensive. He is not coming to hunt bird and our PM has called and said that we are desperately waiting for Bin Salman to visit Pakistan.

This Arab friendship has costed a lot for Pakistan. We like Arabs; one is due to Arabic and we feel Arabic is like verses of Quran. One Khan went to Saudi and was chewing tobacco. One Arab went to him and scolded to him that what are you eating all this. The Khan fell down on his feet, crying and said that I have heard a lot about tobacco before but first time I found that so many verses have been revealed about Tobacco.

We like Arabic language as such, which is natural and then secondly Saudi has Haramain hence all Muslims are connected to Saudi. But above all this, we like the wealth of Arabs, as we get oil, money, job from them which is more attractive to them. We can understand why we like them because they have money but the other question why do they like us? What do they want from Pakistan; there is no Haram here, there is no money, we don’t speak Arabic, no wealth but still why they love Pakistan. It is for this hunting. They do hunting.

As I said before that our PM has given a very strong statement and we hope that he remains firm on that. He said that Pakistan will no more become a rented gun for anyone. You can bring a gold gun to us but we will get used, we will not fight rented wars and we will not take any threats on our country for you. What PM has said, all should respect it and we should repeat this statement and we should not do anything against that statement. It should not happen that these kind of princes come to Pakistan, they spend their wealth here, and then they take resources, people from here for their wars in Yemen, Syria and might be to make a force against Iran. We should be attentive about this that they should not use us.

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