Political Markaz - Saudi Mufti’s legitimize Valentine Day under modern Islam

Saudi Mufti’s legitimize Valentine Day under modern Islam

Saudi Mufti’s legitimize Valentine Day under modern Islam

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On more point that is happening in Saudi Arabia is that a modern Islam is spreading. The courtyard scholars who are associated with King are doing strange things. The Saudi Mufti has issued a (Fatwa) verdict recently that it is not mandatory to wear Hijab for women when they come out whereas previously even hand gloves was mandatory. Then they said that women can go to stadiums, gymnasium, play football, they can dance and go to Cinema halls. In Saudi there were no Cinema halls which are being made now with Indian and Hollywood films being relayed. Songs, dancing is now allowed on TV and all this is happening with the permission of scholars. The scholars have said that there is no harm in this except that all this should be done within Islamic limits.


The most recent verdict they have given is related to Valentine day. Valentine day is an icon of lustful culture. This day has been announced in Europe for arousing lustful relationship between boys and girls. On this day Na Mahram boys and girls meet, they give gifts to each other, they give flowers and we cannot say what all they do after that and all these are free to do on valentine day. The Saudi mufti has given this verdict that Valentine is a good day for making friendships and if within Islamic limits there is no harm in this as well. The Na mahram can hug each other, kiss each other, give flowers to each other and meet in privacy and they have written that all this is permitted but it should be within Islamic limits. This is not a change in Islam in Saudi Arabia because a new Islam came in Saudi Arabia hundred years back as well. At that time as well they declared the prevailing Islam as innovative (Biddah) and Shirk; against that they got a new Islam in the name of Wahhabiat. The damage which this new Islam did was very high resulting into bloodshed, sectarianism and the damage this did across the world and one big example of this new Islam is Pakistan which got influenced by this Islam. 


Similarly now they are introducing a modern Liberal Islam; an Islam that is liked by Trump.  This Trumpy Islam is being propagated in Saudi Arabia and their courtyard scholars are issuing verdicts to support this modern Islam. These courtyard scholars were hardliners and would even tell men to not even look at sheep, cows as they are also Na Mahram. They had such lowly thinking and now they are allowing everything to women, they have removed Hijab, they can watch cinemas, and they can hug Na Mahram on valentine day as well if within Islamic limits. This new Islam will become a Fitnah now. They have Mecca, Medina with them and they take full advantage of Haramain. The Islam which stems out from Saudi spreads across the world. The Saudi’s have Rials and these Rials are more effective on passionate Muslims like Pakistani. This liberal Islam will also come out from there only and spread. This is one side of the coin and the second side of the coin has to come out. The extremist people there are under shock, they were not expecting that such an Islam can get propagated in Saudi. They are coming out of shock and some big incidents are going to happen in Saudi though it will take some time. Whatever Mohammad bin Salman has done with the Royal family, with the people and these courtyard scholars will together result into a big Fitnah which will inflame the entire Islamic world.



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