Political Markaz - Saudi Arabia moving towards internal crisis

Saudi Arabia moving towards internal crisis

Saudi Arabia moving towards internal crisis

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Saudi Arabia moving towards internal crisis

In middle east an important event that is about to take place is related to the situation that is getting created inside Saudi. The method which the Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman has adopted inside Saudi Arabia is dramatic. He is a man from the movie world and he used to mostly watch Cartoons and was an expert on video games, and from there he prepared himself. In the upcoming future there are important things about to happen in Saudi Arabia inside as well as around it both politically and economically. This is because for the sake of securing their economy they have announced a new policy.


There is a British newspaper Guardian in which Mohammad bin Salman has given interview; there he has expressed that they are going to make Saudi Arabia a very modern state. Saudi Arabia wants to spend the money equivalent to what China wants to spend across more than twenty countries. Many consider these as political statements or some claims from a destroyed nation. This is true also when a dictator is about to die he talks such interesting things when he sees death. He has made imaginary forces and when death is near he talks such crazy things that go and capture China and do this, that. His family members listen to all this. This state of a person under downfall who talks about such things. Internally there is a unique division, hatred, malice developed amongst themselves. A big part of Royal family is in under prison. He has kept many of his family members, specifically of his age under house arrest and he lives under very high degree of security system to the level that he considers also as his enemy. This has happened before also when Shah Khalid was killed by member of his family. They have this threat and some from this family are big tyrants. Mohammed bin Salman has wiped off families from Royal family. Since news don’t come out that much this dreadful things are about to happen in Saudi Arabia.

He has made a modern map for Saudi Arabia till 2030 with high level of modernization. There will be no Non Saudi working in Saudi and all Saudis will run their country. They will construct the nation not just from oil revenue but from tax and other sources. He has seen these golden dreams and when the rulers become victim of such dreams then the internal situation of the country becomes very interesting. This gives a clue to those who have insights that upcoming incidents in Saudi would be very interesting. One statement he has said in interview with Guardian that we are reverting back to the Saudi Arabia before 1979. In 1979 there was Islamic Revolution in Iran. He has openly said that from 1979 Saudi has adopted a wrong line and we went towards extremism. He said that the decision of extremism which we took at that time was correct because if we would not have done that then the Iranian revolution would have drowned Saudi Arabia. The biggest imperialist emperor in Middle East was Shah of Iran and they were the biggest superpower of Middle East. When this big emperor got uprooted then other small kingdoms shivered that now it would be their turn. Hence they selected this root of extremism to block the progress of Islamic revolution. They prepared Saddam to attack Iran, then supported them and finally they got disgraced through the hands of Saddam. According to confession of Mohammad bin Salman if we would not have done all this then our emperorship would have been gone from Saudi and this revolution of Khomeini would have drowned us. We adopted this policy at that time but now we are returning back to the policy of balance. The Western world has paid serious attention to this statement. He is doing this, as he is immature, raw person who is sitting with this internal situation and having plan to make Saudi Arabia as the most modern country in the world.

In other words the most hard, conservative, orthodox, thoughtfully degraded country will become the worlds most modernized. He has given driving permission to women, he has given permission for women to come in stadium to watch football of men and they will play themselves as well. They have permitted Saudi songs, dance also on Saudi TV. There was an old Egyptian lady singer very famous whose song was broadcasted on Saudi TV. They are doing this day and night to modernize Saudi Arabia. This act of this Prince and the existing status of Saudi people, their thoughts, the other members of Royal family will all create a very interesting situation there. It is not that everyone is an obedient to this crown prince. Before issuing this statement he has imprisoned more than half of the members of Royal family. He has given this statement but now reactions will come from various sides. The semen of chaos, panic and has got laid in this country, these incidents will grow, become young and all this will happen very fast in Saudi Arab. The essence of these incidents, their thinking, steps is such that it will not take time. In a very short time these sincidents will take place. There are many sensitive things and many dimensions which needs to be clarified then we can understand this. I have just briefly expressed this point for our youths and people that Saudi Arabia has become a victim of some big upcoming events internally. Whatever external games Saudi had to play they had played but internally they are moving into an interesting situation. There is an effect of Saudi Arabia on the entire world whereby they have made groups, forces, organizations, Madrassahs in many places across the world. And Pakistan is the most affected land due to Saudi thinking.

Saudi has invested and put a lot of efforts in Pakistan. They have conferences every day in Pakistan. Our Pakistan government should be alert about this that if this chaos, panic takes place in Saudi then more effects will be on Pakistan then Saudi. These internal extremist forces which were made inside Pakistan by Saudi Arabia will now go to Saudi Arabia to intervene in their internal conflicts. This will have a serious effect on Pakistan. These were talks before but the practical steps have also started now, whereby they have besieged a big part of Royal family members. They have now started to move towards Scholars; they have taken away the status of many of their scholars, put restrictions on Fatwa and they have kept under house arrest their extremist scholars from whose thoughts ISIS was created. Trump and Israel are playing big role in this, they are very happy and giving statements every day that Arab world is with us and will be like us. If you gather all these statements then the Arab world is moving towards a dreadful situation. In Pakistan also the rulers, government and everyone should be attentive. When all these things start Shiite will be affected with us because the actual victim of Ale Saud is Shiite. Till day Ale Saud have only targeted Shiite and when they get themselves inflicted then Shias will again be targeted. May Allah protect believers and Pakistan from all form of evils.


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