Political Markaz - Saudi Arab Anti-terrorism 39 countries convention

Saudi Arab Anti-terrorism 39 countries convention

Saudi Arab Anti-terrorism 39 countries convention

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One more incident that has taken place in last few weeks was related to the NATO which Saudi has made of 39 or 43 countries; the exact numbers even the Saudis don’t know. They had a convention for these countries whereby the defense ministers of these countries met; and all these nations who came there had eyes on Saudi Rial. Trump has said that Saudi Arab is a cow which gives high volume of milk. Someone who knows can milk billions of Rials from Saudi overnight. Trump took trillions from Saudi overnight and told Obama what you could not do in 8 years I did overnight. With the Saudi money he got many big American companies out of bankruptcy. These nations are also in pursuit of milking this cow. The moment a call comes from Saudi they rush there with their buckets as the time for milking of this cow has come. The cow brawls when the cow is ready for milking. This cow brawled and all rushed there with their buckets to milk the cow. The Pakistanis also went there with a small pot but came empty handed like always, they did not get anything from there. Now they have formed this force which they are saying is a force against terrorism. Since Pakistan is the element of terrorism it is necessary for Pakistanis should know what our leaders are doing.

They say that this alliance is made against terrorists and Trump, Saudi have openly said that only two terrorist are there in the world; one is Iran and second Hezbollah. Israel, ISIS are not terrorists because they are created by them only. They say they are creating this front aginst terrorism. The plan which they made to destroy Iran and Hezbollah recently was the conspiracy they started in Lebanon; whereby a Fitnah would be created in Lebanon and we will trap Iran in Lebanon. Then on one side Israel will attack Lebanon and this Saudi Arabia NATO from other side. They made these childish plans which got finished while it was in its egg only. They could not move forward in this conspiracy as Saad Hariri returned back to Lebanon and he said whatever happened in Saudi and the reason why I resigned in Saudi would remain a secret only. Another statement he issued was that if Israel attacked Hezbollah then Lebanese national army will not interfere or react on this. This means that he is telling that there is no issue for Israel to attack Hezbollah. This is a clear policy that they want to trigger a new war. They want to keep Iran occupied somewhere. If the encounter in Lebanon does not takes place and no war happens in Lebanon then they will plan somewhere else. Iran is not even for a single percent ready for any battle in Lebanon or anywhere else. It is their policy to not get into battles but they have full preparation that if there is a war imposed on them then they will fight. They have the experience of wars, battles which they have done from their country and even inside other countries. They have proven that they are good warriors whether inside their country or in Syria, Iraq. If they are not successful to create a battle in Lebanon then they will try to engage Iran in a battle somewhere else which might be in Iranian Balochistan which is on Pakistan border. Then in Ahwaz whose borders meet with Iraq and it is possible that they can carry out some operation in one of these two regions.

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