Political Markaz - Saudi accepts their crime on Eid misdeclaration

Saudi accepts their crime on Eid misdeclaration

Saudi accepts their crime on Eid misdeclaration

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This year our government has done a criminal act as regards to Eid; both the government of WEFAQ and provincial government of KPK. They declared Eid after 28th Ramadan officially at government level. There are some corrupt scholars who play with religion and make mockery of it. This is the same group to which Quran says they have made mockery of religion. It is their history that they do this but the ones whom they follow that is Saudi Arabia where also this blunder happened. The thinking in Saudi does not teach respecting religious signs at all. There is a big deficiency in this over there. This time what they decided later they accepted that they have committed a big sin. They had two crescent sighting organizations.

One organization announced that crescent has been sighted whereas other said that it is not possible because new moon is not yet born. Since there is a Kingship and dictatorship system, they immediately went and took decision from Supreme court that there is Eid. Yesterday they formally announced that it was incorrect decision and it was a sin committed. Now all those who did not fast on the day they announce Eid, their expiation (Kaffara) is being paid by Saudi government. They announced that we will pay more than 1 billion $ Kaffara for the entire community. But who will give Kaffara for these people of KPK.

The Mufti who was announcing about crescent also announced about Kaffara but in an incorrect manner even as per Sunni Fiqh. He said that those did not fast due to genuine reasons should pay Mud of food whereas those who could fast but did not fast due to this announcement they should do Qadha of that day’s missed fasting. The Qadha Fast is not Kaffara.

Kaffara is when someone intentionally did not fast, or someone misleads him to break the fast. This is a common issue in all sects, whereby Kaffara is to either continuously fast for 60 days without any break. The second form of expiation is to feed 60 poor persons and that food which you commonly eat. The third form is to release a slave. As per some Fuqaha since slaves are not there, they should make some prisoners free. But the Fuqaha have not clarified which prisoners. You cannot release those prisoners who are criminal. Prisoners are different from slaves. 

Saudi Arabia has accepted this crime and they made certain other nations also to follow them in this crime and in Pakistan also some of their followers did this crime. And the biggest crime in Pakistan was done by the KPK government. That is not a proper government but under WEFAQ. These people we can see how evil intentions they have. The entire country had Eid one day later and they did one day before just following Saudi. It is not just about Kaffara but an act of disobedience which is a crime and they need to seek forgiveness.

Here in our country they are always after secondary issues like one who does corruption they go after him, but one who violates divine laws and makes mockery of religion they don’t do anything to him. Should these persons not resign from their posts? What justification these people must stay in government who play with religion. Despite of this that government minister has issued calendar and proved when Eid would be and inside the same government this filthy thing has been done. But since the scholars and people do not have any sensitivity towards violating religion. You can see on TV Talk shows they are discussing on meagre issues but on this important issue they did not demonstrate any sensitivity. This is a highly condemnable act which has been done at governmental level. 

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