Political Markaz - Sadiq Shirazi fueling Shia Taliban conflict in Afghanistan?

Sadiq Shirazi fueling Shia Taliban conflict in Afghanistan?

Sadiq Shirazi fueling Shia Taliban conflict in Afghanistan?

Jul 16,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi 

America has left Afghanistan government overnight and removed their forces after making an agreement with Taliban. They will leave completely by 9/11 and this way the exit will get completed and Taliban will get complete control over Afghanistan. The Taliban has got 2 billion rupees after the Afghan forces left from one border. All the weapons, ammunitions, vehicles were given by Afghan forces to Taliban and they are occupying the country without any obstacle. Now it is clear to everyone that Taliban will take over entire Afghanistan. The point is when Taliban takes full control of Afghanistan then what will happen with Pakistan?

Britain has said that they will accept the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Our Minister of Interior has said that new intelligent, nurtured and good Taliban has been born. He said that if they establish government, we will accept them. Everyone in the world is ready to accept Taliban government. What will happen in Pakistan is a matter to think? We are more interested to know what will happen in Afghanistan after Taliban, but we should think what will happen with Pakistan. Whatever will happen in Pakistan would be worse than what happens inside Afghanistan. You can do the research that there are more supporters of Taliban in Pakistan then in Afghanistan. There is a big number, organized groups, parties, leaders, chiefs and political groups are more supporters of Taliban then Taliban. It is a research of some journalist who said that at present the maximum Pushtun population in the world is in Karachi. The demographics has changed over years which means in Karachi the Pushtun are the big power to make decision. With this demographic the Taliban are dominating over Pakistan. They are in fact weak in Afghanistan as compared to people acceptance and there are more stronger groups there.

Taliban is the strongest group in Pakistan from ideological perspectives and even funds. Hence under this pretext the movement in Pakistan has started in which you have seen an example in Babusar. The fugitive criminal group came out and expressed their views and then no news came whether they were arrested or not. They came and delivered their message. Taliban has announced that we will not have any sectarian conflicts and they have said this in Iran as well and Iran appreciated that as well. Iran said we have no issues if you do not go after Shias. But the supporters of Taliban in Pakistan are Takfirist. They have faith in destroying Shiite. These supporters of Taliban in Pakistan would be trained during Moharram. The new generation will come inside Taliban where they need to get a ground for firing bullets and that will be provided in Pakistan.

This is a fact that Taliban cannot do anything in Afghanistan which impacts the world. But if Taliban establishes an Islamic state in Pakistan which the supporters of Taliban want in Pakistan then this would have global impact. Since Pakistan is a big nation, atomic nation so if this system comes in Pakistan, then they can be effective on the world. Afghanistan is a dependent nation from every perspective. How can they be effective on others, they can only be used by others as rental forces? So unless they start activities in Pakistan Taliban cannot dominate the world and that too near Moharram. In this situation a dubious statement, which you see in history that certain scholars are silent on every event. At present these scholars have come out in the field. The group whom Rahbar has said that is MI6 Shia, whose objective is to spread Shia Sunni hatred and start conflicts. They want to attack sanctities of Ahle Sunnah by the Orators are funded by MI6.

This group is connected to Sadiq Shirazi who claims to be a Marajae and has a network globally, and has center in UK and Sadiq Shirazi is in Iran. He has given this statement first time for Afghanistan; he never gave any statement for ISIS. He has condemned Iran government to not remain silent and try to stop what is happening in Afghanistan. His followers are in Pakistan as well who are not under his Taqlid but work for him. They are part of his network, who spread his funds and material. Even when ISIS captured Iraq, he did not say anything but for Afghanistan he gave this statement. This statement simply means that Shais of Afghanistan should prepare themselves for fighting Taliban. If in Afghanistan a Shia Sunni battle starts then this is destruction. There are many war lords present in Afghanistan, there is Turkish supported militancy group and many others. In this situation if the battle is being turned toward Shia and Taliban and this statement is not acceptable. Taliban is dominating with American help and they have to go after China, CPEC, Iran as per American plans whereas some others want every conflict to become Shia Sunni and believers should remain away form this. There is no justification for Shia Sunni battle. For this government should also stop, Afghani people as well and people should also do this. We are also trying to do a Counselling conference on 1st August with scholars, personalities, leaders of various sects who would be representing the people of their sects. May Allah foil the plans of these Satan’s.

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