Political Markaz - Russia traps Europe and America in Ukraine

Russia traps Europe and America in Ukraine

Russia traps Europe and America in Ukraine

Mar 11,2022 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Russia invasion on Ukraine is the hottest issue and now one speaks about Corona. Russia is a big power and has dominance in military globally and everyone knows that their missile system is more powerful than America. They have nuclear , atom bombs. Russians could capture Ukraine completely in 24 hrs. but they have only taken over few cities and are near Kiev but are moving very slowly like a km per day towards the capital Kiev. Their air force is so powerful that they can ruin Ukraine in few hours but their air force is just involved symbolically. They have entered Ukraine but still not taking any decisive step. It looks like from the policy of Putin the actual war is not with Ukraine and it is something else. As per some analysts this battle has started with some understanding and they want Europe and America to get involved. Putin wants to take revenge of Soviet Union. This is the reason that Europe is also not entering the war. Ukraine President is shouting everyday to call NATO , send forces but nothing is happening apart from statements and sanctions which Europe and USA imposes. Russia has entered Ukraine and can kill Ukraine President very quickly. This Ukrainian president was a comedian in films before. This actor has got into government of Ukraine and apparently he became supporter of Europe. Russia captured some regions of Ukraine during this tenure. It is possible that he is with Russia and to create this scenario this actor was given government. He does negotiation one day for cease fire and next day he says I want to fight. Europe says come and we will give you refuge but he says send me forces to fight. The Britain has only sent a 19 years old guard of Queen to Ukraine. Putin has this plan to drag Europe, America in this battle in Ukraine so that Russia can compensate the accounts for Afghanistan and Soviet Union. America is such a super power but still not getting inside the battle. If Europe does not enter this war to fight against Russia then their images gets spoiled and if they come to fight then they will get a historic defeat. They placed sanctions and Putin said I have come prepared for these sanctions. It looks like Putin’s complete preparation is for them to come and teach them lesson. If they come they get destroyed and if they don’t they get disgraced. Such a door Russia has opened that they are perplexed. This joker president Zelensky by his behavior shows that this is all a game of understanding. The one who has to come in the field and being challenged to come out but Europe is not showing any manhood to come out. Putin is trying to drag Europe out of their hole and this scenario has been created.

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